Contemplation: what is my ego?

I liked mark’s exercise, “Interesting Contemplation”, about emotion or #feeling .  I was getting into it, i was doing it.   I liked how directly i could think and therefore talk about emotion.

I want to do the same for my #ego.

However there are rules.  I call these particular rules #FirstPersonRules 
  1. I can only talk about myself.  I am not allowed to form a singly thought with “you” as the subject. 
  2. I can only speak for myself.  I am not allowed to use the words of others to think for me.  If others have spoken a thought first, then to think it here, i must think it in my own words.
nullI invite others to contemplate what their egos are here whether they actually do the exercise using the  #FirstPersonRules  or not.


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Si says
I don’t think your #FirstPersonRules have anything to do with natural reality. I think they are a useful exersize, like a meditation, for bringing to light some aspects of self … but as a way to converse with others, they are too artificial and don’t honor the real relationships that exist between people and reality.

Si says
Or to be quite direct. These #FirstPersonRules simply protect the ego and allow the ego to stay in control of the show. They provide a controlled and safe back and forth environment for the ego. They don’t place one’s conscious attention out in the raw stream of authentic happening reality, where the ego feels unprotected and impotent, but exactly where the authentic whole self is able to adapt and thrive the most joyfully.

Seth says
#FristPersonRules are a way to think and talk to each other.  Yes, I do think they are a useful exercise.  I have used them myself for a long time to clarify to myself what i am and what i am not … and to speak with #integrity about that to others.   For me they exactly do honor the real relationships i have with others. 

Seth says
you should speak for yourself in that regard to contribute here.

Mark de LA says
Your ego IS who you say “I AM” to.  Your self is the story you build about all that.

Si says
Nope. Go ahead and silence me. I will be done here, and retaliate in authentic freedom beyond your expectations. Don’t be an idiot and listen to your ego. Be your true, deep, authentic self. Find out the best you can be, not the ego Nazi you are flirting with.

Seth says
My ego is who i say “I AM” to.  I tell a story about myself to which i say “I am”.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
I have no need to silence you here.  The exercise is to speak for yourself.   When i do this exercise, and speak only in the first person,  i notice some very important things about my interaction with others … and about what is me and what is not me. 

It is a fact, which goes without even saying,  that you will either do the exercise or you won’t. 

Mark de LA says
BTW the exercise was published by PR in FB.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
#OMG, i did not know PR did it too.  I would like to read his version  I made this version up myself.

Si says
As I said, this is “like a meditation, for bringing to light some aspects of self”. You will not actually discover very much, if anything, about your interaction with others with this mediation. You will mainly discover things about yourself, and also things about your internal communication with your own ego.

Since this mediation castrates your authentic expression of you real self in respect to others, it is not telling you about your actual relationship with others. Two people doing this together will actually be quite isolated in their own respective bubbles pretending to be communicating, but really just finding the ways to placate their own egos … the little bit that actually gets through will be trivial.

If you really want to communicate with an other, you must do so with every bit of your raw, naked, self out there, authentic and exposed, without the bubble and buffer this mediation creates.

Your ego has tricked you into seeing this mediation as helping you connect with others. It is a lie. You have been down this path before in your life … if you really dig around, you will find those times, and see how they didn’t end up doing anything useful for you in terms of communication with others. Your ego will trick you even while doing that, and show you apparent times that seem to contradict what I am saying … but those times will actually be the times you were authentic, with #FirstPersonRules only being an apparent consequence of the good feeling nature of your authentic communication, and not times you were gaining by #FirstPersonRules alone. This is the nature of the ego self protection.

Seth says

Seth says
I am curious.  Who are you talking about?

Mark de LA says
Where did you think the Interesting Contemplation was from? Maybe you are talking about something else, eh?
At the contemplation intensive w/ PR We sat cross legged looking into another’s eyes & said the following per PR instrucions to the other “Contemplate who you are & communicate that to me.” for hours & hours ….
pps Hadley was there too. Apparently strained by the circumstance of having his own Tiger/Dragon seminar he wouldn’t let any of us sit opposite him while he did the exercise.

Si says
As I say elsewhere, this meditation has value. One must only realize what is actually happening, and not get lost in the idea that this meditation teaches one about others or directly provides better communication with others.

What is happening in this mediation is that one is getting more intimate with self communication, and can get a clearer picture of self-ego communication. But since one has isolated oneself behind inauthentic responses to feelings and thoughts with this mediation, it does not improve true communication with others. The appearance of better communication with others is created exactly because real communication with others has been decreased, dumbed down, thus reducing the possibility for friction and disharmony with others. That is not better communication with others, that is just feeling better about one’s own communcation.

Mark de LA says
Just for an amusement it should be noted that in the “Contemplation Intensive” if one “got it” sufficient to convince PR who was sitting at the front of the room he issued the next question: “what is another?” which bears upon communication a bit. null

Si says
yes it does … and so I have said constantly   

Seth says

But since one has isolated oneself behind inauthentic responses to feelings and thoughts with this mediation, it does not improve true communication with others.


When i speak only of and for myself my #feelings are #authentic.  

I can not figure out what you are talking about.

Mark de LA says
Yep your response joins in the amusement nathan xor maybe not. null

Seth says

Si says
p.s. #PR is taking you on the exact same journey I am … just a much more round about path that doesn’t get your rainbow panties in a twist. The end point will be the same.

Mark de LA says
& yet having gone through the whole series I “got it” & from you I just got & continue to get just YOUR Ego.rosenull

Seth says
Yes, what does what ?

Mark de LA says

Si says
They may, or may not, be authentic inside your own shell, your own box. When you speak only of and for yourself, you are isolating yourself. Everything that comes of it is about you. You will get the feeling from it that you are communicating better with others because there is no friction, but in fact, there is no friction because you are only communicating with you. Others have been completely abandoned in respect to authenticity. 

Si says

Seth says
Well when i speak to you, or do something to or for you, i am not isolating myself.  Rather, in fact, i am interacting with you … that is the opposite of isolating myself.

I find what you are say here contradicts itself. 

Si says
So you got it? Well, let’s see what you got. Some of what you write is vastly improved of late, I will concur. But your ability to be authentic is still about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. If you got it, if you can be authentic, then use it.

Seth says
mark,  obviously when i talk #authentic’ally of and for myself, i am as it were,  giving you my ego … almost like i am defining it to you.  So yes, if you are actually #listening to me, then you will get just “MY EGO”.  Thanks for noticing null

Obviously you can do the same … then i can get you as well rose

Seth says

Si says
When you are only speaking about yourself, then you can know nothing of me, and are not even trying to know of me. You are talking to me as if you are intending for me to get something, but all you are consciously holding in thought, and communicating, is stuff about you. Sure that feels really groovy to you and feels to you like it shouldn’t trigger me, but there is no me in there. You might as well be talking to a wall for all that you are authentically knowing about, or interacting with, me.

If you want to know me, you must put yourself out there and take a risk and place your consciousness where I am and speak about it there.

Si says
Well now, isn’t that exactly what I just said in Contemplation: what is my ego? (comment 67055).   

Mark de LA says
Is N passing judgment on what is authentic in others? #WoW! still my comment About: Interesting Contemplation - comment 66991 about the #samosamo conversations still apply being mostly outside it.

Si says
Hardly mark. Not taking your already always bait. I am disappointed in you for slipping back into your already always bully baiting though. You have been much more pleasant without that for the last several days. I guess the #PR stuff didn’t hold huh?

Seth says

When you are only speaking about yourself, then you can know nothing of me, and are not even trying to know of me.


You,  i get from you null… i get you by listening to what you say, and do,  of and for yourself, and of and for others. 

So, absolutely, when i talk i am not getting you.  Rather i am being me. 

You are talking to me as if you are intending for me to get something, but all you are consciously holding in thought, and communicating, is stuff about you.


null I guess you do not realize how funny that sounds.  #PML 

Here is a way i can say that thought myself and have it #RingingTrue …

I  talk to you with the intention that you will hear what i am saying.  That is the something that i am intending you to “get”.    That is the stuff that i am consciously holding in my thought,  to communicate to you.  It is the same whether i am talking about myself or some other thing. 


Si says
Yea, well the way you have it wired, are telling the story, all you can talk about is you, not me. Thus you can only know yourself, not me. It doesn’t matter what I say or do. If you turn it around and only talk about it in respect to you, it isn’t about me anymore … or even us.

Seth says
I get you from the things you say and do to me and others.   Not from myself.   By those things i know you. 

Si says
No. You are still not talking about me or knowing me. You are only talking about knowing what you built out of some sensory information. Until you put your self on the line, venture out in the realm where you might be wrong, might mistake an aspect of me, you are not knowing me. Not even the me you have built. You are only knowing the me you have pieced together.

If you actually want to know me. Then represent me as if you do. Talk about me as if you do. Then you will get your consciousness into the area of reality where you can actually know me instead of just the paper doll version you have made out of a little bit of sensory information.

Look around at the people that we all believe and naturally trust know something about others. You will see that those people do not speak about themselves. Those people speak about others as if they fully know those others. The people who only use #FirstPersonRules patterns of speech are the ones we, as a society, tend to mistrust and ignore. They are not our leaders or our role models, unless we are running for secretary of state … and then, that is what the job is all about.

Seth says
#sethhmmm speaking with #FirstPersonRules vs #MakeShitUp

I like how i now i can bookmark a specific comment … #OMG i do.    #kudos → nathan for that null

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