Your ego is your resposibility

Ego is the responsibility of self, not others.
Don’t ever expect another to make nice for your ego.
Your ego is your own,
make of it your ally,
not your master.


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Seth says

Seth says
I never do expect others to make “nice for me” … it has been my experience that all too frequently they do not … so expecting or demanding or lobbying or negoiating or contracting for another to be nice to me is just not in my vocabulary anymore.   Yes, that is a lesson that i have learned.

But #KeepingItReal, It does feel very good when authentic positive reward flows in my direction.  But not always, somtimes it is more just embarassing to me.   Since I have learned to live with so very little actual niceness directed at me,  I am quite comfortable with getting almost none at all.

As an interesting aside,  i have noticed that people are frequently very nice to beautiful people.     i often wonder how all that positive attention makes those beautiful people feel … how it changes what they are in and of themselves.    As i am basically a ugly disgusting uninteresting person myself,  i don’t have that problem … hence my curiousity. null null

Si says
i have noticed that people are frequently very nice to beautiful people
You have this backward. It is not that there is some template that is beautiful and people intrinsically recognize it and change their behavior for it. It is that people are collectively writing a story about what beauty is, and how to behave toward it … and thus those who want to receive that behavior write themselves into that spot. As Bashar says, “nothing has meaning in and of itself” – “we assign all the meaning, to everything, as we write our story and become it”. There are many societies on this very earth where “what is a beautiful person” is radically different from the western norm too. 300 years ago, very plump ladies were considered the height of beauty and thin ones were shunned as ugly. People become that which they want to receive respective feedback from others for. It is always that simple … and if you haven’t noticed, the physical pattern is not always how someone is treated either, but only a common way to wear a vibration. It is vibration that determines what will come, always.

As i am basically a ugly disgusting uninteresting person myself

This statement is completely inauthentic. I call you on it, for I well know that you know that one role model you look like is Santa Clause, and no one thinks Santa Clause is ugly and disgusting. I also know that, to a degree, you have told yourself the above story, and are thus in some aspects, living it out. This is what I mean by “being authentic”. There is a level of your own being where you know that this statement is not true … that is where your authentic self resides, and where all authentic communication will come from. Where this came from is up at the ego level, where your ego has fears and feelings of inadequacy and isolation and the possibility of rejection. Only the ego can “feel” those things.
Authentically said, – Nathan

Seth says
Well a lot of that hangs true even over here nullnull … yet still what i said was true as well and I have nothing backward.

But some is not quite so very true.  For example I am not alwys doing what you are doing, or what Bashar says that i do.   I am not a generalization of you or Bashar or what he thinks people in general do.   So that i do not always, “become that which i want to receive respective feedback from others for” that is only (perhaps a small)  part of what i become. 

The fact that visually i apper to be like Santa Clause is an unintended consequence that i refuse to spend energy in fashiniong myself to be traditionally accepted.  This is even more apparent in that i have intentionaly chosen not to wear dentures and even advertise myself as the #toothlessfoodie. I love what naturally happens, myself included.  There is more to it than that, but that will suffice for now.  

You are perceptive when you notice that i am also like Santa Clause … that is part of me too … though it would be hard to really explain,  and not necessary to be explained either.   But the visuals you site about that seem unrelated and wildly inderect  – and definitely not directly in a cause and effect vibration from what I “want to receive respective feedback from others for”.  That would be just your story of it.  #GoodThough

As to me being ugly,  i was making a larger point and did not want to go into detail.  I actually knew at the time that was not a totally accurate picture.  The point was what i notice about other people’s perception of me from the outside compared to what others percieve and react to lovely people.  It is true.  And strangely enought it still plays into what i am becoming … but not according to the story you are telling.   That part of me is more involved with me being a pool hustler and my chosen name Bozo Faust.  But you needant be telling that story of me … that is my job null.

Seth says
It is interesting to note the difference between telling another a negative story about them, versus telling a person a positive story.   The former created a horrible screeching negative feedback loop which will only increase in volume the closer the person gets.   The latter does the opposite.  Telling a positive story starts a positive feedback loop that increases in volume the closer one gets.  If one lets it run with no check  it can go into null as long as it is #real.

For example,  i have never actually thought of myself as a Santa Clause … untill now.  But now that nathan has told of  this aspect of me,  i can see it now in myself.  I don’t necessarily like to give others things like toys … but i do love to bring them out,  to hear what they say or do and magnify that, to make it work, to make it shine.  #OMG, that is one of my favorite things.   #thanks → nathan for noticing.

Si says
Well yes, that is all true. Now just don’t get caught up in the idea that #real has anything to do with anything other than one’s beliefs, the box they draw for themselves. That’s all #real is. Your screech detector is really just a kind of sonar, detecting the lines of the box you have drawn to live in. It doesn’t matter if you are conscious of drawing those lines or not … you can become conscious of the lines, and consciously redraw them now that you have an awareness of a belief system that allows you to consciously create your reality.

Seth says
#real is what actually happens which i experience … all the contingencies, and situations, and relationships, and changes which actually happen … versus those which i just imagine or predict or anticipate, or desire, or fear etc.  They are the specific particulars which happen that i experience within some particular context. 

Now, certainly my beliefs inform those experiences.  But they do not entirely create them as you seem to keep repeating.  That seems to me, to be,  just a story which you are insisting that i shold believe … notwistanding that you must know by now that i do not.

Si says
And there you go. The door you will not open. You know the door exists. You even have excellent descriptions of what is on the other side of it. You won’t open it and experience what is there for yourself.

One thing that is there which you do not currently experience is the harmonious connection available with others that happens when one stops isolating themselves from others through their senses … and instead, proactivly participates in co-creating others, and letting others create oneself. You don’t believe that … but that is a belief formed from what you experience on this side of the door. If you open the door, you will have access to experiences that are currently outside the bounderies of your reality box … and the screeching disharmony you experience is only the echo off of those walls, the one that indicates “your reality boundries”, but not an intrinsic reflection of what is outside, beyond the door.

Si says
One of the skills of a multidimensional explorer is the ability to not hear those reflections as screeches … but instead to hear all these kinds of feedback as simply tones. They are tones, informing you about things in your reality environment. They are not indicators of truth, not even your own truth, but only indicators of lines in your being, aspects of you that exist right now … and all aspects of everyone are mutable to any degree desired. There is no one and only self that is you. You are beyond all of it, and immersed in it, having an experience … with lots of indicators coming your way informing you about what is you and what is around you right now.

To put it simply, you are listening to one channel of information coming in and have formed the conclusion that channel is telling you about your true self. It is not telling you about your true self though, it is only telling you about some of the features formed by your beliefs, your current box of reality, that you are experiencing in right now. That box is always in motion, and can have much more range of motion than you are currently allowing it to have ... mainly because you are seeing this feedback as defining you, instead of just telling you about the experience you are having.

#ThisIsGood #ThisIsSuperGood

Seth says
Okay,  some of that sound about right.   Obviously the screech of negative feedback is a tone that i hear which has nothing to do with #RingingTrue.   #NegativeFeedback  is a different qualia from #RingsTrue.  I am not attracted to that tone …. i do believe many others avoid it as well and are quite happy that they do.  So i definitely agree,  that tone is not any indicator of truth. 

And yes i agree,  when i participate in creating that negative #Egoo feedback, then the spirit of it is part of my being. 

Your second paragraph starts with a negative story about me that you have just made up yourself – see my paragraph above which #RingsTrue over here instead.  But you are right, hearing that tone, whether i create it myself, or hear it from or between others,  it does “not tell me about my true self” … unless of course i become obsessed and addicted to it.  Then yes that would be me.  My belief in it would be informing the #real’ity i would be experiencing. 

As you observe, my perdicament “is always in motion, and can have much more range of motion than i currently allow”.   Would that not always be the case for these fantastic spirits that we are #BeIng. 

#OMG … where did you get the story that i was “seeing negative feedback” as defining or creating me?   #LOA  Why do you ignore everything to the contrary that i have been saying here for lo these many years?

But yes, somtimes i do experience that screech … #guck … hate it when that happens.

This is a #BetterTruth null

Si says
All I am saying is, recognize the screech as a tone … just an indicator, and not something desirable or undesirable, but just information. Then, you can easily find paths beyond it … through that door that you have closed.

Seth says
No i take the tone as information into myself to adapt to something … just like any other pain.  It is not just a neutral disinterested qualia.    It involves me directly unless i simply ignore it.  It drains my energy and distracts me.    If my arm aches, i do not ignore it.  I adapt myself so that i do not experience harm.  It is great the way they set that up for me … #thanks → #NaturalWorld .

And yes, #thanks → nathan for noticing … “i can easily find paths beyond it” … through lots of doors most of which you know nothing about.

Si says
Your still in a circle pattern … one more left turn. It’s not pain you are avoiding, it is a directive from your ego, that keeps you circling instead of moving forward. Your ego believes it is protecting you, ego’s are not bad, but your ego is not up to speed. Your consciousness can choose to proceed despite what your ego is showing you. That is conscious evolution. That is true exploration.

Seth says
well sure i agree.   When i was talking of pain i am refering to  the screech of negative feedback … the back and forth between separate #egoo’s that gets reflected and magnified … that which tends to automatically perputuate itself.   I was not referinng to hearing a criticism and understanding it as a view of myself from the outside and using it for what  value i can gleen.   

Certainly, as mark has observed long ago, my #Egoo will react to defend its self.   But I think i have  learned to try to reject that first knee jerk response … like for example starting a comment with an ambiguous unsupported “nope” and then going on to defend against that which i presume is  a story about me or my thinking that is in error.   But i am not always able to suppress the knee jerk … after all i am still human … even my animalistic part.  

The screech however is different … i  recognize it  … it has a distinct signature …. i know the tone … and almost always want to move not to hear it … it is painful … especially if i believe i must participate.  

But on the other hand,  the #juice is good, as Seinfield protraid in this skit … i don’t think i talk out of turn if i observe that we all drink and like the drama of the  #juice,  now and again.
tag #RWG 

Si says
This sounds logical, and I don’t doubt any of it. I believe the effect it is having is to improve your steering and guidance mechanism by a large margin, perhaps 200% or more.

Hence, you are now making your left turns with much greater control and accuracy. Still only left turns though. The door is straight ahead, not this direction.

Seth says
Does me going throuth #TheDoor you keep mentioning involve me accepting that my sense channels to the outside world are veils and not what they are cracked up to be?

Si says
Not really this. Refer to Sensing ... (comment 67132)

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