Inquiry: what isolates us?

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Seth says ...

But i agree … certainly our #Ego’s are involved in this connundrum.  Were there no separation between us …  were we have had the same history … were we essentially the same person with no separate volition …  then there would be no such care about making up stories about ourself.   But that is not the natural situation that is occuring.  You are not me, i am not you, nor am i a reflection of you, nor are you a reflection of me.Seth says …

Miami says ...
Your isolationist attitude makes simple things very difficult. It is simply not that difficult. People are not so isolated as you would rather be.


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Seth says
We also discussed this “isolation” question in another context recently.  I am looking to integrate it with this dialogue here. 

This is #CyberMonday and i have zillions of these things to ship (notice we sold out)… so i will be getting to this interesing matter later. null

Si says

Si says
So glad you sold out! Abundance is in the air!  

Seth says

Seth says
yeah #TheFinger is a  vile creature indeed …. i think people send them to others as a message.  they sell well on Amazon, but not at our website.  We are ordering 4 more cases, that probably won’t take us throught the year.   We could even call them “Tools For The RWG ...” null … a winning product in today’s world null

Si says
Yes. It shows how the bell-curve crowd is moving out of passivism into activism … becoming more involved in independent expression. Similar to why the selfie is so prevalent right now. It is a step on the journey to becoming authentic and self-creating.

The leading edge crowd (#LOA etc) show where the bell-curve crowd will be next.

Seth says

Similar to why the selfie is so prevalent right now. It is a step on the journey to becoming authentic and self-creating.


seems to me that the more one self creates,  the more one also to self isolates. 

being authentic to others is making your outside reflect your inside  … which to me is a horse of a different color.  I don’t AND that together with self creating.

Si says
As I keep saying, you have it backwards. The more one consciously self-creates, the more in touch with everyone one is. The isolationists are the ones floating around in bubbles, believing themselves to be separate from others and only able to know of others through the veil of sensory input. Self-creating is getting your hands fully in the clay, being intimately connected in virtually every way to every thing in your experience. There is no more complete and connected feeling with others I have experienced outside of creating them, and experiencing them creating me. It is the most intimate dance possible.

The world you describe for yourself is the most singular isolated from others I can imagine, save being physically isolated too, like being a lone monk in the woods.

Seth says
Interesting we are thinking opositely here.   I can write your paragraphs truly as follows …
nathan,  as I keep saying, we are thinking oppositly. The more i consciously self-create, the less i am in touch with others (#ref-1).   The isolationists are the ones floating around in bubbles, believing themselves to be separate from others and only able to know others by making them up.  They should use their senses (input channels) instead.  (#ref-2).    Self-creating is getting my hands fully in the clay, being intimately connected in virtually every way to every thing in my experience.  It is great!   There is no more complete and connected feeling i have with my own #spirit.  Experiencing others outside as they are, in and of themselves , as directly and deeply as they express themselves,  is one of the most vital and amazing dances possible. (#ref-3)

The world you describe for yourself is the most singular isolated from others I can imagine, save being physically isolated too, like being a lone monk in the woods.
I had to convert to speaking only for myself to get the thoughts to ring true over here.  But i think the objects of our thoughs were the same.  As you can see, our beliefs are opposite … like tow cars in different lanes, … when i go forward it looks like you are going backward, …. when you go forward it looks like i am going backward.   That is the relativity of this connundrum between us.

I can put more refs in here to the other thoughts on fastblogit where we have dealt with particular parts of this matters in deapth before. 

Si says
This is not some big word puzzle. These are the concepts that obtain. They obtain the same for you as for me. They are fully demonstrable for anyone. They are based on the intrinsic properties of the verses as governed by the Law of Attraction.

Yes, I know you don’t believe that. And, with beliefs, you can create any house to live in and make it work inside a box. That is entirely possible. But only when you arrange the basic elements to match the intrinsic structure of the verses do you have a system that works equally well in any possible verse. And that is what I am relating, or pretty close, as close as a human can get at this point in the timeline.

What you are relating is the structure of the house you have built inside an isolated box … and what is ringing true there for you is what echoes back to you from the walls of that box. That is entirely valid, it is real, and at the same time, it is not portable across the verses, but only a representation of the verse you have chosen to construct and reside in.

Seth says
It is an amazing box with windows and doors.  I open a window when i open my eyes.  I open a door when i touch you or what you do.  Those are the facts which obtain over here. 

I did not make up this amazing box,  i was borne into it.  ← a fact for which i am eternally #thankful.

Si says
However you got into the box, there are much bigger boxes available to you right now … and those bigger boxes provide the things you say you want, such as deeper and more fulfilling connections with others, much more effectively and efficiently than the box you are in.

Si says
… and move into a bigger box and what #RingsTrue, what echo’s off the walls of the box back to you, will automatically be different. You don’t have to change anything other than what you accept to be true. The rest follows automatically, if you allow it to flow naturally and don’t constrict it by turning over part or all of it’s handling to your egos.

Seth says
obviously i am growing my box … have been for a long time.   i love to grow.   Touching what you create and  hearing what you think has contributed to enlarging my perdicament.  I love that too. 

Si says

Si says
Yes. I recognize and acknowledge that. I notice. I am primarily only talking about the one door you will not open, the one your fears are safely tucked behind. That’s mainly it. See elsewhere for where I have provided detail about that door for the last several months.

Seth says
i know of no door that i fear to open.   I am always quite excited about opening those kind of doors.  As you know, if you have heard what i keep saying, i love #firsts … no matter how wild or raw or depressing or amazing.   After all i am no longer a child with most of my life in front of me.  I have no career or adgenda to insist upon,  … or expectations of others to fulfill.  I have nothing to loose … i am fearless.   Whatever is out there, whatever i can mold inside here,  and whatever i can create with others, is what i am excited about experincing.  That is my life.

Nor can i figuer out how you could possibly know of some door deep inside of me, and private to you,  of which i have never expressed.    My theory is that you are making something up … perhaps a door that opens in the other direction which you are molding inside of yourself …. and you just tell me that the door you are molding is in me instead of yourself … that is just a theory which matces most of the things you have told me about yourself … but,  #IDoNotKnow.

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