Warned of dystopias society adopted a neural network of artificial intelligence protocols for governing. Neither a Borg nor an oligarchy the network conditioned behavior with rewards & sudden or peculiar change in unfathomable ways un-anticipatable to hack.
Such was my dream this morning – perhaps the future – maybe? perhaps a glimpse? perhaps today is just a glimpse out of the valley of AI where all decisions are made elsewhere yet wise & perfect.  I didn’t get a name for the place or whatever it was called – just a taste of life within – something like a new employee to an enterprise that knew how to function usefully in vocational environment.


Mark de LA says
I am trying not to add to that world from this world so as not to confuse that perception with this one. I was not unhappy nor surprised by the way things worked. I think I would be able to anticipate the why of some changes. I may even have been encouraged by the way things were going. 

Mark de LA says
Perhaps I added the cause after the fact – I and others assumed the protocol was the way it was.  On waking I made the neural network up.  I can’t figure out why.

Mark de LA says
For Later: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/googles-deepmind-creates-an-ai-with-imagination 
Also last night I watched the movie Disturbia & before that Divergent – unrelated to the topic, but hell it’s my thought.