Unhacking Wars

Mark de LA says ...
 Perhaps wars will fade into the past with totally open borders since there will be no need for nationalities.  Migration eliminates the need for forced invasion. Migrate to other places if your own area can’t sustain life in the way you want it. Survival of the fittest is king with societal behavior such. 


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Si says
So does telling a new story.

Hey, I am all for migration … colonizing space is the next step IMHO. But if you can’t wait that long, all you need to do is rewrite your story in place. It’s easy and effective, if you know the right tools to use and how to use them.   

Mark de LA says
I say you should start in space – bye! be a Moon-migrant.

Si says
Then who would provide you with the best rwg material you have ever experienced?

Seth says
well if there were no nations, then there would be no nations going to war with each other.   it is hard to argue with that contingency. 

People go where they best flourish.  National boarders, Kingdoms really… are a habit from our past.  Just like racial divides, we don’t need no stinking boarders anymore.  They are just an excuse to #RWG . 


Mark de LA says
Nope! not a #RWG thingy – humans with selfies do #RWG.  N will always encounter people who don’t agree with his shit – hence no problem migrating – they will probably go with him.

Si says

Si says
Or, just rewrite it all.  Without nay sayers (negative attractors) around, like you, that will be very easy to do.  

Mark de LA says
Yep, #MakeShitUp – you , nathan are the most negative I have ever encountered. I enjoyed the few last days when you seemed to be somewhere else. 

Si says
Hey, I’m just telling your story for you, since you are not telling it, but only barfing up what the media and politicians say and calling it your own.

If you don’t like the story I am telling, start telling one you like.  

And top putting the responsibility on me when you are not willing to write your own life the way you want it to be.

Seth says
well, mark i claim that anytime there is a identity boundary, the same kind of dynamics emerge.  it does not matter much what creates the boundary between that which is inside and that which is outside.  therefore if #ego separates what people are inside from that which is outside and therefore creating the excuse for #RWG,  then if a group of people are separated for other people, the same fetures will emerge.  And guess what, we see that happening again and again in almost whatever grouping that gets defined. 

Mark de LA says
Nope! just making up lies. Judging other people.  You & Seth argued quite a lot recently about the same thing. I dont want or need your shit. Give it up! You are NOT my guru.  I am my own. Fuck Off!

Mark de LA says
There are states such as inside, outside, interpenetrating, etc.  At one time I told you to be aware of prepositions.  Nobody seemed to be interested – OK by me. Even PR didn’t pick up on it.  The binary inside/outside is just one of many illusions.

P.s. you may encounter the same dilemma about a turd emerging from your ass.

Seth says
well i disagree.  given a closed maifold i can tell you at any moment whether some certain thing is inside or outside of that maifold.  that relationship between things is not an illusion.  but certainly, like any property of a spirit the relationship property is relative to the observer … which relativity does not make it an illusion … just maybe confusing to some.  ask what actual consequences create the relationship or maybe just think it away … for example the Sierras, the weather on one side of the mountain range just happens to be different because of … make up your own story.

Mark de LA says
Of course you are disagreeable & prefer to #MakeShitUp on your own ontology. #KEWL! Such is a consciousness thingy. How much you can see & how well you can focus.  A spunge in an interpenetrating object/animal holding some water inside & some outside.  The air we breathe is sometimes inside & outside etc. Somedays & some moments you draw the lines one place & others somewhere else. 

Seth says
that things change from moment to moment does not alter the fact that some observe can determine containment at any particular moment.

so strange that you refuse to understand this simple and useful tangible relationship.   As far as i can tell this relationship obtains for all spirits … whether they have spatial and temporal properties or not.  Or at least i find no reason to assume the contrary. 

Note that which defines the boundary is determined by the observer.  The observer can become aware of the consequences entailed by the boundary.   For example a nomanic Kurd who travels around the territory called Turkey, Iraq, and Syria can be oblivious to the national boarders there … he is the observer … and he see no inside or outside … only the inside and outside of his tribe.

Mark de LA says
Nah! sometimes the boundaries are so fuzzy – like breathing that you can never draw the line no matter how silly you are about time.  
P.s. you may encounter the same dilemma about a turd emerging from your ass.

Seth says
Fuzzy boundaries do not change the perdicament … boundaries are porus … permabale … changeagle … but containment is containedment relative to some determination made by some observer.   Actually any distinction will due.  You are boud inside a group just as strong as you determine that you are bound inside. 

Remembe ther whole #consensus process of a person becomming a insider of  #p2 … you were an outsider and then you became an insider, a member.   Or somtimes it may not have been determinable … some thought i was out when i thought i was in … again, relative to the observer.   Just because motion is measured relative to an observer, does not mean that things do not move.

Mark de LA says
Just like your spelling & your meaning-munging, not being able to make a distinction seems to be your way of changing the conversation – in this case to a an abstract #PileOfWords . #WTF is all I can say about what you said about About: Unhacking Wars (comment 67190) 

Seth says
okay you didn’t understand what i said.  it is deeply connected to the way i conceptualize #Ego … and the way i talk about it is a continueing #Wip.   if you have a desire to understand it, you can ask questions and interact positively. 

Mark de LA says
& visa-versa. null (or #MakeShirtUp)

Mark de LA says
BTW, identity boundaries depend, IMHO, upon the brilliance & reach of your consciousness AND where & from where & how you project it.  Presumably POTUS-elect projects his throughout the country USA. We’ll see. The previous one projected it differently including other countries.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
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