It is interesting how one spirit informs another … how one thing infoms another … how one experience informs another.  And then too these informings are not just one on one, but rather many on many in a hairy intricate threaded network.  What happened yesterday and yester year will inform what happens today.  Which is one reason that i am not a #NOWbie … reality is not a split second slice of just what experience is there now. 

Just a litle example, so you can get a feel for what i am talking about here.  I brew coffee, now with my ninja, every morning.  I can feel how i brewed it yesterday and yesterday as i brew it today.  Or said differently, how i brewed it yesterday informs how i feel when i brew it today.   It is the same with all of my experiences.

nullObjectively “Informs” has been traditionally described as “logical implication



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Si says
Reality is now. Time is not. That is the whole point of including time in your story, should you choose to do so. You don’t have to though, because everything does happen now … and you can leverage that whenever you want instant translation in your story.  

Seth says
ok i rewrote my story and took “time” out of the last sentence.  time is just for clocks … there is no need for it in my story null

Mark de LA says
I think you are just talking about memory.  #Informs ? gotta do something with the memory.

Si says
Okay, and yes, reality is not a split second slice of something. It is a series of discrete static frames, each complete and extending to infinity, chosen successively by conscious attention, out of all frames of everything that can possibly happen (can be imagined), which do exist simultaneously in the now.

The meta level where you talk about years and things informing is really all just virtual, and observable only by limiting attention to a singular thread of static frames … something humans are good at doing.  

Seth says
yes memory acting on (informing) current experience.

the other aspect of this is that the contingencies and deeds that i did previously actually cause events in my current experience (now).  so informing is a double edgedged sword …  it works both subjectively and objectively.

for example that i pushed the wash button on the dishwasher last night, means that i will sort the clean dishes this morning.  that push of a button last night, informs my experience while i am waiting for the coffee to brew.

Si says
Well, I am not talking about memory, because memory is always made up in the now, and has infinite range, as any observation of human history will show. It is a common mis-assumption that there is one and only one memory, for an individual, or a population.

Seth says
you can conceptualize it  in frames.  i am talking about how one frame informs a subsequent frame.  the point is that the frames are not independant of each other.  the previous frames inform the now frame.

Si says
Ah, but they are completely separate from each other and completely independent. The connection, is only inside you … by the frames you connect together by the thread of your specific attention.

It is entirely possible to jump from one frame to another where any number of details are quite different, even though humans usually don’t do that but instead thread their attention through frames that only vary in the tiniest amount from one pico second to the next … that is usually and most, there are some people who commonly have much bigger shifts from frame to frame … and by practicing Bashar’s techniques, I have been experience very large shifts moment to moment quite often. Burt Goldman’s quantum jumping is the same idea.

Mark de LA says
XOR – Some strange people make up memories that are fiction & nobody else can verify, eh?  & then there is FMS .  Anyway, elaborating on the multi-sensory echoes of an actual event & encounter with the World may be making something up in the present about a past, but those who make it all up out of whole cloth just fib to themselves &/or others.

Si says
i.e. what I am saying is that the #informs principle you describe above is really just an aspect of your current story. Reality is much much more flexible than that and does not require the #informs principle in order to have a reality experience, even a deliciously human one, but only to have a 16th – 20th century traditional one. Before about the 16th century, stories were very different and thus so was the reality experience. Simple reading of older literature, without trying to convert what you read to your model, as if how you experience now was how they experienced then, will show this to be true … and #RS talks about this idea too when he speaks of that older history.

Si says
I don’t think so. You are deluded by the last couple hundred years or so of tradition about memory. It is not so, just a fad of the times.

Mark de LA says
Yep, nathan – #MakeShitUp ! null

Si says
No possible … really, when are you going to get that it’s your story? You write the whole thing? That is what is so.

Truth is that which is so.
That which is not truth is not so.
Therefore, truth is all there is.


Mark de LA says
But, when you make shit up it is NOT SO! – ← good perspective on past-present-future from RS.

Si says
Well, if you read it, you will see that it is not possible to make anything up … that is not so. If it is so, if it obtains in your experience, it is so. There is no way around that.  

What you are doing is making up the idea that things can be made up, and thus it is so. There is not a separation between that which is so and that which is made up … unless you make that so.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
XOR you LIE a lot.

Si says
I lie is an intentional misrepresentation of what one believes to be true. I simply don’t do that under any normal circumstances. There has to be a very powerful and compelling reason before I would lie about anything. It is quite rare for me.

Mark de LA says
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

Si says
Presuming you are again flagging your signature, one will cease to exist without beliefs. Beliefs are the structure upon which one’s reality is constructed and maintained. The interplay between consciousness and beliefs creates a reality experience.

Without beliefs, one would only be pure consciousness, without any experience. Might be free, but would not be human.

Mark de LA says
#PseudoSpiritualPellick ← that which only sounds good to the Ego that posted it. null See Bozo for what an Ego is. null refers to comment 67226 above

Seth says
#btw, i will choose my #experience over my #thinking every day of the week and twice even on Sunday.

Mark de LA says
maybe you can’t tell the difference – some sayso

Seth says
are you saying that i cannot tell the difference between experiencing something and thinking it?

Seth says
when i am awake i can tell the difference almost all of the time. 

when i am having a vidid dream … well not usually so very.  

although i recently described a vidid dream where i noticed that my dream was contradicting my experience … it woke me the fuck up null.   The dream was about Gregory and nathan … see “A recognition ...” which i remember here via hashtag #AlteredStates. 

Mark de LA says
For one thing thinking IS an experience.

Seth says

Seth says
true, and how is it distinguished from other kinds of experience?

Mark de LA says
How about different properties?  – 3976 & 17186 embellish the points – the latter most succinct. 

Si says
mark. Why don’t you use the super easy auto title copy on thoughts to link to them? Do you understand how it works? Or does how it works twist your panties in some way? If the later, perhaps it could be improved.

Mark de LA says
I think I was working from a tag room. They are interchangeable #panty-master-twisty-inspector & they are interchangeable. It was easier to write the numbers down than paste them one at a time in the above.

Si says

Seth says
Events have required preceeding events – #precedence.  The apple does not fall to the ground, unless it is first severed from the tree.  I do not make a call on a smart phone, unless the phone was invented.  I do not touch you, unless you were born.   The things which preceede events, #informs those events.  That is not just “an aspect of my current story”.  I claim that any story which does not include that principle is a #fiction. 

Mark de LA says
just because YOU connect them does not mean they are connected in a cause/effect sequence any more than the letters in a word cause the word, XOR a chicken crosses a road to get to the other side.

Seth says
there is no concept of cause in the principle of #precedence.  the only requirement is sequence.  the fabric and texture and sequence of actual events are riddled with these required precedences.  become oblivious to those sequences and you live in a #fiction’al story.   For example thinking that an actual apple is falling to the ground, yet it did not get severed from the tree, is to make up a story. 

… or thinking that i smell the coffee before i brew it. 

Mark de LA says
an apple can fall to the ground as mother nature intended – not severing.  All you are doing is adding a time factor to your picture – sequence itself has a set of meanings or none at all!

Seth says
Well yes,  sequences are the tangable part of the gestalt of the flow of time.  We can experience sequences.  We can know about them before they happen.  We can test and verify what must preceed what.  Others will also experience these same sequences.

And we can think about those sequences logically.  If i know (instinctively) that to actually smell the coffee, i must first brew it,  then i can conclude that if i do experernce the smell of coffee in my context here, then i am not sensing the aroma of the coffee which i merely intended to brew … so then i know that something entirely different is actually happening … and that informs my interpertation of the smell of coffee in that context.  In other words, we use our knowledge of these sequences to ground or bind or anchor ourself to a world which we can share with others … rather than a fictional world that we are merely telling ourself.

but i  am not talking about “intention” or “meaning”  or “cause” – those are entirely different topics.

Mark de LA says
I’m not getting what may be profound out of this #SoWhat wallaby.  Maybe synthesizing time ?  I like my Infinity of Infinities as a better picture .

Seth says
what i am saying here is a rebuttal to nathan’s Informs (comment 67210)

Si says
Everything in your story will have natural sequence, no problem. It’s like writing a book. Do you write every sequence of every item and person that appears in a book when you write it? If there is an apple in a story you write, do you write every element from the seed to the tree to the apple? Of course not. Same with your own story. You write the aspects you are interested in having in your story … the rest is there automatically. No matter what circumstances you write in your story right now, there are sufficient back stories and sequence to match anything you can possibly write in the infinite variably of the parallel verses. You can keep things sequenced if that is how you want your story to be, but you don’t have to. There is no law in the verses that says anything needs to be sequenced in any individuals story. We do that for our stories, not because we need to.

Seth says
Well yes, but you just descibed the difference between writing a story and living an acutal life.  

In a fictional story you can think,  “No matter what circumstances I write in my story right now, there are sufficient back stories and sequence to match anything I can possibly write in the infinite variably of the parallel verses”.  

In an actual life, those “back stories” must have actually happened and have #informed your current verse.

Si says
They did. That’s the point of why there are infinite parallel verses. So that all possibilities do happen.

Fictional only means “those threads of individual frames you did not thread your attention through”. It does not mean that which does not exist. It means, that which you did not experience. You can write the story of your life happening as completely as you can write a book. There is no difference, once you understand the tools to use. To write a paperback, you use a pen and paper or a computer. To write your life, you use your thoughts and appreciation and 17 seconds of pure thought on one desire without any contradiction. If you write a story with pen and paper, you have a book. If you write a story with thoughts and appreciation, you have a life. It is very simple. Or, you can let others and random chance write it for you … it is being written by your thoughts, random or deliberate, either way. It is your choice how it gets done.

Seth says
re nathan’s #MultiVerse

Well i think in your model, if you didn’t “thread your attention through some story” means that story does not #inform your current verse.   Non-factual stories do not inform your current factual verse, even if you think them.  They only #inform your thoughts.

But of course you will need to deny that … it breaks your exciting model.

Mark de LA says
Perhaps someone should also cover the subject of #information & #InformationTheory (***) – inform is just the verb implying some agent moved #information somewhere.

Seth says

Seth says
yes #informs is the active aspect of information … it focuses on the cause and effect of the transmission. 

Mark de LA says
Yep what I said “some agent moved #information somewhere”

Seth says
but it is not “just” that the information got moved … it is about how the information effects where it got moved. 

You can tell me informtion, for example “you are about to step in a minefield” … hopefully that informtion will #inform the saving of my life.

Mark de LA says
Yeah, that would be in #InformationTheory

Seth says

Si says
The thread is the thread. It has continuity. What is not well known to the masses, is that the thread can be re-threaded into the tapestry at any point and time desired. Now, to change current circumstances, if desired. Before, to change history, if desired.

Don’t see the connection you are alluding between this subject and excitement. Excitement is about knowing how to choose, when choice is offered, in order for your story (thread) to proceed where your desire has already gone. Your story does not have to go where your desire has already gone in the tapestry, but if you follow excitement, it will. What you are calling “factual” is simply the thread itself … the thread is the story, the facts, as they are seen at a glance. One may extend that glance to a gaze, or a lifetime, but that is something one does. It is not a property of the medium itself.

It is only by habit of thinking that people arrive at the assumption that the thread is a literal part of the tapestry, as if both were cast together as one, in the moment of time becoming experience. In fact, the thread has is own separate identity, in every moment, in all time, as it weaves throughout the landscape. People see a tapestry and assume all the threads are one complete whole, and they can surely be left that way, but in fact they are not. The threads always have their own identity and can be re woven. Only a few ever try, and fewer still succeed, to re weave the tapestries of human experience … though the number of those aware that tapestries can be re threaded, a story told consciously, and even re told, is growing. The days of machine woven stories, are numbered.  

#ThisIsGood #ForBook 

Seth says

Seth says
#sethhmmm re nathan’s assumptions in his #MultiVerse 

Si says
It’s not my #MultiVerse. It is our #MultiVerse and at that level it is the same.

It is only my verse, my thread through the tapestry of all possibilities.  

Seth says
this is what the bot saw:

Si says
… and you may or may not have noticed, threaded comments are not necessarily in order. But that is irrelevant to the bot. The bot only indexes content. When people click on the actual index link to the thought, they will get a proper page. Individual comments are not indexable.

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