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Seth says

Mark de LA says
are you sure?

Si says
It is imagined, therefore it does exist. Can you match the vibration of where this exists? That is the question. Saying something like “photoshop” simply means “I can’t, or wont’”, thread my attention through those frames of reality.

Seth says
well i do not believe that if i can imagine something, it exists. 

Si says
And you don’t not believe it either. You simply have no reference for it. You haven’t ventured into that room, tried to see if it is true. You can’t really say you don’t believe it. All you can authentically say is that you have no experience with it.

Seth says
but i have ventured there.  i have expected that things would exist if i imagined them, i imagined them, and found that they did not.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
well nathan i love to imagine … and i love every more when that animates itself.  and i love to tell stories about all of that.  but most of all i love the story that i tell by living directly … even watching what i do animate outside of myself.    and then don’t forget that “I am a variable” … lots of play there.  how that all nets together as a coherant story i don’t think is very important … just one of many … and it even keeps changing.  yours is great,  i keep listening and watching and playing even for the things that we can animate even outside of ourselves.

Si says
Re #PseudoSpiritualPellick #FauxPellick (comment 67261) … you are actually trying to prove something doesn’t exist by the fact that you have not been there? Seriously?  

Seth says
no proof involved.  just my own belief.  i cannot believe something that contradicts my experience.  i cannot tell a true story about it.

Si says
Sure you can believe something that contradicts your experience. People do that all the time. All one has to do to form a belief is think about it until it rings true. #LOA takes care of the rest. Once thought, some small bit of evidence will appear, #LOA will make sure of it. Think about that new evidence, and more little bits of evidence will appear. Keep following the thought trail, and eventually, it will be irrefutable to you, and others around you … even if it is a pink elephant.  

Seth says
yep #belief does work that way null   

sum : If i think about something continually it will start to ring true.  The longer I can sustain the thought, the deeper it will be the #RingingTrue.   Which is one reason i stop trueing up my comments after some reaonable point.  There is no end to that shit … it just keeps getting deeper and deeper.  I think It is the very nature of the beast. null

One thing that breakes me out of that deapth diving loop is when my senses contadict my belief.  Then guess what? … my senses win.  Me, i like it that way null


Si says
Well, for one, why resist the idea that the reason for this is simple and basic Law of Attraction? Thoughts are vibrations. Like vibrations seek to become coherent. Why is that such a hard idea to latch onto?

For another, a little experimentation will show, that senses will come into alignment too. It simply takes longer for sensory information to catch up, that’s all. There is a delay between the thinking of something and it’s appearance int he sensory realm. This is necessary, otherwise one could think of a pink elephant, and one would instantly appear in front of them in their house … not cool!

One also has to think of something for at least 17 seconds in order for coherence to have enough effect for the next piece of thought evidence to come in. You can test this too.  

Seth says
Well for me everything does not just come down to the Law of Attraction.   There are way too many other things happening for that to #RingingTrue.  I know you have thought about this a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and that one force seems to explain everything to you.  Maybe the nature of my belief … the nature of that beast … it working the same over there.  

Really, nathan, i cannot believe in just one single story explaining everything monolithically.  That totally contradicts my experience. 

And yes the results of your experiment just underline what i say is happening here. 

Si says
p.s. The time it takes for sensory information to catch up is anywhere from minutes to years, depending on the quality of one’s thoughts, other beliefs, and ability to stay focused on the side of the duality that one is going for.

For me, most things take about a day. For instance, 2 days ago I thought about how Mc Donalds coffee is better than Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts and told this to Lucely. She said “really?”. I said “yep, for sure” and continued to think about how much nicer I enjoyed Mc Donalds coffee for a few minutes, not so much deliberately, but by habit of thought now.  Yesterday, a random person at a church gave Lucely a full 3lb unopened can of Mc Donlads coffee. Now I can make MD coffee at home! I could tell you endless stories of the many things that just come in out of apperent nowhere the next day, in my life, now that I have formed correct habits of thinking about the things I want.  

Seth says
yep, that is the way it works null.  

Now try it the other way around … try CostCo’s coffee beans with a ninja … think that for a couple of weeks … it will be like totally true after that … especally if you actually do it yourself. 

Si says
Yes, but the point was not to think the type of coffee to like … which yes, one can do that. The point is that when one thinks about something correctly, in the right way, and for the right amount of time, that thing must appear in one’s sensory experience in some way that matches the emotions of desire involved. That IS what the #LOA is all about.

Seth says
#hmmm … not this alleged “right way” reares it’s ugly head once again null

Si says
The point is, if you are not having this experience, of thinking something and then it appears in your sensory experience, it is only because your vibrations of thought are not being expended in the right way … not that thinking does not produce sensory experience, it always does. But what experience it produces is dependent on how you thought … which may not be the right way to get the sensory experience. It takes practice and knowledge of what elements to practice upon.

Seth says
My story now is that #LOA works … and feels great … but not for the reasons you give to me in your language.   I do not doubt that you are doing it … strangely enough i am doing it too (but maybe not as good) … but i hold none of your beliefs that you justify it to yourself.   So these beliefs must be just an extraneous story about something that is happening.

Si says
“right way” is very specific. It is simply – the way which will cause what you think to appear in your sensory experience. Not that that is right in some altruistic way, but only that it gets you want you wanted by virtue of your desire and accompanying thought.

Seth says

Seth says
and i do have the experience of thinking something and then it appears in my sessory experience.

i do that all the time.

i call it a prediction.

Si says
Prediction is not at all the same thing. I could not have predicted that my desire for Mc Donalds coffee would manifest in the form of a 3lb can of coffee and I would be making it in my Italian stove top espresso maker this morning and sipping it out of a tiny espresso cup as I type this. Prediction had absolutely no part in that.

I had the desire, thought “rightly” about it, and am now having a lovely experience that is a direct outcome of my well thought desire. No prediction involved other than the prediction that following those steps in thought, in the right way, for the right amount of time, will result in a corresponding sensory experience … and with no other physical action required.

Seth says
well okay, you did not predict the receipt of the gift of the 3lb bag of coffee.

so we are talking about creating possibilities and/or coincidences with our thoughts.  

… or are we talking about preparing ourselves with our thinking to notice and appreciate them  when they do occur in and of themselves quite independant of our thoughts?
i #LoaSwim

Seth says
and look out, we are under mark’s allowance here null 

Si says
It doesn’t seem like I am talking about either of those.

I am talking about how there is a very specific way one can think. If one thinks that way at the time of a desire, the satisfaction of the desire will manifest fairly quickly in ones experience. It is a direct and fully repeatable cause and effect … and one can train oneslef to habitually think that way whenever a desire surfaces … and when one has mastered that habit of thinking, then one’s life becomes a continuous chain of desires becoming manifest in experience, in some way, usually unpredictable, but always fully satisfying the intent behind the desire.

Si says
#PseudoSpiritualPellick #FauxPellick (comment 67284)

Well, Mark is “gneisis”. It cannot be helped. He has written it on the top of his home group. He looks at it most likely several times a day. It must be so … it is law.  

Seth says

Seth says
i do believe you when you speak like #PseudoSpiritualPellick #FauxPellick (comment 67285) null

i just do not believe that the rest of your story, especially the part about creating what you sense on your retinas, has anything to do with doing it.

Si says
Yes, well my tastebud senses emphatically defy your current belief … at this very moment.  

Seth says
well of course they would null

Seth says
don’t forget … part of what you are sensing, you are predicting too … and knowing your capabilities, you are a very good at predicting.

Seth says
last night i wanted … truly desired to create some new possibilities … so i went into belltown in Seattle even late in the evening … great time and all, but not truly what i deeply desired … maybe the wrong coffee house.   the highligh was when i borrowed a pen to make the diagram … i loved how the girl lent it to me null.  i guess i am not quite as good at this as you are yet. 

tag #belltown
i #LosSwim

Si says
Maybe some, but far less so now that I understand the #LOA process. Like you, I like to be surprised too. I generally don’t bother any kind of conscious prediction in my life, I only practice #LOA thinking as desires surface … which does not contain aspects of prediction, but rather aspects of savoring the now, appreciating, and imagining the now desire going deeper, but not it’s details. That is the process of “right thinking” I speak of.

For instance, I did not predict or imagine I would be in Florida right now … that was a surprise since generally I hate Florida. But my particular savorings mid last summer manifested this perfect sensory experience which meets all the intents of my then desires.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 22451

Mark de LA says
Thoughts are thoughts & vibrations are vibrations – just like apples & pigs are different; they are even different words.  You can build your own belief ontology out of whole cloth if you must & begin to see that it works the same way that NLP “works” – enjoy the #Egoo or for nathan the Eglue of spreading your own #FauxPellick or #FuckOff – your choices. 

Seth says

Si says
Re: #PseudoSpiritualPellick #FauxPellick (comment 67292)

Well, being able to manifest in real time like that is a very high skill, and usually only experienced by average people in times of high flow state (which we all have felt at one time or another).

What you should be looking for is not what happened last night, but what is happening right now, many hours later, and notice the connections between your experience now and your desires back then.

Seth says
thought are vibrations too … but they do have their scope.  i think maybe scope is where our stories differ.

Seth says
well last night is last night.  it informed my story in the now … which is why i told it.  had noting to do with me manifesting in real time right now. 

Si says
I actually don’t notice much difference in stories. I simply see you stopping, at a point. That is all. It’s all basically the same story, and you step out of it at a very specific place, pretty much every time. Your story there does not take a different path, it just stops and you circle back.

Si says
Okay. You are circling now. Not crusading, I don’t mean that. Simply moved into a left turn pattern. I don’t want to do these left turns with you. Thanks. Got plenty of other forward moving things to do.  

Seth says
yep you know quite well where i do not go into your story … it does not matter to me how much you desire me to go there … like i told you, it contradicts my experience. 

But your #LoaSwim … that i am getting into null … your story, again, i find to be just your thingey. 
i #LoaSwim

Mark de LA says
You folks are just wrestling with belief.  I hold that thoughts are beings & we have sense organs in the brain & elsewhere to grock them. Works for me!  & may even align with RS.  That’s one of those things I don’t remember where I got.  The Ahriman-Lucifer combo has thoughts as hardened & static & devoid of spirit & holds out a totally satisfying ego in a non material world (8th sphere) – given by Lucifer. Those who are afraid of their reflection in an unbiased mirror will invent anything to avoid their own image. ← a summary belief from RS.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

Seth says
i read RS’s 8th spere a long time ago … and scanned it now again.


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