True, False & Context Error

Context Error covers such things as:
  1. program failure – the program cant figure it out & did not anticipate other variables
  2. programmer failure – laziness or something else caused the programmer to write a program without all of the information needed to determine pathways through the code. 
  3. surprise – like #2 – perhaps a culling of conditions so that say 90% of the pathways onward can be covered by true/false but the rest are unanticipated & thrown in a new bucket & a quest for more information pursued. 
  4. true & false are not good words to describe a statistic-based program like a neural network
  5. I don’t know, I have no idea, … similar to #1
  6. The bit bucket – control of the program goes to abend & failure 
  7. tbd – in general context is important for determining what something is .  A log in the forest may be a log or a place to sit, a piece of art, compost for nourishing a new generation of trees etc. Lose context & you will be confused.
  8. doesn’t matter – a path into the unknown or just a different path in the conversation where the context is changed & the old context abandoned.


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