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Seth says
fun to think how you get that picture … take it from far away such that all the people subtend the same angel as the moon … a zoom lense with a steady hand is recommended null

Si says
#hmmm … well I have seen super moons that are exactly that large on the horizon, no zoom required. Under the right conditions, the earths atmosphere at that low angle magnify’s the moon making it literally that big in the sky. Have only seen it twice in my lifetime, but it was incredible and unearthly both times!

Seth says
true.  the camera eye will see it different than the one in your head. 

Si says
Yes, I know, I have witnessed that effect too, like when trying to shoot a lunar eclipse. But this is different … it is the true magnification of the moon literally making the moon much bigger in the sky and the things in front of it seem tiny … just like this photo.

Seth says

Si says
In fact, running the math in my head, this picture would have to be atmospheric magnification. No zoom angle on earth would be able to create this much apparent magnification. The moon is too far away for that. You can do that with closer things, like a person on a paddle board way out on Lake Union shot from the hill at Gas Works Park with Mt Rainer huge behind them in the background (real example a friend of mine did) … but it should not work with the moon without the addition of atmospheric magnification. You would need to be on the space station or further to shoot it!

Seth says
well i claim that if you stood in the parking lot where the picture apparently was taken, then the image of a harvest moon  would not span that many people.   but i do not know, i have never seen a moon that very large … but i know how to make one appear that large. 

Si says
I’m game. Even without a harvest moon (which is a max of 14% bigger without atmospheric magnification) you should be able to reproduce an effect similar to this with any normal full moon at moonrise. See if you can. I say you can’t get in this ballpark with the moon and zoom alone.  

Seth says
Well i believe that i can reproduce that image in this universe,  given the appropriate circumstances.   I would be very surprised if we could see a moon look that large together in this universe – without using paralax.  I think, most likely, if you are telling the truth, you saw a moon that looked that large in a different universe – a universe that we will never share.

Si says
Well, since all reality is static frames strung together by conscious attention, I don’t think that would be the case. Anyone can choose any aspect that they want to include at any time. Another verse is not an isolated bubble, it is simply attention touching on different knots in a thread. I have seen a moon this big twice … bet you can too!

Seth says
so you say, me i will not believe i will ever see that particular illusion untill i actually experience it myself.

Si says
Calling it an illusion moves you farther from the experience. You could instead say things like “I haven’t seen something like that yet, but I would like to” and then savor how it would feel to be observing something like that, and savor it for at least 17 seconds … then you would move much closer to the experience, and in fact, if you had no other #aug’s about experiencing it, you would experience it in some way very soon, perhaps even tonight.

Seth says
Well i think a moon appering larger than normal is called the “Ebbinghaus illusion”.  

I do not believe that my thinking it is an illusion will effect the possiblity that a situitions will arise in which  i can see the moon that large.  Of course i would love null to see it  …  illusion or not … and i would go way out of my way to see such a beauty.

Can you predict such a setting?

Si says
The more you research, the more you “dig in” to a particular set of circumstances, the more that will become your experience. At the moment of an idea’s conception, you have infinite variability in how you will experience it. Your experience is your choice … your thoughts build it. So far, you are well on the way to a very limited experience here … but even now, you can change that, if you wish.

Seth says
Well yes, the more i research, – the more data and experience i absorb, –  the more my conceptions and predictuons will match my experience. 

But my experience is not entirely my choice.  It is a big world out there and i do not choose all of its possibilities.   That which i experience is limited by that which has already happened outside of myself.

Si says
Nope. Very simply nope. And you can experience that, if you wish. Circumstances are only dependent on your state of being in that moment, nothing else. And that is verifiable. You “choose” to correlate your circumstances … the mechanisms of the verses do not require you to do so, that is a base choice you have been making. If you delve deep enough into your own being, you can find where you made that choice, experience the choice itself, and then, if desired, change it.

Seth says
I can not verify that.

Si says
You can verify it. I have given you the steps many times in many different ways. There is a step on the path to verification where you won’t put one foot in front of the other, but instead turn to the side and circle back. That is choice.

Seth says
i do not remember you writing and steps to verify the claims that you are making.

Si says
I gave you a set of steps yet again yesterday. You stopped putting one foot in front of the other where I said yesterday that you did another left turn.

I have walked you on this path typically several times a week for the last year, and wenever we talked for about 6 years before that.

Seth says
What are the steps to veriy that …

Circumstances are only dependent on your state of being in that moment, nothing else.



Si says
Gave you a precise set of steps just today for exactly that in #supermoon (comment 67341). If you do what is in that comment as specified, you will witness your circumstances fluxing to match the new state of being you achieve by doing the steps.

Seth says
Well many times i have said to myself words to the effect that  “I haven’t seen something like that yet, but I would like to and then I savor how it would feel to be observing something like that, and savor it for many moments … at least 17 seconds”  … and “in fact, if have had no other #aug’s about experiencing it”.   Sometimes i end up experienceing something similar, and somtimes i do not.   I did that even this Sunday afternoon.   According to you logic i suppose that would verify that “circumstances are only partially dependant on my state of being in the moment”. 

From experiences like the ones above,  i have concluded that when i think positively about that which i want, and ignore that which i do not want, my being will be i a mode where i might likely recognize some possiblities of acting to experience that which i want.  I have verified that many times.  I have not doubt as to the verasity of that method. 

Your assertion is an extreme border line exaggeration which i can not verify with the methods you provide.

Si says
Your circumstances only appear to be partially dependent on your state of being because your thoughts, at this time, are only partially under your control, and your thoughts determine your state of being. That you can do it partially should show you the possibility of it, which can improve your confidence, which will go toward your ability to be more mindful of your thoughts.

It is like going to the jym to improve your racket ball game. At first, the ball hardly goes where you want it to go. If you keep practicing, the ball goes where you want it to go more often, but still requires a lot of your focus and wears you out. Eventually though, the ball goes where you want almost of it’s own accord, almost no effort on your part required, and you can play a whole game and hardly be tired at all. This is the same. The more you practice, the better you will become, and the more obvious to you it will be that your circumstances are 100% dependent on your state of being. At some point, you will automatically and instantly see every connection between your state of being and your circumstances, as extensions of your mind and body … where now you only see vague ones.

Seth says
well that seems all true … yep, exactly like that … er, were i the only one here null.    add in teamwork with others … truly as others … and you will tell quite a different story.   try basketball. 

Si says
Seth, your just sticking teamwork in to gum up the works. Teamwork and others has nothing to do with what we are talking about here. Your perspective is yours alone. That is true in any model.

Yet another “left turn”. Try not turning here and see what happens.

Seth says

Seth says

Thanks, Bahram Khagani

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