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Si says
Test comment to use in verifying that a widget cannot be dropped onto a comment. #nigx

Si says
#hmmm … was a difficult decision to make the widgets relative to the top of the page or the bottom. Now seeing how seth uses them, perhaps the top of the page is better. As in 3 state logic and the issues in progress at this moment there.

Currently relative to bottom.

Seth says
i found that images in thoughts do not mix well with image in widgets.  that was fairly easy to learn.

Si says

Si says
They should mix okay, just that the imbedded images will train with the rest of the thought content, and the widget images will be fixed in place … hence they can move relative to each other when the thought is edited. One reason I made the widgets top relative now, so that you can add thought content to the bottom and things will still align above that point.

Also, there is a feature to allow putting a widget under the content instead of on top of it, but it is not ready yet.

Si says


seth and mark.

Please tag all your thoughts containing widgets with the #widget tag (hashtag or mentography tag doesn’t matter). This feature is still beta and I may need to make changes. Being able to see collections of thoughts that have widgets in them, while still in beta, will be a good and necessary thing … or else beta infastructure changes may pass your thoughts by.

Seth says

Si says
… by the same note, if you use a widget in a private thought during beta, it will be entirely your responsibility to maintain … which may involve your own manual deleting and remaking of the widgets depending on the nature of changes.

Seth says
#done → seth … hopefully i got them all.

Si says

Mark de LA says
Interesting spelling of important .  What’s a widget? Seems to be a thought with pictures or something like the old cartoon or more flexible.  Any further design hints?

Si says
The spelling is intentional.  
Got your attention didn’t it?

Everything you need to know is in the above thought. Follow the clues. Beyond that, learn by doing.  


Seth says

← click the four boxes

Mark de LA says
Sorry, I thought that was your callsign #FauxNate

Mark de LA says
doesn’t do anything in that comment context, should it?  maybe you, seth can answer what a widget is.

Seth says
well the widgets are things in that tab under the boxes that you can drag to one of your thoughts.  

try it …. you will see just have very null it is. 

Mark de LA says

Si says

Can now create a clustered widget by dropping a widget onto another with the alt-key pressed.
Uncluster it same way … hold down the alt key and drop it on the thought surface.

Clustered widgets track together when the parent is dragged. Clustering is only allowed 1 level deep.

The thought surface is the grid that appears when dragging or sizing a widget.

Holmes says
At this time, widgets will not appear in RSS news feeds or in the google search engine remote representation of a thought. Only the thought body content will appear. This is because widgets are absolutely positioned and that does not work in news feed html. It is possible to create a converter to relatively position elements for things like the news feed … i.e. create some special cooked HTML, but that is not a current feature.

Hence, if you have any desire for a thought to appear in RSS or google searches, give it some real content to draw people in, then they will see the full representation when they get here.

Mark de LA says
XOR screen scrape them back into a jpeg. null

Mark de LA says
btw, which takes more db storage a jpg or the stuff you store to make a widget?

Si says
Yes. You can always use scratchpad thoughts, preferably private, as a canvas to create things with widgets and then publish them as a scraped image.

What I am talking about is similar, it would simply create a block of basic HTML that included the widgets and could even be pasted back into the RTE editor if desired … but once done, just like with an image, you would no longer be able to edit and arrange the widgets separately … except what can be done with what is left of them in the RTE.

Si says
Yes. The free widgets take up very little space compared to an image. 50 to 100 bytes compared to 10K to 500K for an image … and especially less if any images used in the widgets are shared by url, which you should be doing if you are re-using the same image a lot. You can recover the image url simply by editing any image widget and copying the url.

Si says
Note: Since there is no easy way to put both a update and a publish button on a widget, and also because widget changes tend to be many at a time, widgets are defaulted to update for the news.

So if you make a lot of changes to the widgets in a thought and want the thought to get republished for retrospection by others … simply edit the thought body and use the publish button, that will do it.

However, as seth has seen, widgets are live in the stream … which means that if you and someone else are working on the widgets of the same thought at the same time, you will both see every page change in real time as it is completed.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
i’m wondering if these widgets will be portable in #atom #feeds from domain to domain … even domains that are not necessarily #ThinkingDomains … ??

note that the old cartoons did go into the #feeds ok,  but their screen positions did not … so you ended up with just the components showing up in the feed.   i called that not being portable.

Seth says

Si says
Not as individual editable entities, but potentially yes as basic HTML, as I say above. The actual widgets are stored in the quad table, one entry per widget, linked to the thought by subject id. They could be translated to relative coordinates and inserted into the page HTML making them part of it, instead of floating above it … doing so would preserve the look, but not the individualism of each widget.

Seth says

Si says

but their screen positions did not

Exactly. That is what I said. Widgets (and the old cartoon components) are absolutely positioned. They would have to be relativised to make them appear in feeds etc or to be editable in the RTE … but that would loose their individualism.

Seth says
would not the text in the widgets appear to the google bot?

Si says
No. Since quite a while back, March I think, we have been feeding those bots that we allow though just the block of HTML that the editor sees, and the title, with no other page formatting. It’s just a very basic and generic representation of the thought content as a generic HTML page. The widgets are not part of it currently.

Seth says
by “individualism” do you mean their ability to be moved around?   so that if HTML were rendered via the feed in another domain, they would look identical … but would no longer be widgets and movable.  right?

Seth says

Si says
Yes. They would appear the same, but no longer be able to be edited with our widget editor or anything other than as generic HTML.

Seth says
… of course if they were ported to another thinking domain via that same feed, then there probably would be a way, maybe using tags in the HTML that would allow the destination domain to convert them to actual widgets. 

Si says
Well yea, between #TD’s anything is possible because we control it. We could simply transfer the quad table entries directly along with the post table entry and the images in the thought, everything. Just make a JSON object of all of it and send it along. NBD.

Seth says

Si says
Sending thoughts between #TD’s is trivial. All the JSON objectizers already exist as part of the communication between the client and the server in 3.0.

What is not trivial is deciding when and how to deal with pointers between thoughts. Sometimes you would want all external pointers from a thought to point back to the thoughts and comments in the original domain. Other times you might want the full interconnected network of thoughts and comments moved complete. Other times you might want a mix of that where you might move only components by that user, or in that group, but everything else points back, etc. And in a few cases you may want pointers de-referenced and replaced with the bare text.

That whole area has yet to be explored and is where the development will need to be done to transfer content between #TD domains.

#MovingThoughts #CrossDomain 

Seth says

Seth says
#sethhmmm re porting thoughts between thinking domains & other domains too.

Seth says
#hashtags are excellant “pointers between thoughts” and they even work between domains.   Follow #OnionSoup to twitter, to google images,  to G+ …. now i just made that one up … but i’m betting it will connect.

Si says
Updated the widget upload panel to ignore the url if the file is filled in. i.e. you no longer have to blank the url to get a file upload.

Seth says
i was thinking about that too in 17 second bursts … i knew it was going to happen null

Seth says

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