Seeing the future

I have been playing around with seeing the future. It is not hard, much the same process as learning to do a firewalk, just a particular way of focusing mind. What is interesting is that, when you look a the future, it changes, because you looked at it.

This is why people normally don’t look at the future. Not because it is hard or impossible, it is rather easy. But because it is a whole different game to work with something that changes because you are looking at it. In fact, a lot of people look at the future all the time, and unconsciously change things because they do and unconsciously use this as part of their process of reality becoming … they intuitively shape their next moment by looking at it and changing it in the direction they want it to go … they just don’t think about it that way even though that is exactly what they are doing. Like I say, it is a whole different game … requires a whole different way of thinking to consciously play in this game.


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Seth says

Mark de LA says
Whole different way specifically ?  How so?  Is this the #Nate-Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?

Si says
No, if I were to name it, I would probably name it the get-your-head-out-of-your-fathers-ass-so-that-you-can-be-a-man principal.

But that name is very anti #LOA … so I won’t name it that. null

Mark de LA says
Apparently Nathan Bawden can’t be civil in his discourse & attracts to himself all the crap his Ego can suck up & juice-off ← #juice.null

Mark de LA says
The Heisenberg Uncertainty principle suggests that you disturb the the results when you look at it.  The cat in a box thingy (Shroedinger’s cat) & the double-slit experiment are the so-called evidence.  Anyway this comment is not for the low-informed-consumers-of-their-own-egos.

Si says
Hey, you threw the first shit … I just slung it back. If you don’t want shit slung at you, don’t throw it to start off with. I have no interest in you shitting on my great ideas.

If you have a valid idea about it, go for it, but what you did in your first comment above is below the belt.

Mark de LA says
The (comment 67404) is a LIE.  I blended the notions of the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle (very famous) in with your idea of the future changes when you look at it.  After that you became INSANE , nathan thumbs down

Seth says
well fact is that being aware of something …. especially representing it in some media, eg doing something … does change it.   i have definitely noticed that too … even blogged about it here … see “Representing something changes my awareness of it”.   perhaps Heisenburg noticed that in the physics lab too.   now i take it as one of those amazing realities of what is happening here nullnull.   not at all what most people expected in the early 20th century where a lot of us grew up.

Si says
Your drive by shittings, even when disguised as a box of roses, still smell like a box of shit. I will freely admit to being overly sensitive to the smell of your shit. That is because you constantly dump it on everything I write, and #FoHammer the rest. It’s going to take a lot of good faith before I will believe that a crass attempt at mirth like the above is not just another one of your already always attempts to say that the things I think and write about are worthless and do not obtain.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
N is still #insane – dump the shit dude – There was a question & a comment. #FauxNate

Mark de LA says

Si says
The question was lost in the shit. How about trying to ask what you really desire to know in an authentic way instead of coding it inside attempted humor? I have no faith that your coded messages are authentic … they seem like bait to draw me into a word battle with you that ends up with you blanket invalidating everything I say, or if in your space, #FoHammer’ing it all … that is how it has always gone before. You bait me with falsely packaged questions, get me to spell out my true ideas from my heart and soul, then just dump a big pile of shit on everything I say and leave.

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