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Si says

okay … the trick to know is that you don’t hold the alt key down to move a sub widget once it is bound inside another widget null

Ah. That is true. The alt key is only to make the switch, out to in, or in to out. I tried lots of other methods, like making a special drop surface to make the change, and other things. But they all had downsides, especially when there were lots of overlaid elements that interfered. The alt key to toggle the switch provides the most ease and flexibility in all environments so far.

BTW, right now holding down the shift key allows you to position or size exactly instead of to the grid … if you need a finer resolution than the 8x8 grid allows. The grid is nice normally though, as it keeps edges of things nicely aligned with each other very easily.

Also, in some browsers, you must start dragging before you press the alt or shift key. The native browser drag will not start with a modifier key held down. Drag – press a modifier key if desired – position – drop.

Also, fixed a problem in FF alt-dropping a brand new element from the pallet. Had not tried that in FF before.

Also, translated coordinates after drop so the dropped thing appears to be in the same place you dropped it … however, since you must drop with the mouse pointer over the parent, and if you are wanting the object to be near the edge or outside of the parent, you will still have to drop it in the middle of the parent somewhere and then move it afterward.

Seth says

Seth says

#widgets in the river currently seem to be wierded out.  

Si says
Okay, but why do you call that the river? That is a tag room. The river seems fine. Tag rooms also show comments and this effect is happening in a comment.

Seth says
okay i may have been in a global tag room.

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