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Miami says ...
Traditionally 13 is power, energy, raw potential … the ability to manifest quicker. That is why 13 has a bad rap as a number, such as Friday the 13th, floor 13, etc. When most people think about what could happen, they think about what they don’t want to happen. Hence 13 has a bad rap for generating trouble and unwanted things. But as I have known even before #LOA, 13 is simply a power number. Like dynamite, you can use it for good, or use it to destroy … and now I understand that what guides the power is the propensity of your thoughts i.e. #LOA

What does traditional 13 have to do with boz? I have no idea … that’s what you are designing with your thoughts as you go along, while believing you are uncovering something so as to make the designing process more interesting and exciting to you.  


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Si says
Presenting a new way to look at #LOA and the idea of uncovering, verses writing. If you like, you can look at writing your own story as uncovering. One is generally unaware of the totality of what their own thoughts are writing. Firstly because one is not usually aware of what they are thinking, and if what they are thinking is in alignment with what they actually desire or not (i.e. if what they are thinking is exciting). Secondly, because it takes time for what one thinks now to get played back through one’s senses later … i.e. manifestation is not instant in the material realm.

Thus, it could be very accurate to say that one is uncovering something as they move along though their reality experience of it becoming. What they are actually uncovering, is the propensity of the combinations of what they have previously thought. But because of first and second above, it feels exactly like a real live detective story of uncovering as one lives their life. 

Seth says
#sethhmmm re triangulating otherness betwee me and nathan

Si says
… and thirdly one is not easily aware of thoughts becoming things, because what does finally become, after a time, is not one single thought, but the natural combination of all thoughts ever thunk, by that person and others, weighted to that person, and ordered by the propensity of that persons thoughts, time, and that persons desires.

It takes practice to see all those connections and how they boil down in the end to the exactness of what one thinks, is what happens.

Seth says
well you know that i do not believe that “what i think gets played back through my senses”. 

thought it might surprise you that i can getstalt that happening … so i think i do know what you keep talking about there.  You do not believe that you swim in a media of circumstance and otherness … but that is where i swim.  

We could triangulate this thingey between us better, if you would stop trying to get me to go throught that door.  It’s not going to happen.

Si says

swim in a media of circumstance and otherness

Yes I do believe that. It is the left turn you make that makes it seem to you that I don’t believe that. You have yet to get past the point where you can see that I fully believe that. You always turn back at the point where you gut tells you that the above cannot be true in my model, and so you think that is what I believe, even though, every time, I tell you I believe that I swim in a sea of others and circumstances with others and am saying it yet again right now.

You will not go beyond the point to where the apparent contradiction your gut is flagging to you gets resolved.

Seth says
well you say you believe it but then everything you say otherwise indicates that you do not.  

for example, saying that “you play your thoughs into you senses” is saying that you are not sensing otherness … therefore not swiming in a media external to yourself.

you seem to want it both ways, but you have yet to express or demonstrate how that works. 

Si says
I have presented several different models of how it could work. I don’t exactly know how it works, any more than anyone exactly knows how an atom works, it’s all just thought models … and I have given you quite a few, well designed and consistent, ones to work with.

saying that “you play your thoughs into you senses” is saying that you are not sensing otherness

Only according to a very narrow set of assumptions you are operating with and won’t vary from. I sense otherness. No doubt about it. The fact that reality is an after effect, being played through my senses, does not in any way invalidate or even suggest that I can’t, or shouldn’t be able to sense otherness … only a very limited and about 2 century long traditional model of thought even hints at it, but even the great thinkers that lived in the height of that traditional model of thinking varied from it a lot … it was only the general masses that ever thought the way you are modeling this.

Seth says
Well “the reality I experience IS an after effect” ← that much #RingingTrue over here.   That is just the way this perdicament is setup (designed) and a topic that i deal with under the age old contemplation of #duality.   But i cannot stop there … my life, and/or the story that i am telling, must #Supervene on the details of that design. 

Sensing in whatever dimensions or means must necessarily involve spirits (things, thingeys, whatever) comming from my outside (what is not me) into me … into my insides … and being absorbed or experienced or understood or reverberated in here.   But to the extent that  those thingeys are believed to originate inside me,  and i just project them on my senses,  then to that extent i am just swimming in my own juices.   #KeepingItReal and just reporting what i observe of you from the outside, that is what it feels like you are doing,  and in fact that is what you say you are doing.  

Si says
The experience I have been reporting far surpass the experiences you report, in terms of satisfaction with happenings, in terms of intimacy and connection with others, in terms of forward movement on desires and goals, and in terms of expansion of my experience day to day.

So I have no idea why you say “that is what it feels like you are doing,  and in fact that is what you say you are doing” … which simply does not match my internal experience, my experiences as I have been relating them to you, or my model for having experiences. It seems like you have a well set viewpoint of what my model is supposed to be like and you forget, misplace, reframe, or ignore anything I say that doesn’t match how you think it should be for me by what I say reality is.

Seth says
well i have not reported any of your feeling  … how could i?  … those are yours and i cannot feel them myself … just exactly like you cannot feel  mine.   I reported only my own feeling in reaction to what we are involved in together.  

Note that (er, according to my story and model) there is something happening outside of your being and something happening inside your being.  Same goes for me.  Our senses is what connects those things through the media in which we share them.  That is the context in which i am talking to you.

Incidentally your model and the way you are living is just great … i love it … there is no probelm here with it for me.   I am tripping on it and learning from it myself.  I just wish you would talk to me with the same attitude.  Take me as me and accept that i will not be going thought any door you have made up for me.  Then maybe we can talk about this stuff even more deeply than we already have … maybe even triangualte it with the mixed media of our different beings.  Now would’t that be something?

Si says
I didn’t say anything about feeling. You did, and I responded without addressing feeling, and you brought it back as if I had talked about it.

The door is yours, not mine. You built it, shut it, and locked it tight … apparently around about the end of your SF experiences. I have nothing to do with your door. I only can see from out here that you are circling continuously until you go through that door you put in your own path.

Seth says

The experience I have been reporting far surpass the experiences you report, in terms of satisfaction with happenings, in terms of intimacy and connection with others, in terms of forward movement on desires and goals, and in terms of expansion of my experience day to day.


← those are descriptions of your feelings.

the rest of your comment is you making things up about me.  which, by the way, resembel my own expericence pretty much the same way that #Trump’s made up lies confrom to what Hillrary actually did. 

Si says
Those are not feelings Seth, those are descriptions. You are so far off your game, it is clear we are close to the nexus of what you are after, what you hid away.  

Seth says
Well i said those are your “descriptions of your feelings”.  That you would presume that i would make that kind of map/territory error is just some kind of wiggally story you are tellling to me … or maybe to yoursef ← me, i get confused by your mirroring. 

I described my feelings in response to what you do and say to me.  Take those descriptions of my feelings as me honestly telling you about how you effect me.  It has nothing to do with how you feel about yourself.  That is not something that is really any of my business to try and effect.  That is not the kind of game i play with you.

You think i hid something away, but that is a story originating inside of you.  Maybe something deep inside yourself that you are projecting on to my words, eh? #IDoNotKnow

Si says
If it didn’t ring true for you at a level where your actions become, then you would not be so in avoidance of it. I really have no interest in supporting your looping. There are plenty of useful things I can do than witness your circles for you.

Seth says


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