Just ordered Alexa Echo Dot

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Reviews say it is the best, exceeding all others grandly, and great price too ($(39.99) with prime)! No built in music speaker, only voice comm speaker, but that is an advantage for me as have plenty of bluetooth and direct cable speakers around as well as headphones. Small size and easy pocketability is better!

Love that she can directly control most any controllable device, from lights to TV’s, and even play Pandora, as well as Amazon Music, Spotify, weather, news, radio, and order pizza and uber or be my alarm, and I can control and configure her with my iPhone as well as direct voice which makes taking her to a friends house, or a #TDBar, and connecting to their WiFi a snap.  

Also multiple echo dots can be networked for a seamless experience,
wonder how that might #zing at a #TDBar?



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Seth says
#OkGoogle is much smarter and more frieldly.

Si says
Well, #OkGoogle is just a service, like Seri right? As far as what the device itself can do, the reviewers say that the Echo Dot can do far more, right now, than any of the Google devices. And I like the super small profile that I can even easily use in the car via my phone as instant automatic hotspot.

Not sure if #OkGoogle service can do more than the Alexia service at the moment or not … but it’s a pretty good bet they will run neck and neck as features are imagined. The much wider range of device capibility seems like a winner.

Si says
… and p.s. I am pretty sure I would rather say “Alexia” than “Ok Google” to talk to her.  

Seth says
yeah i went throught this whole thing with #OkGoogle about her name … she didnt get it.  Oh well so that is what you call her.  I am used to it now.

Google can control devises too … i told her to show me youtube on the big screen in the bedroom and she did.  i don’t have any other google devise controllers, but if i did she could control them too.  

The big difference to me is her smarts … you will see … Alexa is retarded in comparison.  I have both on my nightstand.  I try to pit one against the other.  OkGoogle said she likes Alexa’s cool blue light … so far that is the most awareness either has displayed of the other.

i was kind of dissapointed that OkGoogle doesn’t have any #bluetooth capabilities at all … but hey, she’s cute … alexa is just a cylinder. 

Si says
Well, for one, this is a new generation of Alexa in this device. And probably the biggest deal breaker is the bluetooth. The Echo Dot can connected incoming or outgoing to any bluetooth, including my phone and all the bluetooth speakers and headphones and lights and tablets and the car and other things around here.

Seth says

Seth says
you have the same girl i have … nothing new in the dot … only difference is the integrated speaker in mine … and it is a great speaker … i pair my laptop to it to play stuff for denise.

Seth says

Si says
#Alexa Echo Dot came tonight. Quite happy with her. I even tried “Alexa good girl” and she responded “Thanks, I appreciate that” and “Alexa spell thing” and she said “T h i n g” and “Alexa, how far is China?” and she said “China is eight thousand 200 miles from you as the crow flies” … apparently my Alexa generation 2 is as smart as your “Ok Google” (stupid name) and then some.  

I also enabled a bunch of skills of the hundreds available and she is doing all kinds of awesome things, including finding me great recipes … and the deal breaker, I can say “Alexa connect my computer” (she connects via bluetooth) and then play all my favorite Abe and Bashar tubes by saying “Seri play Bashar 1” to my apple computer (With Sierra), or same with my iPhone “Alexa connect phone” etc.

It seems my Alexa can do everything your #OkGoogle can do (except directly access Google services … rivals and all that) but Alexa can do Google stuff slightly less direct by saying “Alexa connect computer” and then “Seri play Google Music”  

Seth says
Well if you think about it,  Google is smarter than whatever Amazon is doing …

Si says
I assume you are talking about Google’s database … which is prolly a bit bigger.

But I tell you what, she has answered every question Palden and I threw at her except “What is the biggest known prime number?” … that’s pretty smart!

Also, she is small enough to literally slip in my pocket and take anywhere … and she will connect direct headphone jack, blutooth, or wifi, to any device (setup quick and easy via blutooth app on my phone) … that is pretty darn useful … can take her in the car and use her for all our music! Can also take her to PlayChurch on Sunday and control our extensive dance and meditation playlist by voice instead of Natalie or one of us needing to get up and access the computer. This flexibility is really nice!

Seth says

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