Appears to have only limited usefulness within the same item.
It is hard to clean up old items if you can’t cut & paste from one to another. Anyway it seems totally confused on my desktop chrome & IE browsers. The widgets for paste want me to paste something into the regular paste gadget yet it doesn’t end up in the comment at all etc.


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Si says
I have no idea what you are saying by this. None of that seems to match anything I have experienced. I don’t even know if you are talking about the browser clipboard, the #TD clipboard, or the quick fork clip feature. All 3 of those are clipboard related.

Mark de LA says
In this comment there is a gadget in the upper-right with an icon on it  ←  presumably that puts the something on a clipboard somewhere that I can paste in another comment on another thought or not .  I find I can’t do much of anything at all with the clip.

Mark de LA says
When I try to paste it here all I get is this:

Mark de LA says
The task at hand is trying to clean up (private thought) .  I was able to screen scrape the body of the item & paste it in a new item & edit it.  Trying to move the comments on that original item to the new one seems not to work via copy 

Si says
Yes. That puts it on the #TD clipboard, which then shows up in your top nav bar like this.  and you can click on that clipboard to access what is on it. Many places will also show a paste from clipboard item if the rules allow you to paste there. Note that the current #TD clipboard is a move device, not a copy device.

Obviously the rules attempt to prevent you from modifying the sequence of content by others, or else you could change what they said by inserting or moving their stuff. Mostly this is accomplished by only allowing moving top level threads.

Si says
Currently you can’t paste between the #TD clipboard and system clipboards. If you want to copy text, simply paint it, copy it, and paste it as normal.

Si says
It may work if you are trying to move top level threads, as long as you are not trying to change content by others in some way … of course that would not be okay. We cannot change what others say, that is not right, even if the M&M does it.

See, I am suspicious when you say “clean up”. I can’t see the thought, but if you are trying to remove something someone else said, that would be wrong. No one should be censoring others here. Yo have the ability to hide what others say if you own the thought. That is enough.

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