Is Love null just an overpowering flood of Oxytocin into the brain & brain pan? Hence just an emotion. 
Recently I got another hit of the Roman Catholic council in Constantinople in 869AD to wit: (RS KR-IV)
There was also one in Nicea ~325AD as well.

In the very year A.D. 869 something of immense significance took place in the spiritual worlds, while down below the 8th Œcumenical Council was taking place in Constantinople where it was declared dogmatically that one must not say, if one would be a true Christian, that man consists of body, soul and spirit. Trichotomy, as it was called, was declared heretical. I have often referred to this fact before and expressed it in these words, that in the Council of A.D. 869 the spirit was abolished. Thenceforth one was bound to say: man consists of body and soul, and the soul has certain spiritual qualities. Now what took place in this way down below in Constantinople was the earthly projection of a spiritual event — an event which men do not recognise but which was of immense significance for European spiritual history, an event extending over many years, which can, however, be dated to this very year.

MR – (If all there is is a physical body with some psychology attached to the brain & nervous system (perhaps just a neural network) then maybe draining the brain pan (oil pan for the brain) may be the best solution to unspecified problems of Love. null
I also suspect that the soul has been reduced to the electronics of the low-priced meat computer we currently call the brain & nervous system – nothing more!
I have always thought that Love requires action, demonstration & compels thinking, feeling & willing from the heart.  Maybe it’s just hormones?


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