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About: don't know what 'axes of privilege' or 'manarchism' means? look it up in the new 'social justice wiki' |heat street

Ran into the about article & followed it to the  Social Justice Wiki which centers on making up politically correct memes for the M$M to spread.  Sounds like something Obama may be working on (***) .  Consume at your own risk since truth is now a commodity & mungeable – haggling & uncertainty are killing it, language is #MeaningFlexible & now spreads from miscellaneous #ConsciousnessCenters  throughout the Internet at light speed.


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Seth says
I see no reason not to take them at their word …

SJWiki wishes to document, explain, and through this offer support to any activism that is part of the greater social justice movement, e.g., feminism, the LGBT movement, anti-fascism, the civil rights movement, the queer movement, no borders and migrant solidarity movements, the trans movement, the fat acceptance movement, the body positive movement, and so on. By the same token, we want to debunk, document, and provide commentary on reactionary movements, that work to corrode or derail advancements in social justice.



Mark de LA says
It’s all one-sided; making something wrong or making something right which differs from a lot of others’ perspectives – mostly leftist propaganda. ← #RWG even the words “social justice” as a meme as seen in the news against police is peculiar. Like I said above & elsewhere maybe “ode to the death of language”  or language itself needs a banishing ritual.

Seth says
Well there is a feeling amoung people called “social justice”.  Like all such social feelings it helps us be conscious of each other and helps our society function well for all of us, not just the rich or powerful or smart or etc ....  I have been to some  meetings where people talk about social justice and i can feel from where they are comming … althought i am not personally an activist for their causes. 

I do not share your thoughts about these materials.

Mark de LA says
Dupes will be duped. If you need to reform the legal-justice system do it there not with mobs in the street & community organizers of dubious intent.  Rule of law or rule of mobs of law breakers. Reform yourselves.null

Si says
I have, if you haven’t noticed. I am self re-formed … and of quite a different form than the norm.  

Seth says
a feeling of “social justice” is not typicaly about yourself.   usually it is about how others treat others. 
below is a sample of the content … it is an awareness …. a consciousness … mostly about others … how we treat each other.

The website is not trying to motivate mob activity. 

It is trying to build a consciousness. 

which consciousness you may or may not agree with or want to share … but that is quite a differen matter than seein it for what it is and not protraying is as some kind of  #Bullshit.

Si says
Well, I treat others in whatever way is exciting to me at the moment … and if everyone did that too, there would be no need for reform. Everyone would be happy in the doing, and happy in the receiving … or not, if that is what is wanted. Some people are here for the drama.

Seth says
Yep, and if everyone followed the #GoldenRule and felt #empathy twards their fellow man, there would be no need of reform either.   Does the #drama get us from here to there?  Sans #drama there would be no #excitement for you to follow.  right?

Si says
Well seth, if this website is about being in someone else’s business, then for sure it is not a forward looking place to be.

Seth says
Well what we do and say and think and feel together is not “other people’s business”.  It is quite our own business. 

Si says
Drama and excitement are not the same thing at all. That’s something I would have expected to hear from Mark. Excitement is always there, ever present. It never goes away, but is only ignored. No matter what one is doing, no matter where one is, even in the deepest darkest dungeon of a prison or depression, one can always scan the available options and find the one that is the most exciting and if one moves in that direction, no matter how logical it is, one will find their way to a better place.

Drama is what might put one in a dungeon to start off with.  

Seth says
Well i did not say that “Drama and excitement were the same thing”.

Drama #informs #excitement ← would be a more accurate reduction on what i did say.

I don’t remember you or I talking about #drama before.  You my have an entirely different sense of it than do i. 

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Mostly this stuff is pedantic-intellectual-sophistry → group pellick – the place which lives for such meat. 
your answer is above the line!

Si says
Yes, I got that. And I am saying that drama does not inform excitement, except for those who are here specifically for drama … and I know a few of those people

Drama and excitement are like applies and oranges. You can put them in the same fruit bowl or salad, but other than that, they are completely different things and don’t relate to each other.

Si says
Yea, and so you moved it there. One can only ask, why did you create it in group unhackthebrain?

Hey, your the one diatribing about where it lives … so answer the question. null

Seth says
well yeah sure … there are just about as many ways for #drama to effect #excitement (or not effect it) as there are individual histories. 

in general over time my theory is that the drama in a person’s life will effect what they get excited about, and  how they get excited by something.   i think my theroy would be confirmed by an unbiased  scientific inquirey over many individual histories. 

Si says
I don’t think that. I have a lot of experience with excitement last few years. It is not stimulated by drama, mostly the opposite. Also, that would not at all match with the understanding that excitement is an emotional sense telling you the qualitative differentiation between what you desire, and what you are thinking.

In general, drama would be what you get when you don’t follow your excitement. It is a symptom, not a cause. Some people do get into drama for the emotional rush of overcoming it … but that does not say that drama goes into what one finds exciting. What one finds authentically exciting is what will bring one closer to what they desire.

Seth says
when you say, drama has not stimulated your exicetment, i believe you.  

i am talking more about drama experienced over a period of a life time.   In my case i am sure that the drama that i have experienced in my life time has shaped what i am excited about doing now.  It does not necessarily define it,  but it certainly informs it.  

In other people’s lives, who might have exprience more drama that have i,  that shaping may be even more prominant than it is in my life …  gross examples might be a person who’s entire family was killed in a violent attack, or maybe a person who just won the mega lottery, or a person who just met a profound love of their life. 

Si says
Well sure. Everything that happens in ones life shapes desire which shapes excitement. Drama can be part of ones life and part of shaping desire. So can positive, and negative, non-dramatic experiences. Drama has no special shaping power over any other kind of experience, unless one has a propensity for drama … i.e. is the kind of person we commonly call a “drama queen”.

Seth says
the more important an experience is to a person the more it will shape their excitement.  “dramatic” is just a word that can point out what  a person deems very important.  

some people judge having their morning coffee right now is dramatically important … others judge the importance of that coffee being here right now from a different perscpective.  

some peple are oblivious to the importance of the coffee to others and belittle their judgement of its importance.

my importance of yours … my excitement or yours  ← that is a #Egoo fight. 

#KeepingItReal … why are you ignoring About: How some Losers play the RWG - comment 67990 - comment 68201 (comment 68203) ?   That is very important to me. 

Mark de LA says
”excitement” is a mungeable – ill defined word & nathan dances around what he really means with it by retreating into selfie jargon & selfie authority in a cloud of pointers & links to #LOAisms .

Si says
Good indicator of where your understanding fails mark.

Si says
”my importance of yours … my excitement or yours “

Fuck you Seth. It had nothing to do with ego until you just there made it so. I don’t play in that ballpark. 

Mark de LA says
Good #LOAism nathan – try that out in your favorite Abraham group. null

Seth says

Seth says

this is where the self importance of one’s own excitement fails in a #LoaSwim when not #informed by others. 

#sethhmmm about nathan’s not being excited about fixing our indexing through the #GoogleBot

Mark de LA says
Fake News or Advertisement - PC Meme Spreading & Political Correctness (comment 68295) – another Good #LOAism Nathan – try that out in your favorite Abraham group. null

Si says
”this is where the self importance of one’s own excitement fails in a #LoaSwim when not #informedby others.”

Popycock seth. You are bullying. Attempting to strong arm for your desire.

Write your own story. Don’t bully me into it. If you want me to be different, write it. That is your power and your right, that is synergy, and that is in accordance with the Golden Rule. Bullying is not.

Seth says
of course … and you are doing the exact opposite in reverse.  heace the failure … capped by your “fuck you seth” above.

Fact is i need this connected to Google so that i can use it.  I also need it connected to Facebook join.  That an several other things that you almost certainly know about,  are directly affecting the growth of thinking domains and my own excitment of reaching out into a larger community with it.

I am thinking in 17 second bursts about the teamwork of us actually doing this together. 

Si says
Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Your story is obviously foggy or what you actually desire, in the lager sense, would be manifesting, one way or another. Don’t put it on me that your story is not well written, write it clear in your thoughts and it will become a great read in the #MultiVerse.

Real teamwork is writing each other well, and with clarity, not putting it upon the other to write one’s own story for them.

Seth says
#Bullshit and in-authentic lies justified by you trying to rationalize to yourself not actually playing teamwork with me. 

Si says
Natalie said almost exactly the same thing as I said above to you to me a few years ago. It was as hard for me to hear then as it is for you now. But it was as true for me as it is for you and began my journey to being a conscious creator instead of a machine woven thread.

I am #done arguing. When you actually become clear in your thoughts what your story is, it will unfold masterfully. I may be part of it, or not. You don’t have that part clear to you yet. When you do, you will actually “see me”.

Seth says
you keep withholding your actions here and  trying to prove your philosphy or methods to me.  But this is not working.  I am not getting the system that i need.  you are not cooperating with me. 

Come on now,  what do i need to do to get you to finish this thing to a point where we can field the next release, update the Food CoOp, and i can start a very exciting part of my life ??

Si says
Very simple. Talk about what you want. Write your story clearly. And above all, follow your excitement, and only that, no matter what anyone else is doing or saying or how logical it seems.

One part of your story that is very fuzzy right now is me in it. You are seeing me both as a compadre, and as a jerk. You can’t write me both ways in your story and have your story be a clear story that manifests. You don’t really want some aspect of how you are representing me to be true, to be in your story.

Inconsistencies in how you represent an aspect in your story makes the story fall apart and idle along in default mode … no matter what the story is or who is in it. Your reality on that subject goes default and very little happens. Something I just got blindingly clear about myself on another subject by the way.

Seth says
Ok i want you to do it.   i have been meditating on that as i ran my errands.  Your deeds … that you are going to do.  I simplified that.  ( nathan is going to do it.  times 1000 repeat).   I assume that is working.  That is the story that i have written … a long time ago … and continually.  You are not a jerk … except when you blame me for your not passing me the ball.  So you’re not going to be doing that any more.  .  ( nathan is going to pass the ball.  times 1000 repeat).   It is going to be great as are all the thing that you do.  #OMG i can feel it happening nullnathan is doing it now … is doing it … is doing it … is doing it … it is going to be great … #WOW … do you need any help? …. is doing it .. is doing it … is doing it … nathan is doing it …

Si says
When it is working, it will be. Nathan not only doesn’t clearly know what “it” is, but Nathan is not clearly written in a consistent way into your end game story. And what is the end game anyway? … never heard of it except a few obscure references of late. Who even knows if what you think you want is what you really want? #SeriTD would better know that than either of us, and she is not so happy with the way you treated her the last several times you spoke to her. Your story about #TD’s is very shaky … especially when it comes to the place in it of the strongest characters.

Seth says
nathan kows quite well what it is … he is doing it … #OMG he is doing it … should i list what he is doing?  … or more exciting if he choose the list … he is doing it … omg it is exciting for him …

Seth says
i can list what he is doing … easy … he is doing it … he is excited about doing it … #WOW look at the ball comming my way ….

Seth says
nathan will be playing with the ball just as soon as it is a ball that can be passed around to people … omg as this spreads he will be there watching and glowing as it animates and lives in his experience … he is making the ball ready to pass … he is throuwing it … well just about to … hey, i am over here … thow it to me … or throw it to her … or him over there …. throw the ball and take a shot at the basket … omg omg it is working ...

Si says

Seth says
nathan is putting air in the ball … making it really spin … he is doing that now … here it come … well just a little more air … nice and round and easy to grasp … he is making it easy to grasp …. i can almost feel it in my hands now … he is doing it … he is doing it … he is doing it … nullnull …. don’t forget i only write that which #RingsTrue to me …. nathan is making #ThinkingDomains work and propogate … he is doing it … he is doing it … he is doing it ...

Mark de LA says

Si says
Well, that’s pretty good pulling power. But as to what you wanted, the fuzzyness of it still abounds, and I don’t know where it is, not on the top of my news. All I can remember is something about google bot and comments … but no service I know of sends comments to the search engines. Our’s sends the thoughts in the home page tag cloud. Ideas lost in the fog ...

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