Moving toward Integrity & Authenticity - comment 30372

Mark de LA says ...
Einai 2014-03-06 08:57:11 17145
Authenticity from Erhard approach in the context of being authentic about one's inauthenticity & the already-always listening one has going on; possibly being a way out of the walled garden.


Si says
Follow your excitement. Doing so will lead you directly out of the “walled garden” by the path most relevant to you.   

Mark de LA says
Contrarywise it will lead you back into a garden where just excitement reigns, but truth, rationality & logic have been banished. 

Si says
Truth blossoms when one follows their excitement, it becomes radiant.

Rationality is nothing but a drama reduction device … it has no other function in experience. Look at how it is used. It is always used by those who are experiencing drama to gain control over the drama. It is never applied when people are enjoying their experience … in fact the opposite.

Logic is just a useful tool to systemize experience with. It has no other actual purpose. It does not generate change. Logic was never intended to be a template by which to live by, unless Ahriman suggested it.