Law of Attracting

Mark de LA says ...
Good for what ails balooning selfies


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Si says
Ballooning selfies are a good thing. Everything is there for a rhyme and reason, part of evolution.

Mark de LA says
I guess then it’s good for taking a shit on you folk’s posts too, eh?

Si says
Nope. Social trends are good … they would not be there if not for a good reason. Shitting on others stuff is individually in-authentic by you … and breaking the Golden Rule.

Mark de LA says
same tune different organ 

Seth says

Note: the title of this thought should literally be “About: Law of Attracting”. 

Which accruacy of naming would make this bookmarking more informative ...

… as well as other places on the web.

Seth says

#BalooningSelfies,  (mark’s coin)  is an interesting change to study.   I picture it as the drama inside expanding.   It could be animated as the horizontal line in this diagram curving up as the drama-importance section expands.  In the extreme the otherness on top totally disappears – becomes considered #maya. 

← #WOW i used widgets to label the diagram … #kudos → nathan

Seth says
#thanks → nathan … fixed now null

Si says
I envision lots more widget types. They are actually simple to make, just HTML templates, and there can be labels and arrows and flow chart elements … and … wait for it … yes, even venn diagrams. But before that, I want to add relative widgets … and that project is behind others. These things pop when they pop … and then they are just right instead of half baked.  

Seth says

Seth says
null your timing is freqiuently superb null relative to my own.  just as frequently it sucks nullnull.  

which i take it as just the way the ball bounces null

Si says
My timing is perfect! Because I follow my excitement. Took me years to get there though. Your timing can be perfect too … and will always be independent from my timing … and will appear to make my timing seem perfect to you every time if that is the story you tell authentically and consistently and believe. Our timings are not actually related unless our verses run into each other.  

Seth says

Seth says
oookay!   our verses running into each other is exactly where we share what happens.  remember my favorite #meme  …


i go with what happens that we share


otherwise what happens over there is quite otherness to me, and what happens over here is quite otherness to you.

Si says
No, it is actually not. Our verses rarely run into each other. Most of our interaction is just #MadeUpShit by habit. Once you are really in full swing with following your excitement, it will be easy to tell the few little spots where verses do collide.

Seth says
Nope they run into each other all the time.  

A great example (or maybe 2 or three) happened this morning.  I bet you could even point out their URL’s. 

Si says
There may be a few, but for instance, right now they are not colliding at all. You are making up your story about me, and I am making up mine about you, and that’s all either of us is experiencing.

Not that it is bad to do that, it is quite normal.

Mark de LA says

As you folks go about considering in your daily life what advice you should give to others – consider first taking that advice for yourself – you may not need to give it away after that.
- M.R.

Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

Seth says
it is not the “coincidences of stories” of which i speak  in #MyMeme.   I agree those only rarely coincide.  The deeper the story, the more subjective,  the more it is spiritual,  the less likely it will match.  

Rather It is the coincidences of what happens, that i personally go with. 

But my story about you is that you do not even believe in “what happens” … you do not distinguish that from what “you create” … either intentinally or unintentionally.  

That is just a difference in our ontologies, nathan … probably the primary one.

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
Be mighty hard to mirror you that way old markiepoo!  

Mark de LA says
Maybe you should mirror yourself & quit trying to mirror others. Your distortions always show up.null

Si says
Yes, precisely what you requested!

Mark de LA says
#NAH just what you always project; #RWG notwithstanding. null

Si says
How do you know that? Explain.

Si says
Maybe, maybe not. Every time we try to figure out if that is the difference, you do another “left turn” and leave me standing there waving.

Seth says

Seth says
#sethhmmm re “figure out if that is the difference”

Seth says
Well do you “believe in what happens” as distinguished from what “you create” ?

Mark de LA says
Endless Q & A will not make it go away – use introspection. 

Si says
Just giving you the opportunity to do the right thing. It is your birthright you know, even if you rarely claim it.

Si says
I believe you create your reality, and that reality is your experience of it. Happens is a moving target depending on point of view and many other things. I do not distinguish happenings in the root binary way you are presenting it there.

Seth says
if mark resonds to that, he will respond  p→c to that p→c.  that is what the psychology model predicts.

the content of the message is irrelivant, it will not be heard or believed.  it is way too deep inside of nathan’s story to be communicated over the noise of the psychology.

Seth says
Here is a trivial  but true example of what happens that i share.   I just farted under the covers while i was laying in bed with denise.  I asked her,  “Did that just happen”.   She responded with no hesitation “yes”.  

Now i just told a true story about what happened that i shared.  I gave it meaning.  That happening now has meaning within the context of this story here.  In this case i created the happening … it was my deed … i farted.  It could have been different.  Denise could have farted, and i could have asked, “Did that just happen”,  and she could have responded “yes” … in which case the happening would not have been creaed by me, but rather by denise.  It still would have been what happened that we shared.   It still would have been “the reality that i experience”. 

I have distinguised between what happened, and my story of what happened, and what i created, and what denise could have created,  and the stories of that happening. 

So, nathan, how would you describe the happening, the story of the happening, and who created what?

tag #MyMeme 

Si says
Exactly. “The right thing” is to respond authentically, not from a model, or habit of behavior, but from true excitement of being. I give Mark opportunities to step out of the model and be who he really authentically is. I believe he has it in him to find that. 

Si says
You are only allowing a part of the possibilities available to be in your story. You can write a fart into your experience, either by you or by Denise. You can write you asking Denise about it, or her asking you about it, into your experience and the answer either of you gives. That is where you are letting the possibilities end.

Denise can allow your writing of her and fall into your story, or she can also write her own experience. Each of you will experience what you wrote, and exactly that.

Life partners most often accept each other’s stories in the various roles they participate in. You may lead the story in cooking and farting, she may lead in business (or whatever your roles are with each other) and thus you each experience roughly similar things, even in making love. Others out there will have less propensity to be the lead writer and/or to allow falling into what another has written for them.

It is entirely possible for you to fart and ask Denise and experience her saying yes and for her to experience no fart and saying no and later, for each of your memories to match your own different story, and you both will either just shrug the differences off, or in worst case, think the other person is lying or loony, or simply convince one or the other to change their own memory, as the roles you play dictate. That happens all the time with people, and lovers do it automatically and in sync. That sync is part of what the experience of being in love is made of. People who have little in common don’t write each other much … hence why 10 random witnesses will give 10 very different accounts of the same relative experience. Cameras and recording devices are part of the individual stories and only help because people believe in them … the person with the strongest vibration still leads with the common camera story that everyone else falls into because people believe solidly that cameras don’t lie. (most of the time … sometimes people can’t even agree on what they see on the camera … something Donald Trump leveraged well).

By knowing this is true and seeking the awareness of it I have been able to gain a sight, and a feeling, of these parallel stories, especially when I am in the following role. For instance, when Natalie writes me and I fully allow it, I have a 2nd awareness of the allowing happening. I can literally feel the changes in my reality kick in as she writes her story. I feel and experience the shifts happening in real time (I explained one of these story situations from this summer elsewhere here). Ouspenskey calls this 2nd awareness “Deputy Steward” and explains how to develop it in “The Fourth Way”.

Weather you and another choose to write each other similar, or different, each of you will still be writing your own experience, and having it, and both stories will be true and have happened. Everyone’s experience happens … there is not just one that happens. If you really listen to people and hear the differences in the stories they tell, and feel the confidence in their first telling, you can see that it could be no other way. What people actually tell the same is far less in any experience than what they tell is different, even for intimate lovers. Why make the huge assumption that all people are distorting some one common thing … sometimes radically and impossibly so? Why not make the much simpler assumption that each person is being honest and actually experiencing different happenings and sometimes, they synchronize some parts of those happenings? 

I can tell you why you make the harder assumption. It’s habit. Its what you were taught from birth and it is a habit of thought that is extremely hard to break. But if you let go of all the assumptions that make up that habit of thinking … then the evidence starts speaking for itself. People experience different happenings in parallel. Once you really examine the evidence, once you really listen to people and hear all the differences instead of ignoring them, nothing else makes sense. By force of habit, people fight hard to have a few things in common in their wildly differing stories, and focus mainly on those points when thinking about the story between them, while ignoring the thousands upon thousands of things that are different.

#ThisIsGood #ForBook 

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says
Well #HellYes #ThisIsGood … we each live in our own reality (story) and those are the parallell verses that you have been talking about.  That #RingsTrue over here.  I had thought your parallell verse were something else. 

True, the stories themselves rarely intersect …
… yet what happens in the stories frequently does. 

Which is why i go with what happens that we share … in other words i go with the intersections ...the matches.  I try to write my story to maximize matches with others who are going in the same direction that i am going … that is in the direction in which i am writing my story.  That is #MyMeme.

There is a lot of other fertile thought in yours above … i am sure it will come out in due time.

Si says
Okay. Yep. I simply say then “don’t get caught up thinking the map is the territory”. We each have our own territories, literally, in every way, and create maps between them called common experience and happenings.

Seth says
well that is a manner of speaking that i would need to get back to you about null

Seth says
Well when i talk about California, i am talking about the state in which  me, you, and mark, were born.  I don’t refer just to my California.  I refer to the California that we can travel to and shake hands.   That is literally what i mean.  That is literally the territory.   That is literally the state in which the house on Walgorve may still exist where we worked on CyberMind together and shared lots of common experiences.  Maybe you talk of some other place which you presume you created by thinking about it.  Not me, i talk of the actual Califiornia in which happenings can be verified.

tag #MapVsTerritory ← a long and deep tag room here.

Mark de LA says
The word state has a lot of different contexts. Why pretend you don’t know that fact.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22613

Mark de LA says
I invite nathanto quit being a #GossipMonger & start talking himself or something useful. 

There is NOTHING Authentic in talking about someone else! null

Seth says

I specifically chose the “California example” and told a true story about it that should match with any true story you tell of those happenings. 

The word “Califormia” is a pointer … just like a URi on the web … eg “” .   Language has evolved amoung us humans to use these kinds of pointers.  The simple ones, like place names, point to the actual places, and not to some mental representation of them in each of our locally scattered minds.  If your proposed semantics were manifested on the internet,  then each of us would have our own Wikipedia databases.   But that is not what is happening on the internet … there is just one Wikipedia database which all of the browsers are referencing.  

It appears to me that your presumption “everybody has their own territory”  is a radical change to the semantics that has evolved between us humans for eons, serving us well.   It  seems you (and Bashir et al)  are pioneering a radical change to our basic semantics.  It is not my cup of tea.  It has too many  nasty side effects. 

tag #MapVsTerritory
i #LoaSwim

Mark de LA says
Sorry, lost context & interest.null in a decde or so.

Seth says
no need to be sorry, mark … i am not talking to you … and am glad that you have lost interest.   your interjections here just divert attention away from what i am trying to focus on with nathan

Mark de LA says
KEWL – talk amongst yourselves & to yourself. nathan & seth null Maybe make it private too so I don’t have to look at it going by. OTOH:
“If the growth of reason is to continue, and human rationality to survive, then the diversity of individuals and their opinions, aims, and purposes must never be interfered with …. Even the emotionally satisfying appeal for a common purpose, however excellent, is an appeal to abandon all rival moral opinions and the cross-criticisms and arguments to which they give rise. It is an appeal to abandon rational thought.”

Karl Popper 


Seth says
mark you are welcome to join the conversation just as you start talking about the same thing that me and nathan are already talking about. 

Si says
It is authentic to talk about whatever is exciting to you. That goes for anyone, and even when they talk about me. I have no idea where you get this idea that “people can’t talk about each other from”. It makes no sense and I have not heard the likes of it before. We are all inside each others experience. Talking about each other authentically is how we learn and grow and get feedback.

Seth says
i thought what markwas saying is pretty much what i have been saying too.  When you talk about yourself then it #RingsTrue over here … if you talk about me or mark … it does not. 

too bad mark’s “contribution” to the other thread has diverted your attention away from it.  oh well.  i guess one does put one’s attention where the #juice  – the drama – is nullnull

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 22615

Mark de LA says
THe challenge with you & N is that you appear to be near the topic but talk about something related but rarely what I was already talking about; most always contrary to what I was talking about ~ didn’t want to call it the #RWG more like maybe just #JuiceG ← juice game whatever excites #n or anyone with some kind of yu

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 22616

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