Villain Wanted

I need a villain. My writing mentor says I should model after someone I know.

I have considered mark. He is the only person I actually know who is a villain. Mark knows the right thing to do, has good values, and yet does the opposite in most situations. That actually is the kind of villain I am looking for. The problem is, Mark is not proactive enough. All he does is sit on his ass and attempt to victimize people at the FBI with his shit. I need a villain who can own up to what they do with authentic zeal. Mark does the villain routine but won’t man up to owning what he does. He lives in limbo, not owning the good, or the bad. I need a villain character with backbone. A solid protagonist to spice up my story.

Know any?


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Mark de LA says
#GossipMonger ! → 

Si says
I am actually quite serious. I really do need a live villain to model and I truly have considered you mark, and rejected you exactly as I have laid out above. It’s not gossip if it is first person as well as the exact truth of what I think.

Si says
Actually mark, there is something you can help me with, something you do have a handle on. I want to write about the thought processes of my villain … I am thinking about writing in the first person mode, the villain thinking.

What is it like when you know the right thing to do but do the wrong thing instead? What is the sequence? Do you have an awareness of the right thing and then feel compelled, strongly pulled, to do the wrong thing? Or is the right thing only something you are aware of in your own introspection, but the wrong thing is instantly present when you receive an external stimulus?

I often wondered this about an XO I had in the Navy. The first thing he did when he started his tour on my boat was give a big lecture about how he absolutely could not tolerate people who clearly knew the right thing to do, but did the wrong thing anyway. He talked about it in all his “sermons”. And yet, he was exactly that kind of person, often demonstrating how to do the wrong thing. The biggest was when he overrode protocol and the Captain’s orders and sent up the periscope when we were in the Arctic ocean nearing the ice. Only seconds after he ordered the periscope raised, we entered the first ice field and the periscope was bent over 90 degrees. We had to limp back to Adak Alaska and have a new periscope installed at an extra mission cost of over million dollars. Both the Captain and the XO received sever reprimands on their records and the XO was nearly Court Marshalled for the incident (maybe he was but it was kept under wraps, the enlisted never found out).

There was talk all over the boat about how the XO’s pet peve was not doing things you knew were wrong, while he went on doing them anyway more than anyone else. Now I understand how this is explainable as an aspect of the Law of Attraction. But I still don’t know the actual process that goes on inside one’s head in this behavior. I would greatly appreciate it if you could enlighten me with your own experience of it, for my book! Thanks  

Mark de LA says
Sorry, can’t help . Our enlisted & officer corps followed direct orders or were court-martialed or confined to quarters.  We had no villians. Maybe too much occult fiction.

Si says
Yes, but you can give an account of how the process is happening in your own experience. When you do the things you do that don’t match your values and belief about what is right and wrong to do, how does that process unfold in your head? If you want, you can relate it in NLP style submodalities and I can work with that.  

Mark de LA says
Talk about yourself – you would be the closest to that.  Your description does not excite me considering most of your comments today or in spite of them.  If you always act according to your values why write about otherwise – maybe go back in memory to before you did.  Merlin has lots of that kind of stuff in it; particularly the main characters Merlin, Arthur, Morgana & Gwenevere. 

Si says
Yes mark, those are good for external observation, and actually a good idea. The villain’s in Blacklist might be more appropriate to my story.

Observing me does not help because when I mirror you I only can mirror your actions. I can’t mirror your internal processes (nor those of villains in TV and movies). I need accounts by people who actually do the opposite of what they believe they should be doing. Only people who actually do it can give an account of what is happening in their internal experience, and I need those submodalities in order to write from the first person internal perspective without simply guessing. That is why I am asking you. I don’t have any other actual person I can ask in my life anymore.

p.s. I am modeling the writing style of both Suzanne Collins and Stephen King, who have similar styles. Both great authors who grab peoples attention and keep it for the whole story. This internal first person perspective is how they write.

Mark de LA says
I respectfully request that you mind your own .  I will share what I want, when I want out of my own wording as I choose. null

Si says
I have no idea what you mean. Everything I speak of here is in my awareness and on my path of excitement, therefore it is my own. I am simply asking for the internal modalities you experience as you do something that is the opposite of what you believe to be right to do. That is something you do all the time here at FBI and knowing those modalities would add authenticity to the story I am writing. It is a simple friendly request and something that should be easy for you to do. You have similar NLP training to me so eliciting your own order and sequence of modalities should be a walk in the park.

If you don’t want to do it that is fine … but it sure would be nice, and synergistic, if you gave some reason. Thanks!  

Seth says
i guess you will have to make one up.

Si says
Actually, during morning meditation today, the perfect villain came to me. It’s Donald Trump … or a likeness.  

Seth says

Seth says
Trump is the ultimate arch villan … no doubt about it thumbs up … eventually will he rule the world?

Si says
DT is low on the scale of doing that which he believes is wrong, or so it appears. But he is high on the scale of backbone and charisma. He solidly owns what he is and does, even when he lies about it. And he is part of the powerful elite who have an interest in maintaining power over the masses … a good match for my villain.  

Mark de LA says
Villain Wanted (comment 68540) is #RWGBait – kewl 

N’s method = #badger (badger) with bait.  

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