i am ok ... you are not ok - comment 68589

Mark de LA says ...
I wish I could dispatch the entire list


Si says
Isn’t that what “mark all read” does mark?

Also, the lots more people issue is already taken care of. For the last couple of months you have only been seeing stuff you subscribe to (or someone else subscribes you). There are lots of posts you and seth make that I never see in the news because I never comment on the thought. If you are not interested, don’t comment.

Interestingly, what I call your shitting, which actually does nothing for anyone except perhaps your ego, ends up subscribing you to many things that otherwise you would never see! #LOL 

Seth says

Seth says
i would like to add that there is no obligation to respond or even read everything.  i like to respond to things in a way that moves my own story along … if it does not move it in that direction, then why write it into my story.

Mark de LA says
They are still there unless I shrink the whole canvas so the list goes away. Can’t make the individual comments & items go away & leave the list in place. I’ll just have to shrink the canvas & ignore the counts.