i go with what happens
that we share


Seth says
some potential illustrations …

do you know of any other nathan ?

Mark de LA says
Inscrutable, yet artistic nevertheless null

Seth says
i have no idea how that relates here mark.

Mark de LA says
I knew you would say that. Your words “ i go with what happens that we share “ are abstract & general & could mean anything including “what happens” having nothing to do with your doing except with the illusion of sharing or your noticing or... etc. 
The post picture is a google image of the word inscrutable  thesaurusized in the link.

Seth says
well i just gave what i think you will understand to be a very tangible example of “what happens” and “sharing what happens” and who created it,  and who experienced it, and my story about the thappening in my comment above, “About: Law of Attracting (comment 68634)”.   Given sufficient attention and awareness withing the conext of the happening, i could describe any happening in that manner.

Does that example make this less abstract and not just “anything” for you?