Monday Morning December 19th 2016

On a day where things are sorting out in sync, i will ship zillions and zillions of … #done → seth
← these and will test each one of them. 

Which is the way the ball bounces.  That is the way this is happening.

Sometimes when i do my morning ceremony, the dishes from the dish washer sort exactly as they “aught” … where they are and where they will go just feels right.  The same for the coffee filter and the coffee scoops and pressing the button to start it brewing.   It is a feeling bethween deed and story that me, i dearly love null.

And truly i got the shipping of these vile creatures quite down … my own assembly line … i’ll be done with them before i cook my #heirlloom  #LimaBeans for lunch.  ← or at least that is my intended story for today.


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Si says

Seth says
nathan, how come i never seem to get credit for my own #dones on the leader board?

Si says
We discussed this before. You can’t give yourself leader board credits … or else you could control the board with your own shit.

We also discussed the idea that perhaps you could get credit for one such thing per entire post per day … but that’s more complicated than the game system is evolved to yet.

Why do we discuss things multiple times?

Seth says
Well i do not think that is what i had agreed to.  Mostly it is the person himself who knows that they have accomplished something.   They should be able to give themselves credit.  Same goes for other rewards.  

If a person plays outside of their own authentic crediting, then the leader board is useless to them anyway.  They just are not playing the game.   This is the honor system … it must be so.  This is not like stealing money.  There is not real competition with others … only a measure of how you thought at the domain. 

Si says
A virtual gaming system cannot be based on the honor system. This has been tried and proved thousands of times over the last 40 years or so.

But that doesn’t mean what you want cannot be #done, just that it should not be done the way you are trying to do it. It must be thought through and done rightly.

Seth says
sure, think it through … think of what the consequences will be to people who consult the leader board …. in this case i deserve to see  a tally of my own accomplishments … and have been continually dissapointed that i cannot see it.  it means that when i say, “done → seth”, it is meaningless in terms of the the profile of my actions throught the domain.

I do not believe that a game cannot be played by the honor system.  And i think this particular one almost must be played by the honor system.  I can provide, upon demand, several games that are played well by the honor system … real ones that i have actually played.

but there is no right or wrong in this context … rather just how we create the system to work.

Si says
A #TD is a general public site. It is not an exclusive club even though you have always treated it as your own exclusive club. A general public site cannot have anything “by the honor system”. That is so obvious it is not even worth talking about more. If something can be abused, and anyone is allowed in, it will be abused. That’s just common sense.

Seth says
A #TD is more like an exclusive club of,  and for, the authors at that domain.  It is not like an a un-moderated newsgroup forum like or a completely open utility service like Google.

There should bre no such law as “a general public site cannot have anything ‘by the honor system’”  People play honor system games in open public all the time.   That is in fact the most exciting place to play them.

Again this is not a competative  #ZeroSumGame like money or voting or war or boxing.  The accounting should be much more subjective and spiritual … in other words, peopl’s own authentic honor.  For example what would it tell me if i ran up my score by putting in fake things that i did not feel i had actually accomplish … it would just tell me that i was being unauthentic and i would know it …  it would not tell me how much i practically thought with others via the #TD or what kind of thinking i was doing … rather it would just tell how much i was lieing about it.

Anyway the leader board is already 100% by the honor system.  A person can post just as many thoughts as they willy nilly want and run up their score in comparison to others.  The only thing that makes the leader board an accurate measure for people to gauge themselves is that it measures what people do authentically and only the person themselves knows that.  

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