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just saying, some of your votes went into the colon
December 19, 2016 3:55pm

Washington electors vote for Powell, Faith Spotted Eagle

Per Fox News’ Robert Shaffer

Hillary Clinton has only received 8 of the 12 electoral votes in Washington State. The unfaithful electors voted for former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell, while one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle -- a native American activist.

This makes the current tally:

256 Trump

143 Clinton

3 Powell

1 Faith Spotted Eagle

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman said she will work with the state attorney general and charge four unfaithful electors with a violation of Washington state civil law. The fine is up to $1000.

The law was passed in 1977 in the first session after a GOP elector voted for Ronald Reagan and not President Gerald Ford.


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