Law of Attracting - comment 68702

Mark de LA says ...
The word state has a lot of different contexts. Why pretend you don’t know that fact.
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Seth says
Might be better not to confuse my dialog with nathan with yours.

Who are you talking to with your comment, me or nathan?  

The word “state” has several usages.  When i say “the state of California” i am obviously talking about one of the 50 USA states, the one that is named “California”.  That is quite specific enough to verify the factual content of my story.

Mark de LA says
Those who make a controversy - didn’t want to use the word argument - out of the context of the word. 

Seth says
There is a conflicting story between me and nathan.  We are talking together to see if we can at least understand each other’s stories.  You can call that a “contraversy”,  but i would not call it an “argument”.   The word “argument” had some nasty implications.

Who do you think is pretentending “not to know the facts” ?   Which facts?

I do not think there is any confusion as to which sense of the word “state” i am using here.

I really do not know what you are saying or even to what you are referring.

Seth says
Or maybe you were thinking that i was talking about “the California state of Mind”.   Well i was not.