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Seth says
i wanted to write a comment here that ended up on one of nathan’s thoughts.   it is on my clipboard.  yet i cannot paste it here. 

← instead i get this result.

Si says
Of course you can’t paste a comment to Mark’s thought.

Seth says
well i can write a comment on Mark’s thought … why can not i past one i have written on it.   that prohibition does not even make sense.

Si says
It would make no sense for you to move whole batches of comments, or even whole threads of comments, to someone else’s thought. Comments are a dialog that develops in place. I would hack the shit out of Mark’s shit on it stuff if I could do that. But instead, I can only proceed with real thoughts in real time, not just hack stuff together.

Si says
There have been a gazillion times I would have mirrored Mark that the system prevented me … as it should. Irritating in the heat of the moment for sure … but it has held up well to the true intention of the 3 laws and prevented me from being an asshole back.

Mark de LA says
The only mirrors you have are the ones where you are looking back at you from the other side.
Grok that & you may yet find enlightenment. 

Seth says