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Seth says ...

I specifically chose the “California example” and told a true story about it that should match with any true story you tell of those happenings. 

The word “Califormia” is a pointer … just like a URi on the web … eg “” .   Language has evolved amoung us humans to use these kinds of pointers.  The simple ones, like place names, point to the actual places, and not to some mental representation of them in each of our locally scattered minds.  If your proposed semantics were manifested on the internet,  then each of us would have our own Wikipedia databases.   But that is not what is happening on the internet … there is just one Wikipedia database which all of the browsers are referencing.  

It appears to me that your presumption “everybody has their own territory”  is a radical change to the semantics that has evolved between us humans for eons, serving us well.   It  seems you (and Bashir et al)  are pioneering a radical change to our basic semantics.  It is not my cup of tea.  It has too many  nasty side effects. 
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Si says
I think the change in talking, which comes out of a change in thinking, is quite necessary. And as to “having served us well”, really? Look at all the issues and drama over the last several thousand years … a good part of that is exactly because of the “universe model” (one outside reality idea) of looking at things. Now yes, we used all that contrast to leverage our own conscious evolution, it was there for a reason. But it did not serve synergy or harmony or loving relationships. These semantics you are coveting because they are your habit are exactly the ones that generate drama and friction.
I have my California, my territory, you have yours. I am quite sure mine is not the same as yours in thousands and thousands of ways, and only the same in a very small few. We can agree on the name and how to point it out on a map and some of the names of highways and cities in the state … and that is probably where the similarity ends. My California has been created by my life path within it and that is a radically different path than yours … and since I don’t agree that we have to agree on any aspect, our California’s can remain very different too … and that is OKAY.

Seth says
Yes, obviously, our stories of California will differ in many many ways.  Those stories are our individual maps … or representations.   Yes your map of California has been created by your life path and is very different than mine.   Absolutely our different maps of California do not agree.  And absolutely our maps can and will remain different.  In fact it is great that they are different … nullbecause then we can tringualte with  #BinocularDialogue  and #MixedMedia about them … but that is another story.     Anyway we agree that our stories are different sotries. 

We disagree when you start #reifying your map for yourself (and my map for myself)  and calling those  territories.

This is why i always try to talk of the actual terriroty, and not my map, or your map … and why #MyMeme is worded the way that it is.  ← which is probably what you call “my left turn” null
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Seth says
i missspoke re “Bashir et al” … i meant Bentinho Massaro et al. 

Si says
What is tbd et al?

I don’t #reifying my map. My map IS my map. What I don’t do is begin the process of coming to a common map with you like most people do. I know my map is a valid map of my experience and my reality. I know that I don’t have to make it sync with your map in order for my reality to remain valid. It is okay with me for our maps to be different and stay different.

It is convention for people to meet and then start finding what in their realities agree then go further to agree upon which to choose where there are differences. This process goes on quite automatically for most people, they don’t even realize they are doing it. I have simply stopped doing it. I know that we can have different maps and our realities don’t fall apart because in fact our realities are complete and whole and parallel. They can both exist, with any number of differences, and remain intact.

We can sync them up to collaborate on a specific thing, like agree where Botsin California is so that we can physically meet there. We don’t have to agree on anything else. Our realities of California can remain in parallel with many differences and all will be well in both of them.

Si says
Okay. In my reality, there is little distinction between Bashar and Bentinho, they say the same thing, just in different story formats because they are targeting different groups of the population. Most of the people I hang with, in our own individual realities, listen to Abraham, Bashar, Tolle, Bentinho, Depak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and many more with equal excitement. It is mainly the newbees, those just being born into the new age, metaphorically, that need one or another personality and story format to get familiar with the material.

In fact, that is one of my indicators. Meeting someone who likes one of those, and not the others, tells me they are early in their journey.  

Seth says
Yep.   Bentinho carrys the view to about the same radical ends as do you. 

From my point of view, it is the wrong direction for human evolution. 

Let’s be honest here … we can discuss this in detail and that  likely will inform both of us … but we will almost certainly not switch sides.   I think we should accept that and talk to each other about it with that in mind.  Accepting that might eliminate the ego game between us about it … and allow us to focus on the actual differences in perspective and consequences.

Si says
If that were true, you would not be here with me. We would not be present in the same space in a manner where these kinds of things are elicited. For instance, I might be working for you for money, which I have done at times, like I did early here at FBI and fully during the speaktome upgrade. In that environment, I keep things quite professional.

But that is not the environment here. And since an environment can only exist as a vibrational match between individuals, I know with absolute certainty that you are here for what I have to say. All higher school memebers throughout the ages, initiate schools etc, have said this same exact thing … even Tony Robbins said exactly that at the NLP certification Mark and I attended in Austin Texas. You may choose to look at this phenomena as yet another case of blaming the victim, but it is not, it is a simple fact of how consciousness interacts and evolves.

Simply put, you have something to gain by being here and listening to me. At some level of your being, it is a match. You have chosen it.

Seth says
Well that may well be true … but is it not as possible  that you are here in this environment because you want to be informed by my view ?

Don’t forget that experience and perception is relative to the experiencer.   You stated the possiblities exactly relative to yourself and your view.  It is quite understandable that you see them that way.

Me, i think that we need to triangualte these different views … not wish the other’s away … or bully it away. 

Seth says
Anyway i agree i am here talking to you about this by my choice and am facinated by your radical view.   But your thought that i will be switching to your view is nothing but your own ego denying my ego its soverignty.   Not going to happen.

The best you should hope for is a triangualtion of the two yielding an even more powerful third combination.  null

Si says
Yes, our vibrations have to match to be here together. I have to be getting something out of it too.

… and I am clear about what I am getting. There are several items. The one I can share is that I am cleaning up my own closets. I was born into the view you hold. For many years, I held it too. I always had a feeling that it was “not the real deal”, but I did learn it well. I have learned to swim with the next wave of humanity on the surface, but there is still some old junk buried deep in my dark corners that I keep running into while talking to you and I get to clean these up each time I run into one.

There are other things I match up to as well, that place me here, but I am not at liberty to talk to you about them while you are on that side of the door.

Then, there is the contract.

Seth says
Great, that is your story of what is happening over there.  null

It doesn’t change how best we should talk to each other about the differences in our world views.

nathan i do not expect or talk here to change your world view.   We will grock a better view together, if you have the same attitude twards me. 

Si says
Let the worlds proceed. I too, don’t expect anything. I say what is exciting to say and know it is the best thing I can do. I don’t claim to know everything, and never will. What I know guides me well, and I am always becoming better at listening for and following excitement in my deeds and that always works out splendidly … has never failed me.  

Seth says

Seth says
#btw ...

I say what is exciting to say and know it is the best thing I can do.


you may realize that i frequently get the same feelings about what i actually say and do.   This is kind of a different topic … something that i have been going to blog about.   I frequently get the feeling that what i actually do is absolutely the best thing that i could do.  Same goes for what i write or say.   That is to be distinguished from what i think i will do, what i intend to do, or even what i think that i did.  This is a distinct qualia that i get about what actually happens that i do … my deeds.

It might be similar to the  one you get … but since you believe you connect your thoughts to your deeds quite differetly than do it, i think the your qualia must be quite different.

Si says
There is no one territory. That is the illusion you are continuing to buy into. That illusion keeps you isolated in your own bubble, unable to connect with people at the levels you could connect with them if you stopped insisting you and they have to acknowledge one thing between you that is required by both of you to be the same thing. Since there is no such thing … there will always be membranes between you and others that will not exist when you learn how to #swim in the ocean you create, fully present with all possibilities, choosing the ones that are most exciting, creating others, and allowing them to create you, in an intimate dance that will exceed any level of connection you have ever dreamed possible. That is where true intimacy happens, no borders, no bubbles, no separation, only fully authentic presence and direct amazing experience! Some would call it “pure love” … and I would be with them.

Seth says
Well actually i do not say there is one terriotory.  Rather i say that is an undeciable question.  And that, one way or  the other, it does not matter to my life.   To me getting all hepped up about just having my own tertitory that i create  all by myself is silly … almost as silly as arguing about whether the grain of sand at x,y,z coordiantes relative to me is to be credited to “Bill” or “Seth” or “sally sue”.

I go with what happens that we share.  Those are the match points where our territories match – not just our stories – those are the match points which matter to my life and the rest of humanity.  That does gives me direct contact with others – not via whatever model you believe. 

All that #MakeShitUp that you said about my philosophy separating me from others is reflections of your own philosphy back at yourself.  Your thoughs would be more direct, and ring trueer over here,  if you would just talk for yourself.  When you talk for me you are, at best idly speculating … and at worst #Egoo gossiping.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22618

Si says

getting all hepped up about just having my own tertitory

That is the crux of it all, isn’t it? That has come out before and here it is again. Somewhere in your past you got this idea that creating your own reality makes you all powerful. It does not. No one I know who utilizes this knowledge is all powerful, hyped up, or above anyone else. Maybe it is the residue of that trogladite, telimite stuff you were fed as a kid. I am glad I did’t get indoctrinated to that … at least, I don’t remember it, and I am glad.

The people I know who live with and apply this knowledge live the same as you. The only difference is that by actually understanding how things work, they (and I) are able to have deeper relationships with our reality and the others in it. We don’t feel so separate as most humans, the ones you are championing, do. Loneliness is the most chronically felt emotion on this whole planet. We feel connected, a part of, all that we experience … we feel like part of a grand harmony, with each of us having a valued part in it. Not alone, not isolated, not hoping.

That does gives me direct contact with others

Some. Whatever you can grab in passing, whatever is allowable without breaking the illusion and taking full responsibility for your experience. You can’t really truly connect deeply, fully, with others until you take responsibility for connecting deeply, and fully, with yourself first. And that means taking full responsibility for every single aspect of what you experience. Then you will be able to feel every joy, every thought, every dream, every passionate emotion coming through you flowing out into the creation of the others you experience, and likewise feel their passion, emotions, joy, dreams, and love flowing into you, creating you. The kind of love people feel in isolated bubbles, separate skins, unable to affect their experience except through the gloves, the membrane, of physical action, is but a shadow of the love people feel when they consciously co-create each other with full knowledge of what they are doing.

my philosophy separating me from others

I don’t have to make anything up about you at all. I have been there. I grew up believing what you believe. I spent the greater part of my life seeking a connection with others through touch and deed and experienced the depth of isolation of that tiny channel of experience. I went though pain you will never experience with a wife who cheated on me, and then put herself in prison for her sins. I cried for years, nearly every night, alone in my king size bed, while Dawn drove truck on the road, and I raised our kids 5 days a week on my own. I cried for want of true connection, authentic interaction, true love.

And I eventually found my way to it. I knew these things were possible, deep in my being, and started attracting them, and piece by lonely piece, I recreated my world to be what it is now. A world full of love and authenticity and full of connections so solid and deep, between me and others, that I can jump into it naked and blindfolded without a care or a fear, because I know how deep it is, because I participated with these others to create it in every aspect … and in that knowledge, I have unshakable confidence in my ability to create anything I desire, to have any relationship I desire, even drama if I wish it. What I desire is deep and authentic interaction with others … of a kind that has not been seen on earth for many thousands of years … and that … is exactly what I have. And that, is exactly what we are building together, creating by creating each other in that likeness, that dream, in our individual experiences of reality. 

You might say we have an illusion. Telling yourself that will comfort you, allow you to go on as you are. Allow you to keep your doors closed and your bubble intact. Well, if it is, I opt for it, for this experience is so much sweater and so much fuller and so much more exciting than any I had for the first 45 years of my life. I choose this. It’s like living in HD color instead of black and white. And it becomes deeper, more consistent, richer and fuller, every day I do the actual work to build it by guiding the propensity of my thoughts. I like it. I love this way of living, so rich and involved in life itself, so deeply connected to those around me. I don’t have to make anything up about you … for you yourself put on paper the very story I used to live. I have been there. I know that story. Now I am involved in a new one, a richer one, a story where true love is in every cup of coffee, on every face I care to notice, around every new corner … and I am never alone. You can have your story of struggle, struggle to connect through action and deed … I’ve been there, done that, and found it wanting … forever seeking, forever wanting, never really satisfied but only for a moment here, a moment there, never quite connecting deeply and fully, “The match points which matter to my life and the rest of humanity” are yours to keep. I don’t want those points. There are better ones afoot.  

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