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Miami says ...
Peter has been eliminated from wikipedia for one and only one reason made clear by this one statement.

Mostly, his experiments to find effortless power were unsuccessful but now and then he would effortlessly move someone. Over time, he learned to produce those effortless results intentionally, mostly through the generation of particular mind-states and feeling-states.

The rest of the argument sounds like they are making it all seem reasonable and scientific why they eliminated Peter … but that is all just the cover story. The real reason is that those who project wikipedia have a particular agenda about the nature of reality and do not allow anything which counters that adjenda to exist without sufficient debunking within the article itself. Ester and Jerry Hicks went through the same thing about Abraham and are only still on wikipedia today because of the slander in the article which wikipedia enforces. They hired lawyers and everything, but lost in the end. If you read all paranormal stuff on wikipedia, you will find the same story.


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Si says
p.s. I don’t really know if Peter now knows the truth today or not, about what he was doing back then. But effortlessly moving someone is not actually moving them. It is shifting your self, your thread of attention, to the verse where that new physical state is already there, the active possibility. It is effortless because nothing physical happens, attention simply shifts, or more exactly, the propensity of thought vibration changes, which is what attention actually is. I do this all the time, ranging from subtle tiny shifts, to radical instant changes of major physical and circumstantial aspects. Peter discovered how to do this mostly on his own, which is cool!

What I wonder is if Peter is aware that one can do this with any circumstance, of any kind, internal or reflected? He has only talked about doing it with opponents in the material I have absorbed of his.

Mark de LA says
Maybe you should take some of his martial arts courses & find out instead of just talking about him. There are plenty of videos. Then too he does have the world championship trophy (in China) for full contact martial competition  (I saw it at his previous dojo in N. Calif.) . 

Si says
Well that’s cool. I don’t know if you are noticing, but I am agreeing with all of that. I do watch his videos, and find them accurate (a vibrational match to what I know) for the most part. I agree Peter used these things to win competition … and I love how he came to that ability mostly on his own with only some outside influence from esoteric schools.

All I am doing is wondering how far he has taken it? Has he made the connection between what he can do in competition, and even how he is entitled to have a toaster, with how he is a thread of attention within parallel experiences all happening at once and he can just as easily do with a penny or a castle what he does with opponents in competition? There is no evidence in my experience of him that he has taken these ideas to that level of understanding. He seems rather to specialize in a few particular aspects. Nothing wrong with that … specializing is good … we need Virgo influences just as much as we need Gemini influence.  

Mark de LA says
With your spin, of course! rose

Si says
Who’s spin should I be using? I am me. As I turn in the continuing saga of me becoming, it is me spinning. What else can I be?

Mark de LA says
#np – just that your authority, credibility, & truth ends right there with you; still a story unless you can demonstrate it for others to witness. 

Si says
Well, authority, credibility, and even truth, should end right there with the person saying it. Taking any of those to heart from another person is doing exactly what #RS said not to do, and is asking for trouble, asking to be controlled by others. Or as Abraham says it, you are out of your own business.

People can make agreements, where those agreements actually help achieve some common desire, and people can follow excitement, which syncs up any number of people around a common desire.

Authority, credibility, and truth are very individual things and should end right there.

Mark de LA says
#NP – the above language with which you speaks is a good example! thumbs upnull (of that which ends with you)

Si says
Okay cool. We agree. Blue is blue … nice color too!  

Mark de LA says
KEWL! blue is blue .  “We agree.” may be outside your realm. 

Seth says
Point of information re #PR:   I thought that his “efforless force” applied to one’s own actions … not to the actions of others,  for example what an opponent does  in a marsial arts contest.   mark, do you know which it is and maybe where #PR might have talkied about that … one way or the other.

Si says
I know #PR talks about that specifically in the book Cheng Hisn. I read that book. He does literally talk about effortlessly moving his opponents, and not by any physical means, wikipedia researchers are not lying about that. I remember being excited about that when I read the book way back in my pre #LOA years when Mark first gave it to me in the later 90’s.  

Now I do lots and lots of things effortlessly. I grid them, or otherwise do the energy work, and physical circumstances change to match … right in front of me sometimes.

Seth says
okay, i am almost sure that mark will confirm that.  

I just hope that you are not trying to move me like that … because i would not like that … me, i like to keep it that i move myself … i guess it is a good thing that i don’t believe that you can nullnull.   hint, doing (or saying) things that we share does not count.

Si says
All one ever has to do is know that something is some particular way, without any doubt, and it will be. That is all that is required. The journey is to get to the place where you can know something so completely with your own mind, your own choosing. Most people can only do that for very limited subjects, like a Mother who can lift a whole car off her baby after an accident because she can’t think otherwise.

Seth says

Seth says
great that may be “your journey”,  it is not mine.  

Have i ever told you the story when i decided not to go on that journey?

Si says
You would never know if I did. At least not from the side of the door you choose to remain on. You would have to develop the skills to have that knowing … the skills I use when I can feel Natalie creating me … the skills Ouspenski talks about as Deputy Steward … the skills Peter talks about in Cheng Hsin … the skills Bashar talks about when he talks about being able to develop the ability to see yourself moving from one parallel reality to another … the skills Abraham talks about when they talk about gaining the ability to feel your way into your vortex. These are all the same basic skill that can be developed. (Even #RS talks about developing such skills of sight, but I don’t remember exaclty where as I don’t study #RS as often).

Almost all people, however, do not have this skill as a matter of course except when they are under 2 or 3 years old. Most people have absolutely no awareness of when they shift between parallel experiences. It is seamless and out of awareness.

Si says
”Have i ever told you the story when i decided not to go on that journey?”

Don’t really remember if you told me directly. You have documented it here at FBI however. I have it bookmarked.

Seth says
Certainly a fun story.  I too have a story of you and Natalie, but i won’t boor you with it, as you have already made it so your way and my story would probably just amuse you.

I have never read such a story from #RS … mark, have you?

Mark de LA says
Look under books & on this page: – PR’s methods are not occult at all.  No woo-woo. Don’t have to blend in #LOA to make them work.


Si says
#RS relates it more to developing the sight to see the different energy bodies. The rose cross meditation will develop this skill for instance. He also talks about looking at a living plant until you can begin to see the energy form of the plant at the same time you see it’s physical form. Both of these are in the book Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and their Attainment … that I do know. But his tying that ability more to what I am talking about here are in some lecture I don’t remember which. Suffice to say, it is all basically the same ability, the ability to see in the energy world as well as the physical. That’s all it is really, no matter who is telling it, Abraham, Bashar, or any other. When you can see the energy movement, then you can see yourself moving between physical possibilities too. You don’t only experience physical continuity … you experience energy changing, and the physical catching up to it.

Seth says
i don’t see anything on that page about moving others … just about effortless power in what we do ourselves … which is what i originally thought his methods were about.   nathan’s story about moving others still hits me as his, and his story alone.

Mark de LA says
mostly #WooWoo . I’m wondering if you actually did the Rosy-Cross meditation since it  cultivates a sense of humility null
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

Si says
Well, I didn’t write that PR quote on wikipedia, that’s for sure! But I do remember it having been said by him. You guys simply filter out what you don’t believe, that’s all.

Seth says
well i have no idea … to be honest with you it does not sound like something an initiate woud say … so there is a fact to verify one way or anther … did he say it or not.

Seth says
obviously one can train themselves to know things in a domain with no doubt at all and act with the utmost confidence of movement in that domain. 

the question is whether one can choose them to be a particular way,  and that they be that way to others outside of themself … even outside of that narrow domain. 

Si says
No. Steiner provides additional instructions for cultivating a sense of humility. The rose cross meditation by itself does not do that. Go re-read your source. Steiner had reasons for introducing humility in the times he lived in. Humility is not as much a need in 2016. It’s not a bad thing, but it is not needed now the way it was direly needed then in order to produce the change that did happen, that #RS was a part of helping happen.

Mark de LA says
No. it is part of the respect given to the lower creations.

Si says
In other words, you say beings like Bashar, and Abraham, and Tolle, and the rest of the ones I commonly talk about are not initiates, but Peter Ralston and Steiner are? Interesting.

If true, I would say you are prejudiced. Not something I would have expected at all.

Seth says
well no i did not say that.   i litterally said that it does not sound like something an initiate would [honestly] say.

so i would like to suggest that if sombody tells you that, then they are pulling your leg.

Si says
Exactly. And that is a good way of understanding it. Thank you.

In Steiner’s time, there was still a large contingent of humans occupying the lower creations. Several generations have passed since then, and now there are very few humans actually occupying those lower creations. The overall vibration of humanity has raised substantially. The need for humility has greatly lessened.

Good choice of words, it is easier to understand in this frame. Thanks!  

You might think their should be an exception for people about around age 70 and above … but in fact that is not true. People still alive now older than 70 have consciously, or unconsciously their higher being, has chosen to be in this age of experience, and a part of it’s vibration and mode of happening.

Si says
Or, as those like Abraham and the rest are saying, we are entering a new age, the Aquarian Age, and now the mode is shifting to saying what is authentic. In the last epoch, the higher knowledge was kept among a select few, and an initiate of those select few would never speak directly of the knowledge to any but another initiate. In this time, which had it’s beginnings in the 1960’s, and is now coming in fast, all will have access to all this information and it will be spoken freely on the streets. There will be a mixture of skill and ability to understand and in what is known, but the knowledge will now be freely available to all and the manners of speaking are changing to match that.

Seth says
Okay, sounds like a story in a Marvel Comic Book to me.  But hey, that is just me.  I think you story is cute … me, i go with another one.   We still are having fun together nullnull … and to me that is what counts in this context.

Si says
Well, that’s your choice, to keep your story going for the length of your life. Keep it consistent.

If I were in your physical shoes, I would choose to enjoy the fact that I was corporal in a time where I could see this all happening, a full cycle of change of beingness and how people relate to it, speak, act, and expereience, in my own lifetime. That has rarely happened in all of history, the mystery at Golgotha is one of the few other times, and your generation is the very first one to experience it as a matter of course, not only as an isolated event.   

Si says
… or maybe that too would only be Science Fiction to you. It’s your point of view. Choose wisely! null

Seth says
There have always been many enticements to me to go though that door.  I have heard most of them in my life … and even have read them in books and watched movies and TV dramas about them.   I never did read many Marvel Comic books … mostly it was Little Lucy … me and elaine used to read those … i think Gregory liked the harder stuff … maybe Mark too … but i will let him speak for himself.

Me as an adult, i am totally into realism … naturalism … one can probably find reference at Wikipedia.   It is a different kind of life story than the one you apparently value.   The fun part might be,  now we can trangulate …. mix it up a bit.

Tag #MixedMedia #naturalism #SuperHeros #BinocularDialogue
i #LoaSwim

Si says
Okay. Well your the one who insists on being part of what is happening around you, instead of creating it yourself. This is what is happening around you. Yes, there are still plenty who are not aware of these changes and you could choose to stay among them for the rest of your life and have no awareness of the rest of this stuff … but you didn’t choose that, for you are here. You opened Pandora’s box. Once opened, it cannot be closed (even though you actually opened it when you were about 5 to 7 years old and have been trying to close it ever sense … thank Elaine for my knowledge of that  ) 

Seth says
  “instead of creating it myself”   … null #OMG have you got my story wrong.

Seth says
well it would be fun for you to share what Elaine said … or get her to come over here and tell me.  No judgements would obtain … i am just like totally curious.   incidentally i know i am a mystic from way way back … perhaps that is what Elain told you about.

Si says
Hey, your the one who keeps saying over and over that your thoughts don’t directly create your reality experience, your deeds do, and you don’t create the experience of others in your experience, they do. Have you rewritten that now? You know what I mean when I say “create it yourself” … don’t play dumb and twist semantics please … I know you and Mark do that constantly, but I don’t. I say things in the context of how you know I talk and listen to you in the context of how I know you talk, not with strict semantics that can be used to play rwg with.

You will have to take that up with Elaine, if she even can figure out what you are talking about. As a matter of course, I do not get between people in situations like this. Putting one whole verse in between two other verses like that is just asking for trouble!

Seth says
You almost have it right.  I say that my experience is mostly created by my deeds and only partially created by how i think about what is happening around me.  And yes, i do not create the experience of others in my experiece, they do.  The way i effect their experience is through my deeds and perhaps even my thoughts that i tell them. 

You should know that i believe in quite a lot of #LOA … as you know i am trying to learn to #LoaSwim more and more.  But i think in spectrums … in relatitives … and not in the absolutes that you sometimes seem to ferverently believe. 

My meta world (thinking) is more analogue … not very digital at all.  So that when you tell me things like …

All one ever has to do is know that something is some particular way, without any doubt, and it will be. That is all that is required. The journey is to get to the place where you can know something so completely with your own mind, your own choosing.

nathan above

… it goes #tilt over here and i hair up another level and ask myself what does that do for the person who believes it.  What is it in and of itself. 

Si says

ask myself what does that do for the person who believes it

This is the real tilt. It’s out of your business. You can never know that for certain. You can only know what it might do for you (and even that is not certain yet) and you can guess how you would think about what it would do for another. You will never know what it does for them from where you are now. The best you can do is elicit that story from them and gain some insight, depending on how honest and authentic they are, first with themselves, second with you, and then still how well they are able to communicate that authentic story, about them, to you.

Notice that I said “from where you are” … that is important for the above to be true. And it does apply to you right now.

I can tell you for sure that when you try and figure out what any of this #LOA stuff is doing for me, you get it mostly completely upside down every time. The fact that you do that is what we have been talking about, in many different ways, for the last 24 hrs. In other words, you really don’t understand my model, my map, and how to read it, even though I make my map fully public to you.

But back to the start. If you could even know what something does for another, how does that help you in this case? You can’t know what to do with it, there are always too many variables. A human mind cannot begin to resolve them all. You can only make judgments about the person with that knowledge, nothing more. Your own experience cannot positively proceed from such knowledge, it can only diverge into the realm of judgment and gossip about that person, or people in general, from such knowledge.

If you want to do just one single thing that will change your whole perspective and experience with others, and especially your interactions and relationship with me, this is it. Stop asking the question “what does this do for this person?”. That will do it … that will refocus you in a way that will amaze and awe you!  

Seth says
Well certainly and obviously i can not know what believing somthing does for another.   That is why i intentionally did not say that i did … rather i ask myself … i become curious … i watch- and look at a person who has a given belief and try to gestalt how they feel and act accordingly. 

Almost all of the rest of what you said above  #RingsTrue over here null null

… except of course the ending advise.  The more i can learn by watching how people think, feel, and act … and learn from watching myself thinking, feeling, and acting in similar situations … the better i can tune into the synergy that is actually happening now and notice possibilities for creting more in the future.  After all that is kind of my thingey in life,  just in case that you hadn’t noticed yet.

Seth says

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