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Si says

Si says
Thoughts become things.

Not what this movie is about.

But what one thinks while watching it … can create interesting reality. null

Especially when reality is nearly instantaneous! 

Seth says

Who changed all these files today?

… and, er, why?

Si says
The guy in the movie I suspect. That is what he does.

Si says
Movie just now ended. This moment of this post. I suspect some of reality will return to as it was. Some, may not. It is always adventure!

Glad you came on board for this one though … that’s cool!  

Seth says
well thing do seem to be mostly back to normal … at least i am not longer being protraid as Miami … that was quite rush null

Si says

Seth says
and maybe you let “him” use your fingers on a keyboard?

Si says
Life should be a rush. That’s why we come to Earth. Earth is unique. No other place in the verses quite like it. Shit only happens here … it is the advanced course, the high end experience, of the verses.

People here tend to think the opposite, but that thinking, memory loss, is exactly so they can truly immerse themselves in the experience! You can’t exactly have an enthralling experience if you know you are creating the whole thing and all is really well … well actually you can now, but you couldn’t before. What we have done for the last few hundred years makes that possible now.  

Seth says
a fun thought indeed!   What does it do?

Si says
thoughts do not always have to become things – whatever things are – mostly interpreted to mean something you can use your 5 physical senses on.

Si says
There is lots of ways things happen. Getting involved so much in the details like you are asking takes away from having the experience. Maybe what you say is related, maybe not at all. I don’t really think about it. I live the story. It’s the masters of the verses job (elementals, faries, etc) to work out the details. 

Like if you are watching a movie on the TV, do you think about how it is being created by tiny tri-color dots of light? Or do you have the experience?

Si says

Can’t parse your question into what I said.

Seth says
what does telling that story do?

Si says
That makes no sense. This is life.

Seth says

perhaps the i.t. guy did not finish the splash entry file after whatever it was that he did.

Seth says
mixing fact with fiction is a high art … best done by mutual conscent. 

Si says
We have mutual consent. We are here are we not? Coming to Earth is consent to participate in what can happen here, sharing in the combined experience with others, keeping it real. 

Those who do not consent, stay aethereal, and watch. null

To enter this arena is to enter the game of life … together.  

But mixing fact with fiction? Who’s fact? Who’s fiction? Who decides, you and Mark? Majority rules like the Senate?

Seth says
I streamed it.  To me it was a booring B grade movie … a formula movie ← find the plot in the list. 

Scense did not follow from the history but rather were contrived to stimulate the rushes of the formula and the scenes that Hollywood is in the habit of filming.   Especially the last scene … i have a trope for that one … “pulled it out their ass”.

Si says
Okay. Probably true. I have not commented about the movie, nor did I recommend it. Didn’t like it much myself, the people here put it on. My comment was about the reality experience.

See: I.T. (comment 69192)

Watching movies in real-time flexing reality is a whole different experience from critiquing a movie, and even a whole different experience from putting yourself in the story and living it … it is merging the thoughts you are having during the movie with your current life experience so that they affect each other in real time. No doors, no boxes, no membranes.

What you should be able to see however, is the parallel between what was happening in the movie while I was watching it and what you were experiencing at FBI at the same time.  

Seth says
I remember the #first (and probably last) time that i seriously considered hacking.  I was working in SF on the real time Savings and Laoan appication.  I was the only I.T guy who knew  the code running the realtime online applicaion of hundreds of Savings and Loans.   There was something that my company was doing that i did not like.  I actually thought, shucks i could control this situation and my boss would have no recourse except to comply with my wishes.   But i did not,  for moral reasons.  I do not want to act that way in this world.   

Si says
It is interesting how your morals all seem to revolve around the virtual perception that you could be imposing your will upon others … even your definition of hacking is related to that. Most people I know consider hacking to be the ability to proficiently navigate and affect change in the virtual world of the computer. Hence the existence of things such as http://mlh.io/seasons/na-2017/events (hackathons).

Hacking today has a prestigious place in modern society, especially among the younger generations. Much like the thieves guild in ancient times … which was a serious profession one could pursue.  

Using hacking for ill will is simply a use of it … like using a gun to commit murder, compared to using a gun to kill your enemy in a culturally sanctioned battleground.

Seth says
well the hacking in the movie was “ill will” … and that “ill will” (or unknow will, same thing) was what i had suspected was happening to fastblogit yesterday morning … untill you assured me that it was not and restored the system.

And yes,  imposing my will on another, against theirs, is restraining their freedom.  That is definitely against my morals. 

Si says
Yes, that is what I am saying. Interesting perception. Both in the cause (my watching the movie and being in vibrational proximity to you) and your perception of the experience (will being imposed upon you) … especially because none of that was.

Also, I didn’t assure you of anything. I simply said “Be at peace” … knowing that if you would do that, whatever you were experiencing would align with your state of peace instead of your state of agitation. I also did not “restore the system” as that would be deeds and I was more interested in other deeds. All I did was copy another old homepage back for you. The rest, was simply the splash of different verses intersecting and you got to experience it in the way that matched your belief about such vibration and how it would affect you (i.e. would appear to be will imposed upon you).  

Seth says
hmmm … well your, “be at peace”, did tell me that it was something that you were doing, and not some unknown actor.  You would not have responded like that if you did not know what was happening.  Since i do trust you,  that did “assure me” just exactly as i said.

In this case the “will imposed” might have been by some unknown actor. 

What i experienced was your name “Miami” being confused with my own, “Seth”.   I also saw that some actor had opened an account as “admin”.   If that actor was you, i would not have a problem, (thanks for the indirect assurance)  .  But If it was some unknown actor, yes that would be against my intentions … against what i want to happen … against my will.   I assume that it would be against yours as well.

I am not seeing how your alternative description of what happened is sheddig any light on what happened that we shared.  But what your alternative description tells me now is that your experience or what happened was dramatically differently than my own.

Si says
Well, as you can see, we were in completely different verses. I didn’t open an “admin” account and I have no idea why you have a few posts as Miami. I still don’t even now.

You are doing what humans usually do, and that is to try and sync up the verses (literally write history from the present) until both agree on what happened. Until all the perceived circumstances feel right to both and that is then laid down as “what happened”, for the record.

I have no desire for that process. I still see vast differences between what you experienced and what I experienced and I am quite happy for our verses to remain vastly different in all those so called “facts”. I live that way now and am comfortable not having the same facts as others and all will be fine and continue to be just fine.  

Will this new information cause you less peace? It shouldn’t. You are creating your reality right now. Your state right now determines the circumstances. You never have to take “facts” and make them into an experience. It is not a necessary thing … even if you do it habitually. You can simply go forward as you desire for your story … always, no matter what is happening.  

Seth says
Well an admin account was opened by sombody calling themselves “Miami” as “thought 22648” clearly shows.  
That is a fact that we can share.

Yes i am trying to sync up our perceptions.   I like perceptions #RingingTrue and don’t feel out of place.

It seems to me, that you are #reifying your perceptions as actual universes.  I do not do that.  I consider my perceptions as how i percieve what is happening relative to myself … yes they will be quite different from how others percieve what is happening relative to themselves.

I too have no probem or desire that out perceptions be identical.   I have no desire that they be the same.  In fact since they are so very different we can trianulate and get a kind of sterio effect happening … see #MixedMedia and #BinocularDialogue.
Er,  what “new information” ?   You have been saying that same thing for about the past year or two or three or five or seven.  The only difference i can see in our philosophies is the you are #reifying your perceptions, whereas i do not.  But you see that does not change what happens that we share … and that is what i go with … that is what is important to me.  You can do whatever you like with your perceptions, that is quite your business, it does not affect me,  it does not vibe me,   untill you share it … then usually i like it null.

Si says
What #RingsTrue for me is my experience. What #RingsTrue for you is your experience. There is no reason to have similar #RingTrue’s except by force of habit. In some cases it is exciting to sync up experiences. On this subject, it is not exciting to me at all. Circumstances are as they are for each of us and have no bearing on any possible future unless you or I deliberately true them up to do so. I have much more exciting things to have experiences about … even with you … like for instance new #TD spin ups. I watched this movie, and had an experience born out of my thoughts. That experience spilled over into your experience because of similar vibrations on adjacent subjects of interest. We shared the experience of spill over. That was fine, and all I am interested in from this subject.

Seth says
#sethhmmm about something nathan is not excited about thinking.

Si says
I am not excited about experiencing continuation on this particular subject. I am done with it and am excited about other things I have been thinking since. This subject is a dead end, no need to think it more and thus experience more upon this thread.

Seth says
i know, that is what you said above and i heard you.  however i have put it in my Que to think more about it myself. 

Wizard says
Incidentally “new #TD spin ups” is my primary interest “too”.  

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