malfunctioning tags

the ming word jeet should bring up something but does not
      s regulate does but s jeet doesn’t 
I’m also getting just blank pages


  1. regulate
  2. jeet
  3. SeriTD
  4. WillToBelieve
  5. facts
  6. WilliamJames
  7. FactChecking
  8. RingTrue
  9. wtf
  10. hmmm
  11. wiggy
  12. DevGuys
  13. hmmmm
  14. SlimeMold


Si says
I can’t decipher that. Please say things in a way that someone can understand what you are reporting … and actually do something for you from the information. Thanks.

Mark de LA says
Note please the subject is tags (& tagrooms)
There are items in group choy which are tagged with both the words jeet & regulate.
Hex #45 Line 1 is such an item.
also I used to be able to put either the word tags or the word tag between brackets & get a list of items which were so tagged, but the body of this item shows that to be messed up.
My results trying the above give me a canvas which has no rte or anything. except the news.

Si says
I still can’t decipher that. Real examples that I can see would help. It is entirely possible that there are some issues in all the changes of late … but you seem to be making it as hard as possible to figure out what you are talking about. Is this some hidden addenda of yours to demonstrate the invalidity of munging words or something?

I know you understand how to report issues with your very strong background in finding bugs in software. This behavior does not become you or elevate you.

Seth says
well do saying things like ego or ego, swim still hyperlink to the correct tag rooms ? … ← testing that now.

okay both references worked fine … as far as i can tell they yielded the correct tag rooms
but they were very slow in comming up null … in the meantime i saw just the canvass and the news.  
perhaps that is what mark is reporting.

Mark de LA says
I know you are smart enough to get what I am talking about – Maybe seth can help out.

Seth says
maybe i did … but it took me a while null

Mark de LA says
I am talking about group choy which has a lot of private items. The matrix at has links to tags for each hex in the Yi King. Some of those work & some of them do not in spite of the fact that there are items which could come up. One that does not is the one for jeet XOR jeet possibly s jeet from group choy – the above .  Maybe asking a specific question instead of saying “I don’t understand” will enable me to give additional useful information.

Seth says
do you know of any specific thoughts in jeet that are not private to group choy?

what if i link to a room with no thoughts in it … what does it look like … eg blopslip

yep the tag room jeet looks just like the tag room blopslip to me.

Si says
Well, I can’t see your pages and I don’t understand what any of what you just said means. I do not study you hexing stuff. To me, it’s all magic shit.

But I can understand stuff I can see … so make an example in test or something explaining the normal when reporting something. 1) Here is an example. 2) this is what it should do or I should see. 3) this is what it is doing or showing.

Si says
p.s. The last time I logged into choy and forgot to log out your rainbow panties twisted into a knot so tight you could hardly speak. I ain’t barking up that tree again. You make your own bed … and live with the reality of it.

Seth says

i think this is not a good way for #SeriTD to report an empty tag room relative to the observer requesting it.

i would rather see what looked exactly like all other tag rooms relative to that observer only showing no thoughts in it.

Seth says
is the room regulate empty now?

it is not.   that is a verifiable fact.   not subject to the #WillToBelieve nullnull

Mark de LA says
I just unprivatized it – first one is 

Seth says

Seth says
so now neither of the tag rooms, jeet or regulate, are empty. 

i think my theory has been vindicated by matching it to #facts that anyone can verify.

Si says
It is always subject to your beliefs (don’t know what will has to do with it … that’s another thought). If you change your beliefs right now then your experience will change too, and so will the experiences of anyone you are in contact with. If you believe that there must be an evidence trail for those changes, then there will be. If you believe things can just change without any connecting experience, then they will. Whatever you believe, your experience will follow suit.

Right now you believe this is a verifiable fact, so you are experiencing that. I could change that (only by changing my thoughts) and you would experience your supposed facts becoming something else. That has happened several times between us … even though you still have a hard wired belief about there having to be an evidence trail, so you experience the trail, even though I do not.

Si says
Okay. I see your hex, or spell, or whatever it is now. But what is it supposed to do differently? I dont’ see anything obviously broken. Is the spell not working?

Seth says
well #WilliamJames, yours truly, et all, have discovered that beliefs can be put in two  classes. 

The first class of beliefs we could call #facts which can be verified with our senses in ways which, allowing for relativity, everyone will percieve the same.  

The second class of beliefs are subject to the #WillToBelieve … and do frequently #RingTrue just as very much as the #facts.  

I agree with you, if you say that this second class of beliefs never needs of #FactChecking

Mark de LA says
When I click on the tag jeet in the matrix already specified I should at least get one & possibly two] depending upon when I am in group choy – I do not.  I suspect some changes recently are a problem. Such functioning has been working prior to today for example on poison.

Seth says
it might well be timing … maybe #SeriTD does not wait long to get a result back from the SQL when others are doing too much in different domains.  Now we have to share the machine with, who knows how many,  other domains. 

Might that be the probelme here nathan ?

Mark de LA says
There are intermittant power failures here due to weather most likely.  For me s jeet should yield two items.

Si says
I don’t know. I click on jeet and get two thoughts in the tag room. But of course, I would not get any private content with jeet. Guess I will need to log in to see what Mark is talking about.

I will have to change mark in order to be able to safely do that. My current version of him is too unstable for that. He is near the edge of a breakthrough, but that edge is very unstable. 

Seth says
your local power should not be involved at all.   

i see 2 items in the global jeet room … one you put there and one i put there.   can you find the other one that you think should be there and check the spelling of the “jeet” tag on it?

Si says

Mark de LA says
10867 & 10605 (private)

Mark de LA says
the power failure was to inform you folks that my responses might be slow null

Seth says

Seth says
When you click on the tag “jeet” from thought 10605 how many thoughts appear in the the choy tag room and how many in the globla tag room?

Mark de LA says
3 – one from global? (the bug report) & two from group choy

Si says

Si says
Maybe that’s my story! null

Seth says
… and if you click on jeet from choy in thought 10867 ?

Mark de LA says
I get a blank page but if I move the cursor around some links show up with a mouse over.

Seth says
well blank page might be accounted for by my timing theory above. 

but links showing up as cursor moves around … #wtf is that … could you snap a picture?

Mark de LA says
looks like the part of the matrix with the links as I move around the blank green page

Seth says
#hmmm … #wiggy … i’ll leave that one for the #DevGuys

Si says
Me too.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Maybe I should get a more stable platform than fbi to record my digital memories. Things been around for a long time seem wiggy too. 

Seth says
sure, of course … but you said that to say what? null

Mark de LA says
It was in reply to the two responses of #wiggy to the problem.

Seth says
yeah i got that aspect of the transaction. 

I still not totally sure why you said that.   What effect did you intend to make in the universe by saying that?

Si says
As I am saying for the 3rd time mark. Your data is just fine. Not only stable, but backed up even all the way back to 1.0. The interface is going through puberty, becoming a man of the world instead of a homeboy … but as with all hormonal changes … things will settle out once the coming of age party is over.

Put on your party panties, or go commando, then you might enjoy the party.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
re: malfunctioning tags (comment 69805) we’ll just have to wait for that; stop second & third-guessing my incentives & emotions & psycho-analizing & everything will come to pass. nullrose

Seth says
#hmmmm … er, well me, i will continue to percieve (as best that i can) the “incentives & emotions” of those with whom i interact just as very deeply as the interactions themselves … and that includes you.  i call that sharing a life.  i believe it is what we humans do rose.   quite unlike #SlimeMold. 

Si says
Stop deleting and hiding what I say and join the parties instead of crashing them. nullnull

Life changes, morphs, flows, evolves … stay with it. null

There is absolutely nothing wrong with analyzing you. You write it in your story. You also write the part about it being something wrong to do. It’s like putting your foot on the gas and the break at the same time.

Now back to the FBI story we are writing … can’t repo your blank experience at FBI proper. Does it happen over at ?

Note that the GCP instance there has a database clone so anything you write there will not sustain at the real FBI.


Mark de LA says
Links in a new 22704 for s jeet still do not work.null

Si says
Well I just click on your jeet above and it went to a tag room with 2 thoughts. Clicked on the tags in that tag room and they all resolved for me.

What are you saying doesn’t work? You never tell me, you always just say things like “doesn’t work”.

Is it that there are not enough thoughts in the tag room?
Is it that blank page thing which I seth and I have never seen so maybe is a windows thing?
Something else?

Please be specific about exactly what you do, exactly what you expect, and exactly what you get. The 3 pillars of bug reporting. Thanks!  

Si says
#hmmm … are you trying to use the old [tags jeet]? It may not work. The [tags ] live reference was retired a long time ago. It is just [tag ] … there was no need for two things that did the same exact thing.

Lets see s jeet jeet s jeet

Yep, that seems to be the problem. Grandfathered in ones will probably still work. But you can’t create new [tags ] live references, just use [tag ]. [tags ] is retired.  

Is that the whole problem or are there others mark ??

Mark de LA says
null  jeet still fucks up.

Si says
Well there you go again. Fucks up how? I can click on it and go to a tag room with two thoughts in it. That is what I expect. What do you expect? What do you get?

Mark de LA says
gives me a blank canvas with mouseovers otherwise .  In both chrome & M$edge ,  Btw the url still shows up as

Si says
Okay. The tags in the url is okay. Just verified.

It’s just the blank screen that seems to be the problem then. Something on that page is making your browser shy, but not mine. Any porno on it? (of course that is a joke silly).

Can you go directly to the jeet thought Hex #45 Line 1 okay? 


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