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Russel insisted i post something here so i talk about my new project . I am working on creating a semantic search engine. Prior to my acquaintance with Russel i was gonna make a learning system in the crawler to recognise ontologies and use lexical similarities and probabilistic measures for ontogoly matching. But now i think i have to think about the meta data and the tags in a new way 


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Mark de LA says
I would be suprised if a "search" engine would produce anything else except a google. I think a nice semantic goal might be to find answers to questions.

Seth says
Thanks for the New Year's card, but is pretty lame, don't you think?

Seth says
... well, mark, i agree with asankhaya. i think the search and retrieval mechinism witin maybe 2 years will be far superior to the ones of today.

unknown says
Well i am 19 year old wat u expect form me..russel i am sure it was meant for my frnds but got to you since i sent to all in address group... hope my email program could look at the contents(semantics) and then sent it to the appropiate ppl.
and Mark... that engine will produce something better then google.. i can tell u what ppl thought when larry and sergery were working on google, they told them the search engine thing is over and yahoo( the best engine at that time) is good enough. The problem of searching and sorting is one of the oldest in computer science and i can say that its not over still. But right now i am very busy with other things the semantic search has to wait :)

Mark de LA says
Gertrude stein said "A Rose is a Rose is a Rose" ... I say a search engine is a search engine is a search engine. So far AskJeeves is the best for asking questions in English - of course it see,s merely to picks out the inportant words out of the sentence & does a key word search. What is yours going to do better?  Now if you could talk to the computer like the old Star Trek movies or Hal in 2001 & get accurate answers that might really be interesting.

Seth says
... hmm ... i use fbi for memory ... had forgotten who you were till i went to the tag room asankhaya sharma ... note that someone had to tag your item for that to work. me thinks that things like that which involve the actions of people are the things that are going to improve search.

What do you think of chat-who-is-here ?

asankhaya says
I am sorry i wasnt logged on...and i like the chat feature here...:) about the search engine its not coming any soon i have to write GRE on 27th march and i wanna prepare for it:)

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