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Seth says
i wonder … Is  this is the leadership vibration … the #TumpEffect … that you are talking about, nathan ?


Si says
As I explained the other day, the #TrumpEffect is about how others sync up their vibration with the leading Trump vibration, not about Trump or what he does.

Seth says
yeah i got that.   keeping with the vibration analogic model for psychology from physics …
  1. Trump emits a vibration – eg: this one above.
  2. others absorb that vibration –
  3. and then perhaps emit it themselves.
another example is watching a Jon Wayne movie, emerging from the theater, and feeling that you want to act like John Wayne.  i think we all have experienced that kind of vibrational synching or resonance.

My question was whether that vibration from Trump above is the very vibration that you were noticing … even being emitted by me?

Incidentally there are lots more examples of this strong commanding vibration from Trump in his address.  Listent to the whole thing … as a #InaugurationSpeech, it is quite a thing.  

#GW frequently had this very same commanding vibration … when he go too heavy with it on me, i left home … it is not something that i like to absorb and emit.   But there is no doubt  that as i listen to more and more of it, i will absorb some and even emit some.  after all that is the nature of cause and effect on containers.

Si says
Not the vibration in that video, no. But I think you may be confusing words with vibration. Sometimes words are retaliated to vibration. Often not. Goes back to the knowledge that what someone says is not what they think, at least not often. People, especially Trump, say what they want you to think, not what they are thinking … and what they are thinking is the vibration they are holding.

In fact, I think you probably confused this with GW as well … hence the feeling which spawned your leaving. Not saying your leaving was not correct, only saying your evaluation of the situation was not. GW’s vibration was rarely related to his words … I observed that in my last year with him.

Seth says
but i have no access to what Trump is thinking,  it is not transmitted to me,  so i can not i absorb that vibration.  

You perhaps assume that thoughts held privately by a person and not publically expressed can effect others.   I hold no such assumption.

Si says
You ALWAYS have access to the vibration that someone is emitting. You cannot not have access to it. If they are in your awareness, you have direct access to their vibration. It is easy to learn to read vibration, even though most don’t because they were taught not to as they grew up. But even if you are not aware of it, you have access to Trumps vibration and if his is stronger, your being will come into coherence with it, aware of that happening or not.

You are probably not aware of the thoughts that cause Trumps vibration … you can make an educated guess if you allow yourself to become aware of his vibration and use that as a clue, but vibrational awareness is not telepathy … telepathy is a different ability. His words are just words and mean whatever he wants you to think, that’s all. Not part of the equation for the most part.

Seth says
sure in general i agree.  however the vibrations need a media of transmission … a channel … otherwise they are just private to the person.  usually that media channel s what they say and do.  

of course i am not totally aware of every media channel in which spirits flow. 
but only those  channels in which i am aware, effect how i intentionally live my life. 
and we can only talk about those for which we have words to represent.

From #Trump i get a lot from the tone of his words and his expressions to augment what he says and how that changes, and how it matches and then does not, and frequently does not match the facts that i otherwise  perceive.   I assume that vibration is #informed by his spirt inside … but #WhoKnows he is a showman … a shaman of sorts … i cannot see behind his #mask.   If you can, then #FarFuckingOut … keep me informed by what you percieve or make up for which we have words which we can triangulate between us.

Si says
Many many things affect how you consciously live your life that you are not aware of. That you live in this box where only what you allow into your conscious experience is what affects you is the story that keeps you so tight in your box doing left turns. Because of this belief, your box stays pretty much the same size. You don’t learn about those things outside your awareness that are affecting you because you think they don’t … so you never can get to them so that your box expands.

Seth says
re:  but only those  channels in which i am aware, effect how i intentionally live my life. 

yeah i mulled over that sentence for quite a while and am not sure i have it right yet.  this was the #first time i was able to come close to wirting the sentence down.  i changed it to use the word #intentional.   You are right, there is a lot of things of which i am not conscious that effect my life … they effect my thoughts, feelings, and the things that i do.  But logically if i am not aware of them then i am not conscious of how they effect my life and therefore i cannot live my life consciously according to them.  And, yes, that is a bit of a logical box.  Getting out of that box leads to living one’s life according to whatever #superstition (or story that floats my boat) is running around me.  I do not see that as contributing to intentional living.

Si says
”and therefore i cannot live my life consciously according to them.”

But you can. That is the whole process of initiate evolution in a nutshell. You must conceptualize things and take them on faith until you evolve your being sufficiently to directly experience them … or, you do not raise your vibration. #LOA and all forms of self evolutionary schools (Steiner included) talk about this constantly. It is the primary reason we even have the word “faith” in our language. Taking something on faith … i.e. believing in it without experiencing it, is the only way to raise ones vibration and experience to a higher level … the only way to move the boundaries of the box one is currently in.

Seth says
null  yes firmly believing assumptions on Faith is called in my reality the #WillToBelieve … great stuff … i’ve talked about it several times …  i do it all the time … and i know you do too null

I have chosen not to live #RS’s story about evolving into an #initiate or persuing #initiation as an #adgenda or a #career.  Rather I just call it understanding something sufficiently deep  … on a good day i will get at least one of those … they combine and grow … love it when that happens null

Si says
Okay. So as I wrote elsewhere today, you are following the path of the Antichrist. Which is not the bad thing everyone has been labeling it. It is simply the life choice of staying inside the conscious experience box. Some will go that way and it’s #NBD. Your spirit doesn’t get trapped forever as the propaganda says.  

Seth says
#OMG what a #googie story you have made up about me null … you should write the screen play and sell it to #hollywood.

tag #MakeShitUp

Would you be interested in such a #googie story about yourself that i could make up … using the exact same level of comprehension?  Maybe the #SciFi channel could run them as a series null

Seth says

Si says
Your #googie is unfounded. 90% of the rederick about the Antichrist is false … and primarily where your #googie is coming from. I know you have been taught this stuff from birth, but please realize that it is mostly from another era where the church used it to direct the masses. A unbiased modern examination will easily show you that what we call the Antichrist, and where he is leading, is not a #googie thing, but simply a choice that has been destined to be offered at this point in history … and was written into the script since the beginning.

And … it is easy to show you that your way of conceptualizing reality and consciousness, which you are choosing (as you say you are), is upon that path. As you yourself say, you are not into the innitiate thing … and so by that very idea, you are into the alternative. Dont’ get all tangled in the old concepts for things … those old concepts have lived their purpose and are no longer needed.

Seth says
The #googie part is you saying, “It is simply the life choice of staying inside the conscious experience box” … which if you understood consciousness the way i do, you would see as being quite irrelevant.  A better response by me might be to say, “You said that to say what?”.   But that, of course, will just get us into back and forth, if we are not already there null

Si says
Yes, that is it. That is what you are choosing. It is the box I am always talking about. It is the left-turn. It is what you say when you say things like “But logically if i am not aware of them then i am not conscious of how they effect my life and therefore i cannot live my life consciously according to them.” which you say some variation of all the time.

One is either willing to develop life by believing first, then rising to the experience of it. Or, they live life logically, by only taking in as a belief that which experience shows, that which consciousness can examine through happening and interaction with others. Both do cause evolution … but the qualitative experience is quite different between them … and the places one can evolve to are quite different. One (the second) is logically a box, or subset, inside the other … but it has it’s purpose and advantages. There is a reason for it.

Seth says
... to be honest with you, i think the alternate path that you are promoting  … the path of living according to notions given by others on Faith … is the old way of living … that is the way people have been living since they came out of the tube. 

Si says
Yes, that is the old way. And that is not what I am promoting. That is the 3rd way that we have been living in the previous era.

What I promote is

the path of living according to notions given by inner guidance

… which is a very very different thing. In one era we together evolved the ability to create with faith, faith in what others think and say, in the next era we evolved the ability to create with logic. Now we will be combining those two and directing them with the next ability we are learning … which is to act authentically, from inner guidance. The Age of Aquarius, the one we are entering, is the one where we learn all the ins and outs of inner guidance and being Authentic. Aquarius is the bearer of truth i.e. Authenticity … and even learn the real difference between truth and authenticity, for they are not exactly the same thing.

Seth says

One is either willing to develop life by believing first, then rising to the experience of it. Or, they live life logically, by only taking in as a belief that which experience shows, that which consciousness can examine through happening and interaction with others.

sound like you did not hear what i said about the #WillToBelieve … or delve into from where that concept sprung.   But your description “believing first, then rising to the experience of it” is just about the best description of it that i have ever heard.  You shoud copyright it … google believing first, then rising to the experience of it … and we will see → yep, you go the #coin,  “No results found for "believing first, then rising to the experience of it".”

And yes, that is in my bag of tricks null

Si says
I know you parrot that … and I also know that you don’t actually follow that, you don’t react that way, when presented with evolution. You instead, make a left turn. And, you have even analyzed yourself as to why you do that and justified doing it in how you relate to others.

Seth says
come on nathan … you know no such thing !!!   when, oh when, will you stop #MakeShitUp about others.

more likely, deep in your heart, that is what you want me not to do null … know yourself my guru friend … know yourself. … or maybe that is more a just a projection of yourself that you are putting on me.  me, #IDoNotKnow what is going on over there … and, unlike you, i don’t make shit up about others just to turn around and believe it null

Si says
#LOL … and there is the left turn. Your box it is … so be it!  

Seth says
anyway we are in #ViolentAgreement …

you can choose assumptions, or make them up,
and believe them on Faith,
and think and feel and  act accordingly
and they will become the reality of your experience.

does that express this accurately?

tag #WillToBelieve

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22845

Mark de LA says
Speak for yourself nathan –  more truth will show up instead of talking about others. ← Trumps Inauguration Address (comment 71026) null

Si says
Yes mark. Your box is about 63% smaller than seth’s and you don’t even make left turns, you almost always make U Turns. That’s what rwg is, a U Turn.

Mark de LA says
When you talk about others you LIE to build your own selfie – your opinion is #zip-shit – everyone has an asshole & opinions about othersnull

Si says
You are the one who is responding to everything you come up against with rwg. Not me, not even seth for the most part. Only you … and me when I am mirroring you, but not me in my natural element.

Mark de LA says
You are NOT mirroring me you are mirroring yourself & LIEing about me.  Anyway, #ArguingAboutArguing isn’t something I like to waste time with .  null another day. Adios!

Si says
Yes, that is what you are doing. See? I am mirroring you. It is what it appears to be.  

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