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Mark de LA says
giving them away for the inauguration ? null

Seth says
Why in hell would i do that null

Mark de LA says
It’s what they are worth.

Seth says
ListenThey are worth $14.95 … we had them before  and sold them out at that price.  

Not so with Hillarynot nearly as fun … i have lots of her left over.

Seth says
nathan here is an example of an case where i will have to remove the extraneous blocks to use that old thought as a template of this new one. 

tag #clones 

Si says
If that old thought was not designated as a template, then yes you would have such trouble. If that old thought is truly meant to be a template, then you would designate it as one. Then people (including you) would not muck with it, as you said earlier, templates should not be mucked with. By designating a thought as a template you will be indicating to you and everyone that this is a special thought that is intended to be used as a source and not just willy-nilly modified in the future without being mindful.

Now this IS where state would be useful. It would be useful to have a state label (like is used for private and draft) identifying the original thought as a template. That would be good factoring. It would clearly show the unusual state of that thought to everyone. Just as designating a clone with state would not be good factoring because a clone is just another thought in the wild … unless you further designate that new clone as being another possible template.

Seth says
well that is the whole point.  i did not know that i was going to use it as a “template” until i notices that if formed a template for my current thought.

Si says
That is great. You figured out that it is a template. So then you would designate it as a template and clone it and the clone would be pure because it was cloned from a template and the template would now be state marked as a template for the future. Perfect work flow from discovery to end result.  You could even have a collection of templates to work with that way. Nice.

Seth says
yeah but there is no way to just designate any thought as a template.  and even if there was, (i am sure that you can make one), it is a useless extra step that is not necessary to go through, and not necessary to learn.

quite actually here, the only thing that would be served here would be your own pride in being right at my expense of being wrong.

and #thanks → nathan … i am using the widgets to combine two pictures in one … it was the best tool for this particular job … and i am doing it in context nullnull

Seth says

← final jpg … er, well has to be converted to a jpg

see the product all dinked here.

Si says
It is not a useless procedure to go though. It is a needed one. As you said earlier, things that are to be copied pure are special. They are not just something in the wild you are forking, they are something special that has special needs. You yourself said that they should not be mucked with because they are something you want to remain a special way because you intend to clone them pure and use them again. This is important to know and important to show … and super easy to designate … it could be as easy as changing private and draft state … no big deal … but very very important in the whole of all and the work flow.

Seth says
nope … nothing special about them … just things in the wild that one notices can be used to make similar things.

Si says
Okay. I’m #done. This is another one of those things of the many that have come along already that you can’t see until you can touch it with your own fingers, in your own work flow. Just like backroom and comment forking and dozens of other features that you fought exactly like you are fighting this one, until you actually used it, then you kudoed me for them.

This will work just as smooth as all those others and someday you will kudo me for sticking to my guns on this one too. Figuring these things out is what I am really good at … and now #SeriTD is helping too and she is fantastic at it.
 #SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?

Seth says
okay serve yourself as you cannot swallow your pride and notice a possibility outside of your ego … because why? … er well just because then you would necessarily be forced to notice that your box is not as big as you want it to be null

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