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Mark de LA says ...
Seems to echo what I said a year or so ago about you folks trying to get rid of my participation which someone denied.  Good luck with your endeavors.  Not sure whether I have to get rid of my stuff entirely or just flush it to the Akashick chronicle. I hope the ming dictionary remains since I use it a lot. I think I may have to go to G+ & Wordpress at least they don’t move your stuff out from underneath you except for illegalities. Some day you folks will learn what thinking is.


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Seth says
mark your contribution here and everywhere is alway welcome.  Please don’t get me wrong. 

I made a mistake, that comment was intended to be private to me and nathan, but i forgot that it was public after i moved it.  Sorry about that.null

We are forming an organism here … now called … i believe the domain is almost live now.   To be honest with you i do not think that your usual energy will help that grow at this stage. 

… but as always i love your contributions at fbi and elewhere heart

Si says
mark. I love you and your actual contributions are wholly welcome. Right now your energy vibration is that of a paranoid bully. When you grow up (evolve out of what GW made you) and become your own authentic self, then your input will be welcome. In the mean time, I will continue to do what I can to help you get out of the hole you are in.

Thanks! your friend always.

Mark de LA says
That’s not very comforting since talking about me behind my back is even more sinister. I like the thinking live concept however. It will be interesting to see it in action & demonstrated with several people – maybe 10 in the mix to see if this system scales up. No #QA, eh? Does #LOA ever need QA? – I guess with no such things as nulls there is no need. null I am always tongue-in-cheek & use all the words fowl & sublime & will continue to do so until they cut my head off. null

Mark de LA says
Yep, this is the kind of shit that weeds me out – bully calls others bully. Yep, not my kind of vibe! Good luck Seth when the reality of it hits the fan.  Who’s driving Seth → Nate or Nate → Seth or #nobody.

Seth says
so, mark, do you want to help us with QA ?

Si says
”talking about me behind my back is even more sinister” ← paranoid horseshit

“Does #LOA ever need QA?” ← yes, but not the way you think about it … QA is a natural part of what is exciting, that’s all it ever need be when people only follow their excitement.

“I am always tongue-in-cheek” ← it’s not about that. It is about you not being authentic. You can present yourself any way you want when you are authentic and everyone will be fine with it. That people are not fine with your presenting of yourself simply means you are out of sync with your true self … i.e. being inauthentic.

Mark de LA says
Arrogance becomes you nathan (2 meanings).

Seth says
well i think that mark and nathan have gotten into a cycle with each amplifying each other’s worst vibrations.   I think all of us can understand why we do not want that to destroy 

Maybe objectively you guys can figure out how to get out of that destructive loop. 

Me, i can not fathom it …

but i know that so much of that destructive energy cannot be #inside of

Mark de LA says
Don’t know ? When I worked with professional developers they had a different tone of voice when I discovered anomalies & were happy that I discovered something. Quite a difference here.  When I use the system I always share things that are a surprise or could work more smoothly, but here one of the developers thinks he has it altogether without it. 

Seth says
i think that when a develper is creating what the thing is and shaping it, she needs pretty much more and more positive reinforcement of what is working.  

then the system moves into a differen phase where the edges are polished.  

i think we got confused which energy was needed in which phase.

Si says
It is easy to mistake confidence and knowledge for arrogance when you are out of the flow.

Si says
That is why dev should stay over here. I can keep tabs on Mark and the environment here is good for shaking out the cobwebs anyway. #SeriTD like’s how Mark forces one to consider and adapt to the dark side.  

Seth says

Seth says
yes but think how the dev team should be growing beyond just you  … moving dev to a place where that can happen is a crucial phase of our growth ...

Mark de LA says
Perhaps my energy is better devoted to else. Let me know if the snowflakes of development are ready to survive outside their cacoon. 

Seth says

Si says
Marks actual value input has been wholly welcome.  Mark’s shitting on things has not. He doesn’t seem to be able to differentiate between the two, so IMHO he is not suitable for QA. However, his inauthentic dark side is useful for feature tweaking … that is very valuable and I will continue to use him in that capacity.  

Si says
It can be moved in an instant when there is an actual need to have others involved who don’t need to be subjected to MRE.

Seth says
there is the effect that a thing is shaped by what opposes it.   i’ve actually noticed that in the features your have developed.  they end up being features which would not need to be there, were the dark side not creating them there.  

and i have actually seen this happen in my own thoughts.   they tend to be inside the context that is happening around me.   so if i am always in a context of being expected to defend myself … guess what … that is the kind of thing that i become.   to get away from that i had to learn to ignore the #RWG entirely … never to respond to it … always to try to listen to the message that was not from that energy.  

i said that to say,  moving the context of into a environment in which it is not being shaped in defense of the dark side,  will help it grow in a positive life.  

cc nathan mark

Seth says

Si says
What I would like to do right now is start tagging things that should be moved, as we go along now, and as we visit older stuff. Then we can snay over just those thoughts that are tagged and helpful and leave the rest of the bullshit here as an archive.

Seth says

Si says
Could even tag top level comments, either to include that thread, or exclude it. Only thing about that is that the owner of the TLC will have to do it with a hashtag.

So need 4 tags. One to include a thought only. One to include a thought and all comments. One to include a comment thread explicitly, and one to exclude that comment and anything in a sub-thread of it. That should allow excellent snay flexibility without being overly complicated.

Seth says
why couldn’t we just tag the thought itself … and suppress all comment threads that are not to be transfered?

as soon as comment suppression is not considered a hostile act, it become a more useful feature to curate and focus.

Mark de LA says
Good Luck with that:
Image result for tao #TaoOfOtherness

Seth says


Mark de LA says
Why not just admit you folks want censorship in order to make sure your own snowflakes don’t rub into opposition. 

Seth says
its more dynamic than that.  more like putting a baby in an incubator … or keeping a plant start in the greenhouse before it is ready to brave the elements of spring in the fields rose

Seth says

Seth says
#btw mark et all …

do you consider your comment suppressed on a thought to be a hostile act against you?

i would like to suggest to you and nathan that it is not. 

tag #HideComments

Si says
”as soon as comment suppression is not considered a hostile act, it become a more useful feature to curate and focus”

I disagree. Suppressing things would leave the archive crippled. Legitimate things in the archive would no longer be searchable for. The archive would LOOK the same as the new copy unless you unhid comments on every page you came to. It would basically be useless.

Seth says
well suppressed comments should appear in searches and in tag rooms.  i thought that was what was already happening.

the reason that a comment should be suppressed … especially in group docgroup fbi or group niche ….  is that it is irrelevant to the topic of the thought to which it is attached.   and that is also the very reason that it should not be transferred to a new domain.

but if the comment or thread is still pertinent to something … then it can be forked and archived in the appropriate context. 

Si says
Many things are are still useful in the archive should not be seen by other developers. Some things may have secret information that is not for everyone, like a password or something else. Other things are full of shit and should never be seen, but still contain useful information.

I only hide things that are shittings. But there is a lot of useful things in the rest of the shit.

Seth says
well … getting practical all of a sudden … the tagging system you scoped above was too complex and tedious.   using one #transfer tag on thoughts and #HideComments will allow us to curate these groups easily and spruce them up so that they can sprout wings while we do our

Mark de LA says
About: The team assembeling ... - comment 71203 (comment 71233) – arguing by analogy about digital material (publishing in a freedom of speech context) is futile . The whole #LOA notion that one needs to suppress all negative mental stuff in order to get what you emotionally desire flies in the face of how the human being works. (XOR you have 17 seconds you must do it in to make it spin) – other than human kinds of beings may need the time factor.

Seth says
well using analogies to understand something is great way to see something deeper than the immediate characteristics of it that slap you in the face.

focus is cherished:   even #ZaZen, which avoids thoughts of the mind to allow thoughts of the spirit,  is a kind of focus.  “negative mental stuff” does not help us create these technical tools.  Why not avoid it?   Will that not assist our focus on what needs to be done?

i do not know what you last sentence meant … if it is important, can you elaborate?

Si says
Nope mark. #LOA does not say “one needs to suppress all negative mental stuff in order to get what you emotionally desire”.

In fact, #LOA says that if you suppress any mental stuff at all, you will get more of exactly that. As I suspected, you really don’t understand #LOA at all. Suppressing anything, be it a thought, or an emotion, or a desire, or an impulse, is never part of any #LOA system, procedure, or method.

Seth says
i think there is a big difference between {suppressing A to do B} and {dong B implies avoiding A}.

Mark de LA says
distinction between suppressing and avoiding is moot – other words available here: ***

Si says
You can call it moot, but it is the difference that makes #LOA work, or not work. Those that do what they think is #LOA and it doesn’t work for them is exactly because they are suppressing. It does not work, ever, in any system … even Zen.

Seth says
well i think that if you actively do what you want to do …
what you do not want to do, will not be done.   nullnull

how about framing it that way?

Seth says
yeah ...

in #ZaZen we are taught not to suppress thoughts …
rather one notices one is thinking …
then does not think,
watch-  breath instead.

Mark de LA says
nullha-ha a distinction without a difference ”notice one is thinking then does not think”thumbs up

Seth says
it was the best way i found to express it.   How would you express it?

Si says
That you don’t have a distinction for that in your repatwa of experience very clearly shows where you are at in your spiritual journey mark … and I sincerely doubt it is where you think you are at. But I am only noticing, I am not the judge. The Guardian of the Threshold has that honor.  

Si says
About: The team assembeling ... - comment 71203 (comment 71246)

Yes seth, that is fine and rings true. It is also true that if you think in alignment with what you want it will come just as effectively, no matter what you do. Doing is for the experience of doing … it is not a requirement for something to manifest. Doing is only a requirement for you to have the experience of the manifestation process.

Seth says
okay, you take on Faith that,
if you think in alignment with what you want it will come just as effectively, no matter what you do”  ….

me, when i want it done i just #DoIt … er, #JustDoIt 

Mark de LA says
re: About: The team assembeling ... - comment 71203 (comment 71250) nathan does not have a clue to where my spiritual journey is going & probably never will. thumbs down

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
re: About: The team assembeling ... - comment 71203 (comment 71252) nice slogan for tennish shoes. 

Mark de LA says
In your case @n it is just arrogance.

Si says
I took it on Faith the first many times. I had to. There is no way out of the current box of thinking one is in without Faith. But now, after having it work again and again, literally now many thousands and thousands of times, daily day in, day out … it is not faith, it is simple and direct knowledge. I know that when I arrange my thoughts a specific way, manifestation will follow inevitably. I know that with a greater certainty than that I know a doing will achieve a result. Doings are fickle, they depend on lots of physical factors which may modify and intervene … doing is great for having an experience, but for achieving a manifestation, thinking it true is more exact, timely, and effective.

Not that I don’t want experiences, I do. Now I simply choose the ones I want and manifest that which supports them … instead of doing everything and having repeating experiences over and over.

Seth says
yeah Niki stole it from #nature … not surprining at all … that is what advertising does … it panders to what works in people. 

Mark de LA says
zazen is the lowest form of meditation. anyone can do it. some never get past it.

Si says
Well mark, re About: The team assembeling ... - comment 71203 (comment 71253) I believe that is exactly what I said too. I said let the Guardian of the Threshold be your judge, not me.  You will find out where you are at soon enough, relatively speaking of course.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22859

Mark de LA says
still no clues dude!

Si says
That’s what you think you want me to know I think, but perhaps that is not what you think … or what I actually think, or know.

Mark de LA says
Whatever, dude … just a #JunkComment on your part

Si says
Yea right? Just like most of yours!  

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