What comes first ... thinking or doing ... er, always?

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Miami says ...
I took it on Faith the first many times. I had to. There is no way out of the current box of thinking one is in without Faith. But now, after having it work again and again, literally now many thousands and thousands of times, daily day in, day out … it is not faith, it is simple and direct knowledge. I know that when I arrange my thoughts a specific way, manifestation will follow inevitably. I know that with a greater certainty than that I know a doing will achieve a result. Doings are fickle, they depend on lots of physical factors which may modify and intervene … doing is great for having an experience, but for achieving a manifestation, thinking it true is more exact, timely, and effective.

Not that I don’t want experiences, I do. Now I simply choose the ones I want and manifest that which supports them … instead of doing everything and having repeating experiences over and over.
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Seth says
there was never any doubt that thinking aligned with doing feels great.  

the question is what naturally comes first, thinking, feeling,  doing or responding.

You obviously have a great way of aligning … #kudos Indeed !!

The way you do it does not generalize to the way i should do it.  

I am studying what you say about your methods … so far the ones i have created myself are working better for me.   I really think this stuff is deeper than the platitudes that you words make of it.  And while you believe that it is simply one thing that applies to everyone ... I know it is not.

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Si says
The underlying system does apply to everyone. What each person builds with that system, including their tools for building, is highly individual.

#LOA is the legos … but not everyone uses legos in the same way or builds the same things. But no matter who is using them to build what, if a person presses the bottom side of a lego into the top side of another, they will click into place and become a larger block. Similarly, if someone thinks a thought for greater than 17 seconds, and does not counter it with an opposing thought, the vibration that thought represents will manifest. One thought clicked into another thought creates a manifestation … no matter what, that happens. But how people put their thoughts together, and how much they take them apart again, and put them back together again, and stir them around, and so forth, before a manifestation happens, is individual … hence each person gets a different result.

But the fact remains. If any individual arranges their thoughts cleanly and successively, it will result in a quick and exact manifestation, just as if one clicks legos together in an exact pattern it will quickly build an exact thing.

Seth says
the inner nature of us humans is the same up to  some level. 

above that each of us makes our own individuality.  

what you call “the underlaying  #LOA” is in the upper layer, not the lower one. 

assuming on faith otherwise will make it so, just for you.  but not for me. 

Si says
Yes, that is true. If you don’t take it on Faith, you will not achieve results, and thus it will always be something you don’t experience and thus “but not for me”. Like I said, another left turn, and the result is – remain inside current box.

There is no way to see, for yourself, to the point that you actually believe it, that thoughts create things until you take it on faith that it can be that way and go about creating things with thoughts … until it happens more than it does not … and then you will know. There is no logic to support it … no experience you have had previously that will make it true (except perhaps one’s you have had on drugs … those experiences are entry points for some people) … but as you say, you have decided not to use those experiences to guide your life. So, your stuck back and square one – use faith → step outside box. Don’t use faith → remain in box. That’s the equation obtaining for you right now.

Seth says
actually with me it much more of a now thing with the now stretching out in all directions.   My #swim does not even generalize from moment to monent.  i align all four vectors at once and over time when best i do it … thought, feeling, will, and that with i share with others in the world.  it is high art.  what you say trivilizes it as in a cartoon.

yet i certainly am incorporating your #LOA methods in my #swim which is why i renamed it my #LoaSwim null

i also am sure that using those methods as thinkg.live is growning will work.  That #synergy will happen.   Far better than the traditional hiarichacl corporate structure.  but all that dogma … 17 seconds, give me a break … that i just tune out … it is  turn off for me … it is just your thingey.

Si says
seth, this is quite simply the complex structure you have created to support feeling good inside the box you are in without having to have the feeling of rubbing against the walls of the box. And it works, don’t get me wrong, this design you have works … as any design that one creates that does not leave one depressed or dysfunctional works.

But this design is not what is actually happening … it is a more complex system on top of what is actually happening.

Simply put, this is your story and your story works. My story is more basic, simpler, and closer to the actual mechanism of reality itself … the base upon which all other stories are told … the raw blank paper and the moving pen. That is pure #LOA … not the complicated patchwork #LoaSwim you have come up with to resolve the broken threads passing through the borders of your story box.

Seth says
Well you “make up” that i dislike the feeling of rubbing against the walls of my box … of my firmly held beliefs.  But the fact is over here is that i love to challenge those beliefs and have always sought the natural #edges instead.  What is more i have told you that before in oh so many ways.  Maybe ask yourself … Are you are talking there about me or yourself?

Strangely enough i agree that what is actually happening is not that which my beliefs think is happening.  But I do the very best i can to alignn my beliefs with what is actually happening.   Ask yourself the same question.

Obviously you think your conceptions are better than mine … of that i have no doubt. 
Guess what … i do that too  null

Si says
I don’t make up that you diskle those. Even you know that at an authentic level. You simply don’t like that I can know that about you because your model doesn’t allow others to know such things. And, you smooth over the feelings to support what you want here. But, I know that you can get in touch with that dislike down there if you want to be authentic … I know it because you are here and that is the reason you are here right now doing this.

I don’t think my conceptions are better. I know that they are more basic, closer to source. Better is relative, depending on the experience you are here for. YOU are here for the experience of having a nearly impenetrable box (and the special life circumstances you passed thought to create that box) and also for the experience of gaining knowledge of that box and dealing with it. That is not made up about you … if it were not true, you would be somewhere else right now, not here.

Seth says
Well that you cannot see into my private soul is a natural #edge … which i have confirmed by noticing that the things you say about it contradict what is actually happing here.  Were that natural boundary between you and i not exist, then this world would be quite a different box … a box in which the things that you said about me would also #RingTrue over here … whereas they go quite #tilt.  

When i encounter something that contradicts my firmly held beliefs … yes there is a feeling … you could even call it a negative feeling … i call it a growing pain.  But over my life time i look back at my growing pains and love them.  Go ahead and make up whatever you want about that … whatever floats you boat.

My conceptions are very basic too … you might even be surprised how basic they are. 

#btw these #boxes are not impenetrable at all.  We are communicating between them as we speak null

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