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Seth says ...

well, yes, okay, nathanthat ⬆︎  is what you appear to do … i can confirm that … and yes that thing that you have created is inside you. 
Tension is, that is not me.  That is just an image of me that you have created. 

Me, i would prefer if you would interact with me instead null null
to which nathan told me …

“Me, i would prefer if you would interact with me instead” … if the version of me you are creating is not up to speed with what you want, that is your responsibility. Take responsibility for it instead of being all wishy washy about it. Whatever you take responsibility for you will create true … and both of us will be happier when you are creating me true instead of randomly.


#WhosOnFirst #BlameTheVictim


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Seth says
Well #shucks, nathan … since you make me up,  why don’t you just make me up to take that “responsibility” null

Si says
I agreed not to.

Seth says
not with me … agreement requires both parties assent. 

basically i believe you have been hopelessly mislead with that part of the #LOA philosophy. 
much of #LOA is great … but not this part. 
This part is just an excuse for you to blame sombody else for the consequences of you own deeds. 
Nice try … i have heard it before … and i do not buy it … to me it is #Bullshit … just your self serving #Bullshit.

Si says
It is the larger part of you outside your box that made the agreement … only that part of you can change the agreement. If you want it changed, leave your box and change it.

Seth says
whatever Fabana null #fabana 

Seth says
#btw … this is one of the parts of #LOA that is Great null

To get out of that loop … to get out of that #tangle … we must do something.  
Then those #deed’s collapse #possibilities into  #manifestations

… hopefully in the direction we want
… and it is the direction we want,  if those were the practical possibilities we were thinking.


… sorry, a bit of my own in there too … i’ll take responsibility for that null

Si says
Well, there actually is something in that direction. Doing is never better than words, or thinking, or non-thought, in terms of manifestation. But, doing has a pull … it can pull the rest with it. Doing has an active component that is like a black hole, it can draw things into and along with it, including attention. Attention itself is still what is creating manifestation, but when one is not able to control attention with their own being, then doing can be a way of getting it done for them.

When you don’t know what to wish for, wish to be happy.

When you don’t know what to do, do anything.

However, as implied, this is not the best possible way to manage your realty. Managing it with your thoughts is more active, immediate, and exceptional in the results you will get than by doing something. Doing something is just something you can do to shake things loose when your thoughts are gummed up. In general, the value of doing is the experience you have by doing, not the manifestation that may happen due to your thoughts being pulled there.

A lot of people only manifest by doing … because they have a kind of addiction to having their thoughts pulled along by the doing instead of taking responsibility for their own thoughts. It is the lowest common denominator in reality creating … and correspondingly has the lowest quality of end result.

Seth says
well okay that is you and is consistent with the rest of the things that you say.  to me it looks like you are living in the box described in upper right quadrant of this diagram.

me, i live in all 4 quadrants.  we are different, so be it  null … my #LoaSwim will be different.

Si says
My box is way bigger than that box (the whole diagram) … and I live in all of my box too. You can only visualize me in the upper right quadrant of your box there because a lot of the time I am experiencing outside that whole box and thus the only place you can logically put me is in the upper right quadrant because that is the place that logically you cant actually see me in … i.e. if you can’t see me because I am not in your box, then saying I am in private space at least gives you a place to conceptualize where I must be … if I were in your box.

If you would stop making left turns and allow yourself to experience outside the box of that whole diagram, then you would see that I zing in and out of all your quadrants, and have experiences of all of their extended orders, as I move around in the lager space beyond the box that contains all your quadrants.

#ThisIsGood #ThisIsTrue 

Seth says
anyway how is the proliferation going.  i made a mistake this morning and accidentally made a account in baby, but then i looked in the db and couldnt find it.  also i do not seem to have any access to baby to modify the response to a new account which is still like the old fbi. i guess you changed the password or something. 

no more my box is bigger than your box … okay?

Si says
seth … you are making left turns. You have a tiny box because of that. There is no way in hell I am going to just let you keep doing that without saying something about it when you do. That is where my excitement is … and that is why you are here.

Seth says
Well i will turn left, right, and jump up and down with joy.  

It is not for you to say, or even imagine how i jump. 

Are you going to dance with me and create this thing or not? 

Si says
I have no idea what you are talking about.

But anyway, I am getting ready for Love Burn this week and will have limited time on the computer. I have been continuing to shore up the proliferation infrastructure. But none of that should stop you … there is the sales room to build and everything else. You seem weeks away from having something that could be advertised … and if you ever had a live fish on the line, you could just td up a site and get it ready for them yourself any way you want it to be.

Seth says
Yep we are at least weeks away form having a system that will work in the wilds.  The path for a new owner is broken, tedious, and absurb.  New customers cannot easily register.  The titles are telling lies.  The system keeps breaking.  The tags are not working on thoughts for others.  People keep going to broken places in their trains of thought.  Notifications are not being sent.  The system is not even connected to google indexing.  

Wasting time arguing over whose story is bigger or who is zigging when the other thinks they should be zaggin is not going to get us there. 

I say, let us just #DoIt.  

Si says
Yep we are at least weeks away form having a system that will work in the wilds.  The path for a new owner is broken, tedious, and absurb.  New customers cannot easily register.  The titles are telling lies.  The system keeps breaking.  The tags are not working on thoughts for others.  People keep going to broken places in their trains of thought.  Notifications are not being sent.  The system is not even connected to google indexing.

I don’t see anything here that applies to you.

What we are missing is a showplace, a sales room, and all the other stuff needed to sell Thinking Domains.

Seriously, you don’t have to make all of this so hard. It’s #done already in may verses.

I am just thinking it. You are attempting to do it instead. It does’t work. If you want it done, you have to get there first in your imagination and feeling place. Dragging yourself along by doing things is a never ending story. I have done that many times with many companies including Microsoft and in the end it gets done by the combined efforts of a whole lot of people … the longest hardest way possible to get there. All one has to do is imagine it true and it’s done already so then one simply steps into it … and enjoys doing all the things one wants to experience. If you want to experience being dragged along by doing that’s your business, but I don’t, and won’t be onboard for it … see you later when you catch up with the #done.  

Si says
I created an account in baby and deleted it no problem. Logged in and out fine with the standard login given. No changes to software first. Not sure where you are or what you are doing. Did you stumble into egg or something? Egg is just a test domain I use for testing proliferation changes.

Seth says
it might have been egg but i doubt it, address said baby. 

Anyway where are we with my belief that baby needs to contain the absolute minimal number of assumptions about how a thinking.live domain (or subdoman) should be run?    That is something that i am excited about implementing.

I had thought perhaps, although you didnt talk about it, that you were using “egg” as that absolute minimul starting set of assumptions.  

Anyway i need this so that we can start forming different kind of differentiated domains.   For example the way you did it so that an admin can navigate to baby and spawn her … well i need to be able to navigate to a different baby and spawn her as well.   So how can i do that?  And how can *i* designate any particula domain  that i want spawnable? 

remember my suggested way of doing that …. >td make <baby> <new-domain>
yours would work just as well … egg is already formed (that really does not need to vary) … simply navigate to whatever <baby> you want and spawn her to a new domain.   Same thingey really. 

Hey talk to me about this adult-adult … it is not the role of somone developing a system to dictate the way this kind of thing should be used in the wilds.

Si says
”baby needs to contain the absolute minimal number of assumptions about how a thinking.live domain (or subdoman) should be run”

We are defiantly not on that track and never will be. It is completely unactionable. Somewhere, I noted taking that part of the project back since you were not wanting to do it.

None of the stuff you indicate above are queued up by verses as ready for experiencing … they will not even need to be so until there is a customer. Do the vibrational work on them and they will become #done for you … and as I said, I am not going to be on board with dragging along experience by doing … un fun and a lot of work.

There are plenty of experiences queued up and ready to have a doing experience in … pick one and do it.  

I will be glad to talk to you as an adult. Please come out here into the adult world and out of that childrens-idea-of-realty box you stayed in since childhood and I will talk adult to adult with you. I can’t while you are inside it … because you don’t work with adult concepts in there at all.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22881

Mark de LA says
Apparently no definition exists just #egoo of #BozoSoapbox

Seth says
well was there a immigrant’s attack in Sweden on Friday? … or not.  

Which is the black one, the one which is white? 


i stand on no #BozoSoapbox
when i deny nathan’s blue pill.  

I just do not swallow it .…

sorry maestro, #notMyTempo

… and neither is #Trump’s.

Si says
”well was there a immigrant’s attack in Sweden on Friday? … or not”

I have absolutely no idea. I have not been in any verse where such information is available. First time I have heard of what is happening in your verse is right here.  

Seth says

Seth says
yeah one would need to be following the whole #Trump story … as stories go it is a biggie here in the #world of America. 

me, i am just a voyeur in that audience … and as it invades all media, i use it in examples of my real life.

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