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Mark's Dilemma


I asked God "How may I serve?".


Was it too noisy? Was I not listening? Was I looking in the wrong place ? the wrong medium? I was expecting the answer in the same form as the question.  Why do we have to play this game of asking & seeking in the darkness?


I conclude I am without limits from that quarter? (for now).



Where do I expect the answers to be?

There is an inside world & an outside world for me. I haven't seen any answers in the outside world ? none at all. (Not like a bird or ice cream or a piece of dog shit is really an answer to anything except what is it?)  The answers there in the outside world are all made up by someone or something. I hear my inner voice speaking answers all the time. I hear & see the TV making up all kinds of questions & answers all the time & yet none of it has the Zen power of the sound of water made by a jumping frog into a pond. I expect an answer from God to show up on the inside. My whole world is on the inside. The outside world is very, very different. It is unintelligible, indifferent & everybody seems to make up stories about how it is & what's in it.  I am there inside my world.



What would happen if all the religions of the world came together & acknowledged their gods to be the same:  ecumenism at it's finest ? to save the world for human beings & for God.  Most of the world's religions speak of the Golden Rule in some form as a fundamental rule sacred to righteous  behavior in life ? it needs to be acknowledged again for all human beings to live by.



God is the ultimate in perfection etc?. why didn't he invent a human body that doesn't die? Or get sick? Outside of Anthroposophy, the  answers have been the reflections of human failings ? "because heaven is where it's all at" ? real life somewhere else.  Some of the answers sound like a parent disciplining a disobedient child.


The movie The Big Bounce has a wonderful line: "God is an imaginary playmate for adults".  I think that a huge amount of the population thinks this way but is afraid to say so for fear of offending believers.



All laws seem to me to be unconstitutional! They always offend me or somebody else. They take money from me if they tax - as if the government held a gun to my head.  Taxes must become voluntary & specific in allocation & purpose.



A notion ? maybe there is no god except all of us combined ? together! Perhaps, all of us together who have ever lived & those of us who are still living.  "ALL_ah"!  Another Joan of Arcadia moment!



On the topic of reincarnation ? one would expect that the knowledge & wisdom & lessons-learned would persist between incarnations.  The intelligence of the beyond (RS) gives me the idea that I should reincarnate only when conditions are sufficiently different from the last incarnation. It seems likely that only some fine extract of knowledge & wisdom will be available to handle life in a different & new era. I looks like I will always have to act from being rather than certain knowledge.



I wrote in the blog about adversary versus cooperation. The yin-yang of it all may be impossible to surpass. Although thinking in terms of the creative & the receptive fructified by love can be the start of a reframe.


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Mark de LA says
Yeah .. 10 years ago I took something in a different medium, maybe MindManager or Microsoft Word , & digested them down to this item for private comsumption later.  I may or not think of them the same way today.
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  3. ecumenism is political & simplistic
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Mark de LA says
I privatize stuff on purpose:
  • it is just for me & I can type & keep track of things better here rather than a bunch of yellow sticky notes 
  • I remove shit out of attracting the rwg [see: item 17608]

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