How does blockchain go beyond what we already have in GCP ?

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On traditional server architectures, every application has to set up its own servers that run their own code in isolated silos, making sharing of data hard.

If a single app is compromised or goes offline, many users and other apps are affected.
On a blockchain, anyone can set up a node that replicates the necessary data for all nodes to reach an agreement and be compensated by users and app developers.
This allows user data to remain private and apps to be decentralized like the Internet was supposed to work.
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Mark de LA says
GCP is just cloud service.  Blockchain is encrypted anonymous distribution.

Mark de LA says
Cloud service is just spreading the servers out all over the net, but making them look like one for practical purposes.

Seth says

Seth says
i think #blockchain preserves #inside #identity while allowing outside #anonymity without the need for  external outside Central Control.   i think we can think about it, perhaps analogically,  as the mechanisms by which an #ego barrier can be created.  it allows a being to keep secrets, lie, and maintain a private space in which the outside world does not have access.

Mark de LA says
Time is out of whack.  The above comment was not 6 hours ago. As a matter of fact its numbering follows mine of 25 minutes ago. We are both in the same time zone.

Seth says
 nathan … the sequence of #time is currently  #NotWorking always in this domain.

Si says
Seems like a time to me. The above was created at 3:33pm today and then modified at 9:37am today.

Si says
I don’t notice that at all. I only notice that there are times. null

(this is a response to a momentary comment … moments are good too!)

Seth says
the sequence is being reported incorrectly.

Si says
Who is the one who says linear time is correct? Linear time is quite boring and inflexible. I like the story of interleaved time … it is a much more interesting experience!

… and #BTW a much better match to reality according to Bashar and others too!

Seth says
How does blockchain go beyond what we already have in GCP ? (comment 71670)
← happened in response to →
How does blockchain go beyond what we already have in GCP ? (comment 71667)

wierd null

Si says
Yes, that is most excellent thinking ahead!  

Seth says
the system is telling a #lie

Si says
Now that is absolute bullshit seth! I will not stand for shit like that!

First IT IS NOT A LIE IN ANY STORY … because it IS NOT a deliberate misrepresentation of a belief.

See #LIE 

Second, that you even consider it wrong is because of assumptions in your own beliefs about time … those assumptions are simply assumptions, they are not the same everywhere and everywhen. Just because you choose to believe them does not make them valid for anyone else.

Seth says
#omg #BrainScramble null … yours not mine.  

Si says
You are simply not accustomed to being around multidimensional beings. Get used to it … there will be many more sooner than you think!  

Si says
#BTW seth, tonight is probably my last time on the computer until at least Monday. null

But then, it doesn’t really matter does it … because I already commented on what you thought this coming Friday anyway … according to #SeriTD … NICE! I am loving how this works.  

Seth says
the fact is that events did not happen in the sequence that the system is reporting that they did.   the system does know the sequence that the events happened.  the system is #LIE’ing about the sequence.  the system should be fixed to report the sequence of events accurately. 

Si says
No matter how you cut it seth, it is NOT a #LIE. You are severely abusing that term for your own comfort. Look under the term #LIE.

Si says

To be a lie, you have to know that you are saying something different than you believe and intend to deceive someone by doing so.

There is nothing about this situation that makes it a #LIE … even in your time-belief system it is only a mistake, not a #LIE.

Seth says
according to my reading, even of your hashtag definition, the system is lieing about the sequence of events.  but i suppose we could quibble about whether the system “knows” anything.  me, i am not into that kind of quibble. 

and yes, i am not at all sure whether we should consider that #SeriTD is capable of having intentions.   i will give you that one.   But really, how am i to know whether she can have intentions or not … the bitch is so very complicated … me, i cannot #fathom her.


Si says
It would not matter if the system knows anything or not. Never ever did #SeriTD or I intend to deceive anyone … therefore, it is not a lie. Read the whole definition please.

Seth says

#Tigger is bouncing around nullnull

Si says

Si says
… as … always!  Popping in and out too!

Seth says

Si says
I fixed a bike tire and decorated two bikes with LED lights, put on leggings and tried them with my costume, went to the store and bought batteries, ate dinner, and took down two tents, while the above conversation happened.

Seth says
well according to #SeriTD i must be a multidimensional being too … because she is reporting that i responded to mark’s comment before he made it null

Si says

Mark de LA says
Facebook, G+ & Twitter seem to be able to handle time correctly. What is the above confusion offering in the way of proud & useful objectives & features? 
UTC (Zulu in nautical terms) & a difference relative to the item & top of the comment thread not good enough?

Seth says
The style and syntax of the “relative time report” shown on the screen is pretty much the same as FB etc.  It looks just fine on the screen.   The  mousevoer yields time expressions for created and changed but it unclear in which time zone.

I interpreted “the above confusion” mostly as nathan just playing around null

Mark de LA says

Si says
”Facebook, G+ & Twitter seem to be able to handle time correctly.” ~ mark 

Apparently they handle time according to decree by mark as told in his story about time. Not everyone is mark.   

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