The Constellation of Ethos

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Notions of Ethics, authority to speak & what they mean derive from the Greek word + Rhetoric & morals.

In modern usage, ethos denotes the disposition, character, or fundamental values particular to a specific person, people, corporation, culture, or movement. For example, the poet and critic T.S. Eliot wrote that "The general ethos of the people they have to govern determines the behaviour of politicians." …  "The ethos of the Communist party dominated every aspect of public life in Soviet Russia.

The above from the Wikipedia helps define the Constellation in an expanded view. My original research PDF on Google Docs is here – 


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Mark de LA says
It is interesting that Aristotle (384-322 BC)  discussed with the other ancient Greeks stuff we still rehash today:
  Authenticity disputed.
Generally agreed to be spurious.
numberWorkLatin nameLogicOrganon1aCategoriesCategoriae16aOn InterpretationDe Interpretatione24aPrior AnalyticsAnalytica Priora71aPosterior AnalyticsAnalytica Posteriora100aTopicsTopica164aSophistical RefutationsDe Sophisticis ElenchisPhysics (natural philosophy)184aPhysicsPhysica268aOn the HeavensDe Caelo314aOn Generation and CorruptionDe Generatione et Corruptione338aMeteorologyMeteorologica391aOn the UniverseDe Mundo402aOn the SoulDe Anima Parva Naturalia  ("Little Physical Treatises")436aSense and SensibiliaDe Sensu et Sensibilibus449bOn MemoryDe Memoria et Reminiscentia453bOn SleepDe Somno et Vigilia458aOn DreamsDe Insomniis462bOn Divination in SleepDe Divinatione per Somnum464bOn Length and Shortness
LifeDe Longitudine et Brevitate Vitae467bOn Youth, Old Age, Life
and Death, and
RespirationDe Juventute et Senectute, De
Vita et Morte, De Respiratione
 481aOn BreathDe Spiritu 486aHistory of AnimalsHistoria Animalium639aParts of AnimalsDe Partibus Animalium698aMovement of AnimalsDe Motu Animalium704aProgression of AnimalsDe Incessu Animalium715aGeneration of AnimalsDe Generatione Animalium 791aOn ColorsDe Coloribus800aOn Things HeardDe audibilibus805aPhysiognomonicsPhysiognomonica815aOn PlantsDe Plantis830aOn Marvellous Things HeardDe mirabilibus auscultationibus847aMechanicsMechanica859a[?] Problems[?] Problemata968aOn Indivisible LinesDe Lineis Insecabilibus973aThe Situations and Names
WindsVentorum Situs974aOn Melissus, Xenophanes,
GorgiasMetaphysics980aMetaphysicsMetaphysicaEthics and politics1094aNicomachean EthicsEthica Nicomachea1181a[?] Great Ethics[?] Magna Moralia1214aEudemian EthicsEthica Eudemia1249aOn Virtues and VicesDe Virtutibus et Vitiis Libellus1252aPoliticsPolitica1343a[?] Economics[?] OeconomicaRhetoric and poetics1354aRhetoricArs Rhetorica1420aRhetoric to AlexanderRhetorica ad Alexandrum1447aPoeticsArs Poetica
see for a nicer table.

Holmes says
Yes. I have been saying that these things being re-hashed are from another era. Us humans have moved beyond them now and are busy hashing new, more interesting things. All these old subjects are old hat and are fully understood now.

Mark de LA says
Actually no – you are just adding your own spin (XOR re-spinning old findings) to the old.  Here perhaps is an old blog:*.html 

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