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Si says
Play with the idea that you are individually responsible for every single experience you have, good, bad, or ugly … no matter what. Nothing else you ever play with will compare!  

Seth says

i do not think that I am an illusion.  I think i am variable.

Si says
Okay, well I guess that’s why you get filled up with everyone’s ideas but your own. null

Seth says
well ideas come into me from wherever … especially as i expand … some i even make up myself.  

however the one above #IDoNotKnow what means … hence it is outside of me … quite #otherness … not  absorbed. 

Mark de LA says
What if the #you-variable is content free? ….. zip null

Mark de LA says
… says the LOA junkie ! null  #LOA-Robot ??
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says
When and relative to who?  

But anyway i have found that my inner life is always valuable at least to myself … and that seems true if i vary it to a larger group.  If you are asking me if i would trade it for zip,  i would not. 

Mark de LA says
#nope – can’t get anyone of you to ponder the what-if of the word “I” is meaningless & empty & points to no distinction at all in any universe. Otherwise I am →  #exhaustipated trying

Wizard says
Well the word “I” points to something for many people … myself included.  So i guess you are asking about some other universe.  One in which people made up a word which pointed to nothing distinguishable at all … let’s call that word “ChigDee”.   So in that universe people went around talking to each other about their ChigDee.  Actually i think that even happens all the time even in this universe.  Perhaps a fun game.  Eventually it does start to mean something to the people who use the word in similar contexts.  It starts to point to those contexts.  

Seth says
technical #NotWorking note to nathan, mark

The picture in “#NoI (comment 71713)”  shows(/ed) as broken in my #FF but it does show in my Chrome.  Mark seem to be the only person here who is using this particular manner of showing images.  This usually happens several times every week.

Here are the image descriptions as seen by my #FF …

Mark de LA says
Some zen or occult schools start with an exercise (A.C. did) forbidding novices to use the word “I”.  Try it a while on your auditory internal channel & see what happens.  Don’t let your #AlreadyAlwaysArguing justify the selfie you make unquestioned. null
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Mark de LA says
try again

Seth says
well i have done that to the extent that it is possible to do it in today’s culture.  the consequence was a reduction in awareness of the distinction. 

Mark de LA says
mine was much more of an epiphany – must be some #juice left on your part

Seth says
yes works now,  #thanks → mark,   the  image is now  type “JPEG Image”.

What did you do the first time to make the image type “WEBP Image” ?

Seth says
well it is hard to know that kind of a comparison.  comparing your inner qualia, to my inner quaila, with neither of us having access to the other. 

#btw i got more of a epiphany when i realized that my *I* was variable … then i got when i realized that it was  not what it was cracked up to be.

Mark de LA says
I vanced on it & did a save as.  This one is just a screen scrape.

Seth says
The first time that made the WEBP image,
   where was the image,
   and how did you get it into the rte box
   and what browser were you using?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Well I forgot mostly, but my M$edge still has it as a url probably from vancing on the original item in G+ & I notice I can do a copy from there – probably did a paste in fbi.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
If one attaches an idea to it then that idea is probably similar to your variable without the selfie attached as actor.

Seth says
okay … please let us know if you know anything more about that when it happens again null

Seth says

Seth says
Another way i think about it,  is to assume that “I” refers to my “inner life”.  That “inner life” is not a thing that i can, or want to, or intend to,  deny. 

Mark de LA says
I can’t identify inside or outside when I play with it.

Seth says
me, i just assume that the feeling something has (the #qualia) is inside of me. 

Seth says
The  #InsideOutside model of what people refer to as “I”  (or #ego ) is quite independent of any ethical, spiritual, scientific, political, or religious beliefs.  It does not contradict any of those beliefs that you may hold sacrosanct.  It merely assumes that humans have experiences which only they can access … those are their inside life which is called “private, #insides … and that events happen outside of that, #outsides.  The inside acts on the outside by what are called “deeds” or “public behavior” … the outside acts on the inside thought sense channels.

I don’t understand why mark and nathan seem not to accept this simple factoring of our human predicament.  If it helps, i will admit the conceptualizion  did not originate with me.  It was not my gestalt.  So you will not need to absorb that Bozo was right about something to use this factoring in your thinking.  Rather It can be sourced to thinking of the 20th century (and earlier) … and i know of no duplicateable experiments which contradict it.

Seth says
Now quite independent of the #InsideOutside factoring of the human perdicament.  I have conjectured that what I percieved as the distinction between #inside and #ourside can be changed simply by changing my beliefs even on Faith or the #WillToBelieve.   I realized this under provocation from nathan’s #multiverses,   mark’s #PR studies,  my own tensions, and Zen as expressed by #AlanWatts … and first published it in #IAmAVariable.   So far i have found no reason to believe that my conjecture has not been vindicated.

Mark de LA says
Inside & Outside are physical distinctions; as perhaps In & Out & side . Perhaps they would not exist at all if not for a corporeality in the physical world. Before I have mentioned inter-penetration & porousness which defies the notion of inside & outside & mathematical topology which dispels those notions.
The mind is not so disctinct with its borders especially when beholding the arts – e.g. music & movies. 
Where is your “I” when you watch a movie or listen to a song which moves you to tears (if ever) ? Where does your “I” live ? body, mind? in groups on the Earth, in families … . Where is it in a dream?
Prepositions are interesting.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says
Inside & Outside are not physical distinctions – they are as you observe mathematical distinctions – related to topology.  

And yes the distinction is not binary, is relative to the observer, is “fuzzy”, and certainly “inter-penetration & porousness” is what makes the predicament work. 

When i watch a movie and listen to music or drama,  my insides are taking inside that which comes from outside.  This “i” is just the relative name for my #insides. 

Seth says
Notice that this model is agnostic as to whether that which is inside you is immortal.   It has nothing to do with a mere physical existence.  Choose whatever belief you want … the model is the same.

Mark de LA says
Yep they are physical distinctions – your deframe notwithstanding.  Anyway not going onward with your #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & jousting with this wallaby. Enjoy your inside #juice.

Mark de LA says
hint: It is all about consciousness which you can’t really confine. null

Seth says
There are no physical distinctions – except thought your own insistence.   Do those same “physical distinctions” apply to GW’s calculating circle, #crossRatio, and the #LoonLwen distinction?   No they do not.  It is just your own insistent belief that there is some physical #aug associated with #InsideOutside.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
I agree with you that “consciousness is not confined” to sombody’s #insides … why? … well just because consciousness is the dynamic play between these beings … it does not exist as an ether … it exists as the beings play with each other … er, it is that play

what i am calling a “being” is simply something that has a #insides . 

Mark de LA says
XOR something else .

Seth says
sure could be different.  propose another agnostic predicament that explains and predicts as well as this one. 

#InsideOutside is the simplest, containing the fewest assumptions.  one’s beliefs and faiths can supervene on that.  it does not restrain them in any way that i know of.   #RS’s work in this framework.  perhaps so do #PR’s or nathans.   even yours. 

… of if not, then i want to know why not … specifically … with no #RWG transaction involved.

Mark de LA says
I get better results without preconditions ...
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says
good for you null… so do I null

when your #insides cointains the minimal preconceptions, then you can best  sense what is #outside.  
I call that being objective … rather than subjective.

do you get a drift now how this model works?

Mark de LA says
I don’t use it. I barely think about such things when I go inside my house or outside into the front yard. null Let me know if an epiphany that is not abstract yields anything.

Seth says
well i don’t “use it” either when i go outside and into the front yard … any more than i think about models of riding a bike when i ride a bike.  

The #InsideOutside model is used to think about what happens … not to make things happen.  But if things are not happening the way you expect, or want, or intend, or feels right,  then understanding your #insides relationship to your #outsides might help you see possibilites of change,  or even prompt you to move in a manner that would actually work. 

So i do not know about you,  but it seems to be clarifying some things for me.

Mark de LA says
#kewl enjoy the clarity for yourself.  #TooManyWords for my mind to process when consciousness just zeroes in easily.

Seth says
the #InsideOutside model is more just a clarification of the language we use to talk (and think) about several of the things that we talk to each other about all the time.  It changes nothing in  how we feel and do things.  It is just a refactoring of our conceptions to which we refer when we talk to each other. 

It contains the minimal number of beliefs necessary for us to refer to the same things when we talk to each other.

If thinking has any value at all,  then we should think clearly.

Mark de LA says
By all means do so! 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says

Seth says
mark another way of looking at this is to realize what you refer to as your “Being” is what i refer to as your #insides.  They are the  same identical thingey.  Just a new name.  Just a new way to point to something in the language that we use to talk between us.

Mark de LA says
XOR that is what you munged the word being into meaning for you.  
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says

I am pointing to something  we both can percieve … though from different angels. 

← Just like in this picture i am pointing to #MtRainier.

An just like it is irrelevant what i believe about that mountain to point it out to you, so too it is it irrelevant what i believe about your Being to point it out so we talk about the same thing.

tag #InsideOutside #duality 

Mark de LA says
Which means #WTF ?

Seth says
i mean to point out the #InsideOutside #duality just like i pointed out #MtRainier. 

Mark de LA says
One cannot find his identity nor his Ego or his “I am” in the land of #abstractia .
If you understood what I wrote you would know I was speaking of unity & #holism – maybe even consciousness.
nullnull (*)

Seth says
Well #IDoNotKnow about you, but me i have already found my identity,  my ego, or my “i am”. 

i was just trying to point it out to you null

… for the sake of us being conscious of each other.

Mark de LA says
It comes across as an #abstract-Experience rather than direct one.

Seth says
how directly did you experience where #MtRainier was relative to me 2 days ago?

Mark de LA says
Not at all – not focused on it. #IDC

Seth says
well  just playing with “I” not being just “an illusion word like a black whole” .

Mark de LA says
#NoI (comment 71805) ← #WTF 

Mark de LA says
technically, if you are directly experiencing your “I” there are no words to describe “it” nor can you draw diagrams or other metaworld/abstractions which fit. null

Seth says
any experience can be represented in words … but that does not mean another will know to which the words point.  eg: i had experiences mostly early in my life that i describe to you as “the bumpy feeling” … did you know what that i meant … no i suspect not.  the same goes for a person’s feeling for what they are. 

Mark de LA says
XOR – nope! there are some experiences which can’t be represented except with a #hashTurd – just a label which you may use to find it again or not.  Tryon the image of seth → #JellyFishDick , now go for a similar experience which the words can’t conjure up images  in your own mind with …. 
Anyway it all hinges on what you mean by the word represent.  XOR go for the 4 forms of nothing or indeed the word nothing itself represents something. 

Mark de LA says

Seth says
yep we are not at all together on what representing something does.   fact is that anything can represent anything to anyone.  there is complete freedom there.   the important consideration is the process of binding the representation to the thing to some person.  sans some integrity in that binding process between people, communication about these deep matters is the crap shoot you always make of it. 

but we can always go the most general necessary to communicate.   In this case i think you might know what i mean when i tell you that,  “i am that which responded with these two paragraphs to what you wrote in #NoI (comment 71814)”.

Mark de LA says
#MungeAway like is seth’s #JellyFishDick anything? 

Seth says
and you are that which responded with #NoI (comment 71819).

Mark de LA says
& the whole comment cluster is a #MungeAway !   Q.E.D.

Seth says
well i don’t think it is a #MungeAway … i am telling you what i am in the most general sense that i think you might understand.  I could have told you that relative to you, i am what i do to you.  but that would have been even more general … so i gave you a more particular example. 

Mark de LA says

Si says

WebP Support

WebP is natively supported in Google Chrome and the Opera browser, and by many other tools and software libraries. Developers have also added support to a variety of image editing tools.

WebP includes the lightweight encoding and decoding library libwebp and the command line tools cwebp and dwebpfor converting images to and from the WebP format, as well as tools for viewing, muxing and animating WebP images. The full source code is available on the download page.

WebP Converter Download

Convert your favorite collection from PNG and JPEG to WebP by downloading the precompiled cwebp conversion tool for Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.

Firefox does not support WebP



Seth says

Seth says
so looks to me that however mark is making these WepP images and putting them in a thoughts here, for  the sake of being seen by his audience, he should find another method.

the system could also disallow WepP images and give a warning if one is being used.

Si says
Quite the opposite. I am sure Mark is not making them, simply transferring them here. People in real life make them with all the new and nifty tools (mentioned above).

I made sure all our code supports them. People who choose Firefox as a browser will continue to see less and less images all over the web … then someday Firefox will go the way of the Betamax.  

Seth says
more likely Firefox will adapt and support them null

in the meanwhile mark should now be (or become) aware of how his projections are being perceive by his audience.

Si says
This is not the only way FF is dyeing. Sometimes open source projects create better stuff, sometimes it just creates monsters that eventually die of inability to support their own mass and move. FF is the later … even named so (mozilla).

No matter what FF does at this point, faster better more ergonomic browsers will move around it and onward without it.

Notice that the majority of new custom spin-off browsers are based on Chrome, not FF, even though FF started that idea.

Seth says
#hmmm … so you betting that FF will die and Chrome is the best go to browser now?

Si says

Si says
Yep. I’ve seen the code of both. FF has too much body fat to stay in this race. They don’t even want to add a new image format for the extra code weight it will add.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
I don’t use FF much anymore – doing mostly chrome but M$Edge seems more secure.
Maybe this belonged here:


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