Why is having separate realities important?

Great example from the last several days. My girlfriend is stressed out about Valentines. It is the busiest time of year for her flower business. In her stress, she started creating sloppy reality. Her car broke down twice in two days, first radiator, then transmission, and many other little things started going wrong around her too … problems at the bank, problems with her tenants at a rental property, lots of little things.

After a short time of continuing to sync up her and my realities and help her, I soon realized that it was not really helping. Fixing the car yet a 3rd time would be of no real value to either of us, if it broke again. So I stopped syncing our realities from my side. I simply looked at her lovingly and let her know I would be here for her when she is ready to be responsible for all that she is creating again. Of course, she got really mad. That is a really hard thing to hear. I gently explained that she was creating very sloppily and that my best way to help her would be to create my reality responsibly again … and I did.

It did not take long for all the things in my reality to quickly get back on track. The car ran perfect when I was driving, and not so perfect when she drove it, and much the same for all things we shared. Eventually she saw the truth in this and broke down and cried … and let go, and decided to stop creating her reality so sloppy, and now we are back in sync and both of our realities are humming along beautifully!

This is why we all have separate realities. If we did not, then we would all be at the mercy of the “universe” and “circumstances” all the time, and in one hell of a pickle. By having separate realities we can sync them up with others when everyone is creating intentionally and beautifully, and disconnect them when others get sloppy. We are not all at the mercy of what’s outside and circumstances. Instead, we have the ability to co-create beautifully together and materialize awesome experiences for everyone … instead of spiraling down together into a pit of despair if one or another gets sloppy with their creating.



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Seth says
Well i agree that “having separate realities” is a good thing for humanity … but i am unconvinced by your explanation in this example of why … other ones seem more plausible to me.  For example, your gf’s car broke down for the 3rd time after you fixed it the first 2 times, might be better described as your reality didn’t fix it thoroughly the first two times … after all it was your “reality” that was responsible for how her car was running (right?).  It sounds to me that you are confusing cause and effect. 

Take me for another example.  I am moody.  I am responsible for my mood – let us even say 100% so.  When i am in certain moods everything looks like shit.  Anything that happens in that mood i will interpret as shit … for example my car not starting, or the coffee coming out too strong in the morning.  The shitiness  of the happening i take full responsibility for.  Somebody encountering me in such a mood might well be advised to steer clear (just as in your example).  My solution (mostly for the sake of others) when i am in such a shitty mood is disengage and do not even attempt to sync with others … and certainly not my shittnesses.  And, yes i agree nathan, if sombody can tell these moods from the outside, it would be best that they not try to synce with me at that time. 

But i would still caution you to observe only my behavior and not those things around me of which i do not control.  The presumption that *i*  control all events in my environment by my moods, is a presumption best discarded when syncing with me null.

So i agree … it is a good idea that these moods are local in scope … and not global like weather from the sky.  Then too these reality moods  are relative to the person creating them.   Any judgments of them from the outside are all too prone to fall prey to the subjective reality of the judge. 

Seth says

Si says
#LOL well clearly you didn’t read what I wrote, or you would have noticed that one breakdown was the radiator, and the other was the transmission (totally unrelated different parts of the car … my fixes were perfect) … and I said the 3rd did not happen … because I stopped syncing with her sloppy reality creating and went back to being responsible for the perfection of my own.

The rest of what you said seems like you are talking about something else. None of this is about moods. Moods were just fine. One can create sloppy reality in a really awesome mood. Reality is created by state of being, mood by emotions.

Seth says
i read your senario completely  several times.   my reading is that you were responsible for the maintence of the car.  thinking that your gf’s mood broke her radiator is laufable in my way of thinking about that kind of event. it is those kind of assmptions that form the walls of your box keeping it so very shiney inside.  ← sorry about that, it is my story of what is happening over there and as such must seem like a cartoon to you.

Well i watch my moods very closely in relationship to the events that happen around me and how i interpert them and their causes.  Bear in mind that there are many kinds of moods … some of them are very biological … others are created by beliefs and feelings or stoies or courage and/or events.    #thanks → nathan for higlighting those signals for me.    But across the board  the different contexts you continually talk about match stunningly what i consider my various subjective moods and the moods of those around me.  

Si says
I was not responsible for the maintenance of her car. She has always had a mechanic for that. I simply helped fix things this time, because I am here and good at it, twice, then stopped when I recognized her sloppy reality pattern.

I have been fixing things for people all my life. I fixed thousands of TV’s, VCR, and all other manner of electronic items for people when I worked for Jim’s Electronics in Mt Vernon for 5 years. It was there that I first realized that I could tell who was going to have a re-break, even of a completely different nature, simply by sniffing a person’s energy as they picked up their item. I did not know that this was exactly what I was doing then, but I did have the direct sense of “this person has a pattern about them that breaks their stuff” … and I honed that skill. Later, when I worked for Time Warner Cable, I used that ability to choose my customers, and navigate my jobs, and by doing that became the Most Valuable Technician earning the highest pay of any other contractor and the favored Tech to call on by dispatchers … because I got the job done effortlessly and not only had Zero customer complaints, but I was one of only two that often had customers call Time Warner to complement the excellent technician who was just at their home. That was where I began to learn about #LOA by studying P D Ouspensky.

Now, I know exactly what I am doing and sensing and it is very easy for me to meet people and tell instantly if they are being sloppy with their reality or not by listening to them talk for moment. That you think this is all laughable is not any different that the rest of the world laughing at Christopher Columbus attempting to sail a “round world”, not a flat one. Face it, you are the one making assumptions, because you don’t have this experience, and you are making assumptions about what the experience I am having is, and trying to fit my experience and reports into your life … using assumptions. I am the one having direct and repeatable and predictable experiences. I am not making assumptions.

Si says
You know seth, what is really interesting is the depths of #MadeUpShit and generated assumptions you went through, even in direct conflict to the facts I presented, in order to try and fit my story inside your box where you could then explain it in terms of what you experience. It will never fit there. It is a story about an experience of which most of the active elements are outside of your box. Your trying to explain it is like trying to explain a 3 dimensional object using 2 dimensional perception. You keep making up how this part must relate, or connect, to this other part because you don’t see the clear and direct connection that is right there in the 3rd dimension of perception.

This is also a good example of the difference between #MadeUpShit and #MakeShitUp. #MadeUpShit is the stuff people do, based on assumption, to explain things that they don’t understand, or can’t find a reference for in their experience. #MakeShitUp is how people creatively generate their reality experience by combining their thoughts, emotions, desires, and imagination.  

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