80 oddities

My group mark shows 80 depricated items & yet I can’t find them & the number changes if I page throught the whole group. When I reach 100 do I get a prize?  At least I can identify whose the closed minds are closed on what context.
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Seth says

My view shows 80 thoughs in your back room.  I can see the public one if i click on “group back room”.

What happens when you click on “group back room” ?

Mark de LA says
It shows 6 tagged items. THe rest must be in somebody else’s back room

Seth says
i expect the extra ones  are hidden comments on some thought.  The collection should already be filtered to just your room, thoughts or comments in other rooms should never be counted here.

Mark de LA says
It only started showing up a few days ago.

Seth says
i’v seen the count of depreciated thoughts and comments showing up in several groups for a long time now. 

if you are on a thought that has hidden comments you can click “show depreciated items” to show them.  There is no ability, #afaik, to find those hidden comments unless you visit the thoughts to which they are attached.

Where does this hurt?

tag #HideComments #hide 

Mark de LA says
If you are trying for bondage & discipline & masochism & sadism they’re not my thingy.  88 at the top of my group seems a bit odd.null

Seth says
well as far as i know the count is the count of back room thoughts + hidden comments in the particular section of the room in view.   it is what it is.  Do you think the count is not accurate? 

What are you driving at?

Seth says
anyway i agree that it is actually difficult to find those 80 instances of back room or hidden comments.   i looked myself and could only find the 7 thoughts in your #BackRoom .   sorry i don’t know what logic calculates those counts. 

Si says
Seth is mostly right. Except about back room. Nothing counts and displays anything about the number of back room thoughts.

The count is simply the number of hidden comments in that particular view, which for a group view, changes as you add new thoughts or page through the group.

And yes, they are hard to find because if the thought has more than 5 comments then the comments are not shown in the group view but only in single thought view.

We could not show the counts in “rooms” … but really that is just a random choice and argument could be made equally for either way. Personally I have enjoyed knowing how many comments are hidden in a room and have found it quite interesting that Mark’s venues have by far the most depreciated stuff. I could write a whole piece on what that actually means, and it would be quite accurate, but who would care?  

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Seth says
also others would not be able to see the hidden comments in thoughts private from me.  that is what i couldn’t find mark’s 80 hidden comments.  

Seth says
it is not censorship … it is the ability of a person to focus their own thoughts.  deleting comments, or even hiding them,  in a public form … now that would be censorship.

there is always a real trade off between my focus or your focus.  in thinking.live domains that should be is settled by me having priority of focus on my thoughts,  and you have priority of focus on your thoughts.   the system works just fine if you let it work … it does take a little bit of respecting another person’s focus of their own thoughts. 

Mark de LA says
It is CENSORSHIP which you just admitted is that which you don’t like versus that which is foreign to your way of thought or focus.  null

Seth says
doesn’t matter what you call it.  

the point is focus.   focus by two people is difficult … especially if they have different motives and assumptions.  

so how do you encourage focus and still allow different motives and assumptions ?

Can you come up with a better solution to enhancing both?

Si says
You CENSOR all the time mark. You simply do it by covering things with your useless, disrespectful, and vulgar shit. i.e. you censor by bullying mark. Same room, different view. Doesn’t matter how you get people to not see something … it is the same end result.

Mark de LA says
For one thing I have nothing secret or private here from you seththat is not private from nathan xor visa-versa. So censorship should not be cloaked to you . Peculiar thing happening there. 

Mark de LA says
Perhaps we could implement Facebook friends rules & just censor people.  But then we would ultimately end up talking to ourselves; #Foul-mouthed-Nathan notwithstanding.

Seth says
well curation of focus is not “cloaked” to any particular other … it is between you and everybody else … as you observe.   i do not understand what you are saying, mark.

Mark de LA says
#weasel-words indeed! of course you don’t understand. 

Seth says
well expain it to me then mark.   all i see in what you are saying is you wanting to fight with nathan.  … and him fighting back. 

what here relates to the ability of a person to focus their own thoughts and still open them up to interact with others?   ← that is my interest here.  otherwise i will leave you and nathan to your own #juices

Mark de LA says
all you folks want is agreeing sessions – contradictions notwithstanding . nathan goes a bit further & insults when something rubs him the wrong way or something he intuits about another isn’t accepted.; stuck drinking his own #juice .

Seth says
it is not true that i am only interested in agreeing sessions.   i am interested in focus … and the ability to brings things out of focus into focus.   that takes interaction with good will.   disagreeing is two people seeing things differently.   i would never hide that.   only stuff that is totally about something else.  or just hostle degrading.   it is easy to tell the distinguish between seeing things differently,  and changing topics, and hostile intent. 

Mark de LA says
& yet that is what you folks do on my own posts.  I finally started to use the widget to limit comments on my posts because you seemed to take the posts in an entirely different direction.  Such is the facet of thinking domains – see #PileOfThoughts .smug

Seth says
yep you totally have the ability to focus your own thought here null

you can also open them up to interaction with others to maybe even enlarge them.  … or not … entirely your own choice … and you are in control of the focus on those thoughts through your abilities to curate the interaction.

in that regard, the system is working perfectly.  

i stilly do not understand your complaint.

Mark de LA says
I guess all I can say is Q.E.D. null

Si says
I have never ever insulted you mark, unless you threw the shit first. Own your own mode mark. Stop hiding behind your Father.

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