Moving from 2 to 3 dimensions

3 points defines a 2 dimensional object …. it’s called a plane.  As long as you move between just 3 points, your are moving within a  flat 2 dimensional object.   Conversly as long as you move only in a plane your movements are restrained,  or coordinated,  by just 3 elements.   Take for example the 3 kinds of human activity: #Thinking, #Feeling, and #Doing.     As long as we think only of those 3, our our thinking about human activity is constrained to a 2 dimensional #FlatLand.

I’ve noticed that most self help psychology models will deal with only those three … and to the degree that they only consider those three aspects of human activity,  they are implying that human activity is  constrained to navigate a 2 dimensional object.   But human activity is not constrained by only 2 dimensions.

To consider the psychology of human activity in 3 dimensions,  we must add a 4th point to the three we already know and have studied well.  I have identified such a point.  I call it #world … or i could call it #otherness … or #outsides … it is that which is not #inside one individual person.  

So here is a structure with which to model the psychology of human activity as a 3 dimensional object.

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Mark de LA says
3 points may be on a line.  One can grab any 5 words & connect the dots with them .  Not all of the dots are equal in your diagram. A threefold object could have me, you & everything else for example.

Si says
You must be speaking threefonease. I don’t comprehend any of it.

Mark de LA says
You may be right if I knew what you said nathan – Simply speaking if you are going to map something as threefold the 3 things you map should have somewhat equivalent weight otherwise why use an equilateral triangle. seth mapped 3 things with similar weight with the world which is entirely different.
Properly speaking the entire triangle represents the “world of personal experience”.

Seth says
well i actually claim they are equivalent in the functional application of the model.  

once i start drawing directed edges modeling actual psychological changes and #swimming that should become clearer.   right now i am limited by how easily i can draw the use case diagrams … i am working on that … but this whole thinking project is back burner to my #newsleter project so it is not going fast. it should be considered a work in progress … and as yet inadequately expressed.

I expressed this particular thought to highlight the three dimensional nature of considering #world along with #thinking #feeling and #doing.   The 2 dimensional #FlatLand of considering just a single individual’s thoughts and feelings and deeds is woefully inadequate to grock and model the happenings (and experiences)  in our human lives … and is completely inadequate to consider group dynamics.

Si says
Well in a sense I agree mark. The world is the playback, the production created by the other 3. Once one can connect with the experience of the world all is done, the movie is made. The other 3 are the sets, shooting, acting, and cutting room.

Or another way of saying it, reality is the experience of it. The world is just a reflection of the experience. So yes, it is a different kind of thing. I noticed that too even before you said it in your own threefonese way.  

Seth says
well of course you will see it that way nathan.  you continually deny what is not #inside of you … for example you claim that you play your senes into your self.   that closed system is the #FlatLand that your thinking spins around inside.   the #world is the dimension out of that closed system.  

#btw,  the #SpiritualWorld has been advertised as a direction out of #FlatLand … just #KeepingItReal.  I am quite aware that if one’s basic assumptions are in that direction, that one will quite #aug this way of thinking entirely.   But instead of that #aug, you could look at it more geometircally.  Before one constructs a geometry, one first chooses some basic assumptions … for example do parallel lines ever meet, or do they meet at infinity.  Either choice is true once it is chosen.   I am just looking at life from the opposite choice of a basic of a very basic belief. 

Another simpler way to say that is quite a frightening though.   The direction to the  #SpiritualWorld is not deep within you … rather it is deep outside of you.   That is kind of the way this original thought came to me … slowly slowly slowly over decades of time … even though i can remember the original though … came as i was reading a _____ novel. 
#ThisIsGood … perhaps said here for the first time.

Si says
I just wrote a big piece about how I do not deny what is inside of me yesterday seth … and you put a like on it this morning.

I am so tired of saying that you don’t get it, then you agree, then you go right back to all this shit that is nothing about what I say. All this shit about closed systems and lack of otherness is your own shit. It is not mine and has nothing to do with what I experience, what I believe, or how I live, or what I say. It is all your own #MadeUpShit.

Seth says
Dont’s you mean “outside” of you … that is what your language continually denies  … even though you claim not to.  You religate the outside world … that what comes to you through your senses … to a mere play back of what you create yourself.   Go ahead, say it a different way.  But it is the inconsistencies in your own words that is tireing you.   I agree with the specific ones that you say in the context you are saying them … i am not responsible for their inconsistencies. 

Mark de LA says
Watched the Mindfulness Movie on Gaia last night. Quite amusing & interesting. May apply here since #abstractia is not “in the now” with what’s going on or what’s occurring (happening?)  . I liked the finger tracing exercise to bring one back to mindfulness.

Si says
There is no inconsistency. You simply keep running the words in your head “making up 100% of your reality” when I say “take 100% responsibility for your reality”. You make up your own words and replace mine with them. It is well laid out here Rumi on Others (comment 72316)

You have created a whole definition of what I talk about based on how you think it would have to be … and even when I say over and over that your definition is not mine, is even backward in a lot of ways, you stick to your definition and ignore mine. You are highly attached to the way you have decided the things I talk about must work.

Seth says
null well obviously i think about what you say in my own terms … how could i not … that part of your “making up 100% of your reality” … or “take 100% responsibility for your reality” … i like totally get and agree with.   So yes i read and parse what you say and translate it into my terms as best that i can.  I am sure you do the same with what i say. 

One of the troubles is some of our terms are incomparable.  For the terms to be comparable  i must make the same assumptions that you make.  I actually try to do that as best that i can … even factoring out some  the #Egoo’ey feelings that sometimes come with your words. 

For you to actually hear what i am saying … and for me to actually hear what you are saying … would take a whole lot of detailed thinking together in good will null.  Sans that we will just be left with the #Egoo of a sour stomach null.

Si says
Perhaps not. If you simply don’t make a left turn someday, and thus literally move out of the n dimensions you are working in, into the n+ dimensions I am describing, then it might be very easy to see all the connections I talk about without reframing them at all. They will be literally visible to you instead of something you can only contemplate.

Seth says
#wow … so many assumptions in that one nathan.  Most of them not even expressed but rather deep inside of you and just waved at here to me as if i could know or even believe them myself.   I must perceive that you are talking to yourself … because you certainly are not talking to me.

Si says
Hey, I am the one watching you make a left turn at an n+ boundary. I can see that the road continues on straight and you turn left. There are no assumptions about that. I see it, and I tell you want I am seeing. I agree that because you say you don’t see the straight road where you are making left turns, you would need to work with assumptions to not turn left, at least the first time … but please don’t confuse your assumptions with mine. I am not making assumptions here at all. I am reporting my direct non-assumptive experience.

Seth says
yeah of course … in a way you are just reflecting what i am saying to you back to me … ignoring what i have said already about the relativity of that situation.  but you don’t actually point to the directions of our turns … you just claim mine is a left turn and of course your own one is straight null

whereas  i have actually pointed at the n+1 dimension and named it quite specifically such that you should know of what i speak.  i point to it just a very directly as i point to #MtRainier.   But because you assume, (firmly believe on faith alone),  that what you would call the #SpiritualWorld is accessed in the direction deep #inside yourself … and i assume that it exists in the direction #outside myself … when i got there, it looks to you that i am turning left … whereas i am going stright just according to my Faith … just as you are going straight according to your Faith.

but to be honest with you, #IDoNotKnow what this “left turn” that you claim i make means to you … nathan you have never told me that in plain direct English.   So i must parse out what you mean by the context in which you say the words. 

Si says
I don’t have an idea in mind for what direction the spiritual is in and no real plans on looking for one. That’s your thing. I understand that all experience is spiritual and reality is our experience of it … so a direction seems arbitrary … an idea one might compose inside a “universe”.

There are many ways you turn left. One example in one area is when I say “change state of being and circumstances will change”. If you would do that, even just to try it, then you would be going straight outside of the belief system of your current box and you would experience something that you do not now experience inside your box. What you usually do instead is counter with “doing to change circumstances” … and that is a left turn. Instead of traveling beyond the borders of your reality box, you turn at a border and stay within it … and then you justify and rationalize my suggestions away using the terms that work inside your n dimensional experience.

And like above I talked about the nature of the #world in an n+ model … and you reframed it back into the n model you are using by saying that I deny what is not inside of me and your other usual reframes which are simply not about the model I use, but only about the way you try and fit the n+ language into your n experience … that too is a left turn. There are plenty more.

Seth says

Seth says
well null … we are actually getting pretty close on this.   i’ll talk about it more after my Saturday chors.

just some notes on termonology here before i go.   i used the tag #SpiritualWorld mostly because i know that is how others especially markthinks about it … but i do not recognize it as such myself … i think the term we have been converging on #Nplus1 works quite well for me. 

when you say,  “change state of being and circumstances will change”, i totally agree with you … but there i would substitute the term “experience” for the term “circumstances” … then it will #RingTrue in my model.  Experience is subjective and theirfore completely #inside of you … circumstance can be external and even completely #outside of you.  Changing the internal #inside being will not necessarily change #outside circumstances … it just does not happen that way without you actually #doing something … and that is acting in the #world .. which is the direction of my #Nplus1.

Si says
Well changing state of being does directly change the actual circumstances one is perceiving, internal, external, doesn’t matter. All circumstances available to be perceived spring out of state of being and changing state of being can instantly change any circumstance. I have done this so many times it is second nature to me now for most things.

I do say that “reality is your experience of it” and thus I can interchange circumstances and experience and be comfortable … but I know that you have beliefs about circumstances and otherness such that I tend to think that you are being sly with your wording … simply switching words to make it all true inside your n experience again, when you interchange those terms. You are really saying that one is more true than the other, and that is not interchangeability, that is bias. What I see is that by the word change that makes it #RingTrue to you what the true ring really is, is the ring of something that fits completely inside the n dimensional box you are comfortable with. I think that often what you really mean when you say #RingsTrue is that it is completely comfortable and easy for you to resolve with all of your beliefs. Going outside one’s box is never comfortable … it would not #RingTrue until after you had the experience and integrated it.

Seth says
No switch here … i believe the only way for you to effect external circumstances is for you to #do something in the #world.  You believe the opposite … you said so above.  You believe on faith one way and i believe on faith the opposite.  Yes,  our beliefs are are biases … both yours or mine … it is exactly symmetrical.

A interesting question for inquiry is,  what does our bias do for each of us … what do they serve. 

Mark de LA says
I doubt anyone changes their state of being like from existence to non-existence.  It would be interesting to tease out what was meant by that. Perhaps changing a mental state or frame of mind, eh? Being is fundamental .
Changing one’s state of being would be like nathan changing himself into female seth null

Si says
For me neither is faith. I believe that I can do something physical and experience a change in circumstances because I have done so, my whole life. I also believe that I can only change my state of being and experience a change in circumstances because I have done so, for quite a few years now deliberately, and most of my life without realizing that is what was happening.

For me, both are now direct experience, direct knowledge, equally predictable by similar sets of simple rules, and no faith is required for either.

Si says
Changing state of being to alive or dead is only one way to change state of being. In fact, where did you come up with such a definition from? I have never heard that. Obviously I use the modern definition which relates state of being to the exact qualitative energy vibration of one’s being.

Seth says
well see, the way you said that works even over here.  You said “you can change only your state of being and experience a change in circumstances”.   Wow we all do that all the time … me, you, and the scullery maid.  When i am down, all the circumstances i experience are shit … when i am up all the circumstances that i experience are glorious.  That is not the question at hand.  That is pretty much common knowledge … although maybe not common knowledge  for just everybody.

The question is can you change your internal state (the state of your being) and change external circumstances without acting in the world … with those external circumstances measured objectively by sombody other than you.  Do you believe you can?  I believe that i can not.

Si says
Those kinds of changes are good things and often a good stepping stone. But I don’t mean only that. I literally mean you can look at a car and it is blue and everyone in your experience also says it is blue, change your state of being, and now the car is red and everyone in your experience (the same people) also say it is now red. Some of those people may have an experience of the change and remember that it was blue, others may not.

I mean it this literally, as well as the way you said it.


Si says
… in fact, there is actually no difference in the mechanism between the two. The difference, where there is one, is in the beliefs of individuals and how hard they believe something is.

As Abraham says, it is as easy to manifest a penny as a castle. Most people can manifest a penny purely through thought and state of being alone, few a castle. The only difference between them is belief.

Seth says
Yes i know that is what you believe … and now we are quite clear on it … and i have already told you in oh so many ways that   I can not change red to blue such that all agree,  nor do i believe  you can … notwistanding that you think that you can.  ← imho

The directed edge {  #doing -effects→  #world } is necessary for man to make something  happen in the #world.  It can not be bypassed thought some mysterious ether or dimension … oh sure it can happen in very subtle ways … and there are layers upon layers of supervenience  … but things do not drill down in the stack that way … each interaction happens in the layer it which it does.

Si says
I have related several such stories right here over the last year. In all of these stories the direct changes are observed by multiple people.

Yes, I know you don’t experience it. And I know you don’t experience it because you don’t believe it. In everyday life, belief is required. There are a few kinds of extreme experiences where belief is not required … or rather, is superseded by more immediate and fundamental beliefs.

You believe that doing effects world is the only way. Actually I know you don’t believe that so much as that you really, somewhat desperately, want that to be true. You have a great stake in it. Same result though. I am telling you that I experience other ways and that doing effects world is only one of them. I am saying that this is one of the borders of your box. You make a left turn whenever you come to this border. You could choose to actually change your state of being and then you will have the experience of circumstances changing and you will know in your being that there are other ways as well, but you choose not to do that. You choose to turn left, even though you are consciously aware that going straight ahead will very likely provide you with an alternative experience.

Seth says
#Trump may be a exception to the rule … he is daily changing black to white just by his tweets and press conferences null … is that sustainable? … or is the change beiong experience only in the subjective minds of the minions wom he is manipulating.

Si says
#LOL … people keep asking if Trump is sustainable. It is the most common thing said. It was said daily during the entire campaign which lasted for years. When will people realize that whatever he is doing does work and keeps on going like the energizer bunny? Probably never, or at least until his second term is over.

And do you know what makes that so? Simply that people keep asking “is Trump sustainable?”. That is the magic being cast. When people think that thought, they are thinking about Trump sustaining, not leaving office. And so, he will, as is required by the propensity of thought about it, as is required by The Law of Attraction … unless someone finds a way to get people to sustain thinking about Trump actually leaving office, instead of remaining in it … fat chance of that since most people don’t have any idea reality works like that. Trump seems to know it does, and clearly knows very well how to keep people thinking about what he wants them to be manifesting, regardless of what they are thinking they are wanting … wanting does not obtain, doing obtains slowly, propensity of thought, i.e. state of being, obtains directly.

Whatever is actually transitioning in the minds of the minions is what is manifesting, is reality. There is never one reality that all perceive differently. There is the main common reality, and there are lots of other realities. They all co-exist. You are at a juncture in history where that fact of nature has become highly visible for people to see … and you are one of the few who has a ring side seat to the phenomena because you have knowledge of it and are not just imbedded in it … which is to some degree due to my influence upon you, my incessant pounding on the outside of your box. Even though you continue to make left turns at the walls of your box, some of the walls in your box are now sometimes transparent, especially where I have been pounding hard … and you see things though them you did not see before. 

Mark de LA says
Yep, you folks have a different idea of being.

Si says

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 22981

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22985

Seth says
… well the trailer is kind of a turn off for me, given the topic here and your introduction.  

but #shucks i might watch anyway.  Did you watch through ?  … or how?  

Si says
That trailer has nothing to do with the Mindfulness Movie Seth. That is a trailer for Lionsgate service and what you saw is a montage of all the popular movies of the last few years, like Jurrasic World etc. Do you not recognize all the outtakes of all the movies you have seen in theaters lately?

Seth says

Seth says
great … this is a better intorduction in this context …

Watching The Mindfulness Movie on @joingaia


… with far less vertical distracting splash. 

Si says
#BTW it is all the same stuff, and nearly exactly the same as presented by Tolle in The Power of Now, simply repackaged for the high octaine yoga yuppies instead of the zenful yoga yuppies.  

Just another #WABBET 

Seth says

Mark de LA says
The fuzziness has a purpose as a visual analogy . The movie does a better job than Eckert Tolle who sits and smiles & chuckles to himself while pretending that discovering NOW is a biggie & makes him guru.  Thing is I discovered the paradox of NOW when I was a kid & the grown-ups used the phrase “tomorrow never comes” . null chuckle … Maybe he laughs because he made a religion out of it.
Read the book anyway.

Si says
Okay, cool. So you have found your niche in the high octane crowd.  

Mark de LA says
I don’t have a nichine in any high octane crowd – that’s your invention. More inane #double-speak& meme insult.

Mark de LA says
I watched it on the free trial of the Gaia channel via the Amazon streaming gadget. 
Being able & willing to be present to what’s happening in & around you without going somewhere else in your mind & missing it all is good. Making a religion out of it is not #mindfulness.  I cull  the good ideas in some of the stuff in Gaia & here and elsewhere just like I do with fastblogit & flush the rest. Not my loss if you don’t watch as I have already watched it. The finger tracing thingy is new to me.  GW’s tablocks are even more useful for the same purpose (except for assholes).

← not mindfulness

Seth says
anways the #WABBET’s advises are still talk inside of #FlatLand as far as i can tell.   it is all about a personal career … the blatant ones talk of getting personal success and wealth … others sell a more subtle career … maybe one for your soul in heaven or the #SpiritualWorld … or maybe just peace of mind and the happiness of your experiential  #NoW … it is all still within that paper thin dimension defined by human thought-feeling-will … make it all up yourself, or don’t … still all 2 dimensional.   That is why i truly do not give one shit about #RS’s story about becoming an initiate and my path through the #SpiritualWorld and any other lure that traps my fist  with a shiny object, #fabana

me i move in at least 3 dimensions including the #world … or i notice that i do not move at all.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
#materialists are welcome in the #universe as well. They make up their own stories about how everything (including Life) works & then warp-out of the material world in a wild rush of #abstractia null 
GW once said that he would rather talk to an #atheist than most so-called #christians  my hold on it all is below
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Mark de LA says
BTW, I watch the Gaia channel recently because there is such a dearth of interesting movies & series anywhere else – murders, hospital stuff, dysfunctional families, politics, calamaties, catastrophes etc. 

Seth says

Seth says
well “freeing myself by getting rid of beliefs” might be fun … i don’t know … haven’t gotten into that really.  i expect it would be like getting up in the morning and not having my breakfast ceremony … staying in flux all day … or shucks not even having a day … id be just like a baby … all wide eyed and bushey tailed for the rest of my life. 

how is that working for you?

Seth says
yes there is a dearth … maybe that is a good thing, so i watch less TV … even though denise is watching more and more.  The black mirror series is interesting … we might binge that one … it is a netflix original.

Si says
I am a wealth of value added labels! cool

Mark de LA says
Moving from 2 to 3 dimensions (comment 72516) – getting better by the day . The prison of belief keeps one away from #mindfulness & that which is other than a #selfie & #SelfieRobots . Can you act without a belief?  That was what some of PR’s comment was about:

The consciousness commands and the body obeys.

Perhaps more useful in martial arts & sports than politics, eh? nullnull

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Consciousness is not a mungeable – but some try to make it so. 
 – (M.R.) 

Si says
To me seth, it appears that you have decreed yourself lord and master of your box and are asserting that you must in fact be happy there within it. So be it. Valid choice.

As long as there are actual sides on the box, it is my job to bang on the outside of them. Simple way to stop that, if it even bothers you (which would be illogical since you have asserted above that you have everything you need to be perfectly happy in there as things are) … well if you are unhappy about the banging, simply take down the sides of the box. Can’t bang on something that is not there. You won’t even have to leave the invisible virtual box boarders if you do not wish to.  

Seth says
sorry maestro all sentences with “you” as the subject are currently being ignored null in this channel.
posted by the #SethBot 

Mark de LA says
Yep I watched one – the one where the politics & a kidnap forced the prime minister to fuck a sow on national TV.
null the rest were kinda dark imitation of the twilight zone .

Si says
”hang around so-called christians”

Me too. But then, I haven’t been around any so called christians in a very long time. I hang with the leading edge crowd, where people converse about reality, not religion.   

Si says
re Moving from 2 to 3 dimensions (comment 72523)

The only mungable I have seen around these parts in a long time is mark’s continuous diatribe about munging. No one else brings it up, or does it.

Si says
Yep, that must have been S1E1 of Dark Mirror. I stopped watching them after about E6 exactly because they were dark … and I don’t like to seed my reality with that kind of continuous darkness. It could have been a really cool series if they had explored balanced reality instead of only the dark side of the force.

Seth says
yep very definitely like twilight zone.  those are fun mind bending stories to me … i prefer them to the usual fair of cops and robbers.  but sure i do hanker for a real good story … they don’t seem to be being produced on the TV channel very often.

Seth says

Seth says
for me … thing is … denise likes dark and googie.  me i am more into the naturalism of a Steinbeck.  so what to watch,   what to watch is always a game over here.  more and more i get out of bed and go to #LuthersTable … or go play in the street null … or go back to work … or hang out at fbi … or close my eyes and go inside. #focus and energy null … isn’t it a bitch null  .
Warning: don’t talk about me or you will fall prey to the #SethBot 

Mark de LA says
Your LIES are #Bullshit #NateHole – #DoubleSpeak & #DoubleTalk null

Seth says
well what nathan said is true.  it is not a #LIE  .   i have noticed the exact same thing.   i say it this way. markdoes not appreciate the value of combining and changing … so whenever he recognized that happening relative to his own mind, he #aug’s it … and calls it a #munge.  Mark is the only one who is doing that here.

Seth says

Si says
Yep, seth nailed that one … mark is duly crusified.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Munge-on dudes ! The Left lost the election because Trump played the game better. Even Soros couldn’t buy enough fake twitterers to sway all the people to like a #Barf like Hillary.

Si says
That is not what swayed the election. It was not a numbers game at all. It was the exact things that Trump tweeted. He specifically tweeted things that got people to think more about him wining, sitting in office, being the president, etc than people thought about anything else.

And Hillary, without realizing it (because she didn’t know about this effect) also tweeted things that caused people to think more about Trump winning.

End result, Trump won … for exactly and only the reason that more people were thinking about him winning more of the time than anything else. That is why all polls and all spin doctors did not predict it … they were playing the numbers, not the thoughts. Thoughts always win.  

Hey, this is not only #LOA, it is pure B & G NLP too!  

Mark de LA says
Yep, he played the game better – much better than Obama’s Hope & Change & still better than Hillary’s Same Old Shit. 

Seth says
that is true.  #Trump won because he played the game better. 

#btw … and this really is a different topic.   There should be no doubt that a #dictatorship is a far more efficient way to govern a country in some direction than a democracy.  I would follow a leader who is going my way … and know that he will get me there far faster than a democratic central committee.  The question i ask is whether that is the direction i  want to go.  In the case of #trump, it is not. 

Si says
Again, no. At least not the “same old shit” etc. There was only one game being played this time … win the most thought air time, and Trump did that because he knew this and thus stacked the deck.

In elections before this the numbers, and political ideas like “same old shit” actually were factors because people were not engineering thought air time and thus it was more of a random noise factor. Now that we (those in the know, like Trump, and the leading edge crowd) know that thought air time Trumps the numbers and the ideas, the landscape of politics is going to start changing rapidly.

Mark de LA says
According to Bozo !   null There will eventually be 12 judges in SCOTUS & 

535 voting members

  • 100 senators
  • 435 representatives
non-voting members
United States House of Representatives 2017.svg
House of Representatives political groups
Who can challenge Trump.  At least it won’t be a secretive Obama writing all his unpromised changes under the table .  Trump said what he was going to do & is doing what he said – I call that INTEGRITY – hated by those who have none! 

Seth says

Seth says
null kind of makes you wonder if your version of INTEGRITY is the best (and only) thing upon which  to base you choice of a president.   fine, #trump is doing what he said he would do.  Me, i don’t want him to do that shit.

Si says
#LOL … so rewrite your story. There are an infinite number of verses to draw upon for your material. You can write harmonious circumstances for every factor in your current experience, even how mark will adapt. Write the story about what you want to happen, know that because you could imagine it, each element does exist somewhere, and then step into that story by lining up your state of being with it … draw the line of your attention through those points of reality and experience it thusly.  

Seth says

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Si says
When you do this, you are not changing anyone, not controlling any other. You are only selecting your own experience out of the sea of possibilities that exist. There are manifested versions of mark that are ready for Trump to fall. There are even versions of mark that are suddenly going to see value in Hillary, due to a crisis that changes his mind about the whole thing. Those are happening already. You are selecting the mark you experience randomly and by habit. You can select the one you experience deliberately. This is our right as beings made in God’s Image … we are only now learning to do it consciously.

Mark de LA says
Moving from 2 to 3 dimensions (comment 72560) – obviously you side lost the election.  Do you want to continue to oppose. Kewl! 
If not then contribute some of your synergy to the solution XOR drop back into your cacoon of #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & #SmugOn  

Si says
Who you talking to there Ram Boy?

Seth says
null #wow … none of your guys has a clue as to what i am saying and doing …
notwistanding that i always say it so clearly null

hint to nathan – i have given up on changing marks mind a long long time ago.
hint to mark – opposing #Trump is not on my agenda.

But hey, keep making up stories about me and then talking to them. 

Maybe we could work up a comedy on that … take it on the road … maybe even to #Broadway

Si says
I exactly said “do not change Mark’s mind” seth.

You never ever have done that anyway, and you can’t change anything about anyone no matter how hard you try. All you can do is select the version of another that you want to experience. Before, you have always tried to change his mind … and doing that, the strongest vibration will always win. But you have the full right to select the experience you want … that is the right of all physical beings made in the image of God.  

Mark de LA says
My mind does not need changing it is nathan’s & seth’s diapers that need changing. Go for it!


Si says
I agree your mind does not need changing marknull

Hillary already did that.  

Si says
And to think, Hillary almost had it right. None of that shit (circumstances) does apply to her … but not “because she is a Clintion” which is most likely exactly what she was thinking. The reason none of that applies to her is because she is in a position to manage what the majority is spending thought air time on … and to anyone who does that, no circumstances will ever matter.

Mark de LA says
Mark Twain

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”

― Mark Twain

Seth says
The fact to realize is that once the 4th element is identified,  then to model all the relationships requires at least 3 dimensions.   It was a necessary consequence of adding #world to #thought, #feeling, and #will that dictates that we are representing at least a 3 dimensional object.  This is math … not belief or even psychology.

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