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Mark de LA says ...
Yep, you folks have a different idea of being.


  1. ThisIsGood


Si says
Well, for one thing mark, you are talking about “being”, not “state of being”. Being is existing, I think we both agree upon that by the way we both talk about it.

State of being is the state that which is you, that which exists, is in. Not exists, or not exists … but the actual state of the existence, the beingness. It really is a clear non-munged term in itself.

What is not so clear is how to qualify and/or quantify state of existence. I add that it can be done vibrationally. You may have another idea of how to do it … but the idea that “state of being” can be quantified and/or qualified is a very clear idea outside the means it is done … and that is what we call “state of being” as a clear and understandable term most likely consistent even with your own dictionary.  

Mark de LA says
If you want a grock from RS it is the condition of the Earth prior to the Spirits of Form etc →  Your explanation. Human beings is basically what I am talking about. 

Si says
I am talking about human beings too. But to say “state of human being” is awkward. State of being is quite good and clear and easy to work with.

Not trying to clone RS.

Mark de LA says
KEWL! I’m not trying to clone YOU !null

Si says
Okay, well at least now you understand “state of being”, even if you do or don’t agree upon how to measure it.  

Mark de LA says
My understanding is such that trying to measure it seems foolish. No need for the word state within the discussion at least for me.  

Si says
Well mark, there is no word in the English language for the particular state of one’s existence. It is not a concept previously talked about directly within western civilization. So we clearly have a need for a label for it. “State of being” works quite well for the reasons outlined above. 

null It is like if we did not have a symbol for “hand”. We could still intuitively use our hands, but we could not talk about using hands with others nor think about using hands ourselves. Our entire experience surrounding “hands” would be intuitive only. This is how it has commonly been for “state of being”. We have always worked with “state of being” in human experience, but it was intuitive only, not part of our individual or collective conscious process. We are now evolving, at this current juncture, to be consciously aware and cooperative with “state of being” in everyday human experience.

Or at least some are, especially younger ones. Not everyone will get it and be able to consciously work with “state of being” right now. But as the generations progress, current “state of being” will become a common aspect in thought and communication about human experience … as common as “mood” is today, though it is something quite different from what we call mood today.


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