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Miami says ...
I know what it is to focus on #deeds, to as you say “do it”, as I spent the majority of my life doing exactly that. The rewards were, I learned a lot about the footprints of the parties happening. I learned to know everything that happened and even imagine I had been there, by examining deeds, and doing my own deeds.

Then one day, quite by chance at first, I walked in on a real party happening. It was then I discovered the incredible joy in thinking another, and having them think me. It was then that I discovered the clarity of directly knowing, instead of inferring from deeds.

Now I attend the parties, experience creating myself and others, and sometimes, enjoy looking at the footprints left behind, remembering the experience, the creative act of thought and being, that left those echo’s behind as things in time and space.


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Seth says

I do not “focus on #deeds to do them” … rather i just do them … tag #DoIt .   In fact focusing on deeds to do them is what i have discovered, after trying it a long long time, does not work for me at all.   If there is any focus involved it is more a  releasing of my inhibitions to act … a letting them go … then i do it.  It is moving in a independent dimension from  thinking.  I do not think myself into action … rather i act.

Mark de LA says
More like a #ChickenEggThingy … it’s all integrated – the #deeds are just the bollus of what is squeezed out the #asshole-of-life  ! null

Seth says
re …

thinking another, and having them think me 

I know you describe your party like that.

For me that is necessarily contradictory in the language in which it is written. 

Because  ...

It is impossible
for you to think me
or for me to think you.

That is how we are different people.


I think, assuming an amazing party is happening with you over there,
then what is happening can not be described by those words.

Si says
And that’s where you make a left turn. Those words well describe what is happening over here. The story I told you about Natalie thinking me this last summer, and my co-awareness of it while it was happening, is very well described as her thinking me, and me thinking her, and the deeds we each did to affirm what was thought were only footprints in the sand compared to the sensation, the experience, the dance of thinking each other into being.

Mark de LA says
I suspect it is more like #DoubleTalk to confuse xor trance-out some audiences who live on the edge of language comprehension.  Somewhere between Contrived Platitudes and One Hand Crapping: Craziest nondual posts ever :

Si says
mark. If you are not liking what is being said, then please stay out of the conversation. Your piles of shit in between our posts are nothing but annoying.

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 23014

Mark de LA says
Nope! I like what is said but acknowledge that it pretends to be wisdom of selfie-styled gurus whose language is closer to confusion than meaningfulness.

Seth says
… but to contribute to this focus here, you need to be very specific.  if something is being said with confused language or confused terms or confused context … then to help deconfuse it, you need to point out exactly where.  otherwise it is just a distracting #egoo transaction to our focus here.

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 23015

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 23016

Seth says
Well as soon as i experiene acting another person with my thoughts alone … or they puppeting me around with their thoughts alone, then i will believe what you are saying describes what is actually happening.  But last time i checked, i move me, and you move you.  That is how we are different beings. 

I do however notice how you make shit up about me with your thoughts.  And i notice that  those thoughts never actually describe what i do. 

#btw,  how come you almost always make shit up about me with your thoughs … and almost never make me do amazing things with your thoughts?  Since you are such a positive person, that truly blows my mind.

Si says
One word. Contract. I am under contract to you not to think you. So I don’t beyond normal automatic thinking everyone does with everyone. i.e. no deliberate creation for you … your desire is to break out of your box entirely by your own mind and action.

It is actually not that easy either. Attempting to stay neutral in respect to thinking you true has taught me much about this whole process.

Mark de LA says
null What’s that contract written in, blood?  Bozo – did you at least get a silver dollar for it ?

Si says
Vibration, literally.

Seth says
Well i made no such contract with you,  nathan on any energy level.  That is  a figment of your imagination.  I think that so called “contract” is a rationalization you concocted to justify to yourself how your words and your deeds can so dramatically contradict each other. The fact of the matter is that you are in no bind or obligaton  to me whatsoever.  You are quite free to cooperate with me or not … to lovingly dance with me, on our projects null …. to get our puppy into the #world … just as you do, or you don’t. 
Signed Seth, i #LoaSwim

Si says
You will remember, in time.  

Mark de LA says
Seems to be a bit of shizophrenia or dementia in the air over there in the world of parallel universes of difference. null 

Si says
Must be a reflection of your experience.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
well nathan that just goes to prove that a person can say, or think, whatever they want about things like #obligations, #possessions, #ownership, and #responsibility.   There just is no way to verify those objectively.  They are completely internal subjective concepts … related only in the flat plane defined by what people experience in their thoughts, feelings, and what they personally do. 

Spirits that are shared with that which is actually outside a person’s being are quite different in nature.

What that is telling me, is that you do not know what is you, and what is not you … what is you, and what is the world.  It doesn’t really matter to me … you are still fun to talk and play with null … i’m glad you share when you actually do.  Before i realized that,  it did create some turbulence over here but not so very much anymore.

Si says
Rather, you make up a story about what is you, and what is not you. It is all you.

Every sage or wise person I have ever studied has said the same. And now I have experiences which are directly that. For each of us, it is all us. Otherness exists, and we interact with it, but our representation of otherness is entirely our own. We create all that we experience within our own energy field including our representation of otherness.

That is why the dance of creating each other is so important, and valuable, and delicious, and closer to reality than the idea that others are outside of us.  

Seth says

Seth says
Well …

Otherness exists, and we interact with it, but our #representation of #otherness is entirely our own. We create all that we experience within our own energy field including our representation of #otherness.

… certainly #RingsTrue over here.   … er, just exactly the way you said it this time.  

If you interact with me,
you are not interacting with my #representation,
rather you are interacting with me.


Si says
If our representation of otherness is entirely our own, then I cannot directly interact with you. That is a contradiction, and if you don’t see it that way, then you have your own defintions for these concepts that are quite different than mine.

Seth says
It is true that you cannot interact with me in just any manner of directness that you may think that you require. 

#representation flows in waves like #dominos .

What caused the last domino to fall … the first one, or the next to the last one?  

That, my friend, is just a subjective choice. 

Me, i choose it to be the first one, … i make that so by virute of my #WillToBelieve

You seem to choose it to be the next to the last one, because that is one that is in your control.

Domino from keltoi on Vimeo.

Si says
I don’t choose either. I understand that every apparent change in reality is really an entire static frame shifted microscopically from the last. Our foundation of current beliefs determine which frame, out of the infinite possible frames, our attention next experiences. There are many logical ways (shake table etc), and an actual infinite number of ways, that one domino might not actually hit the next domino. When they do, it is because of the strength and consistency of our beliefs to actually select the next static frame where a domino hits the next one, not an aspect of reality … reality can be any connection of one frame to the next, the only thing that specifies what is next is our beliefs and state of being.

Our perception of movement is actually our attention selecting static frames of reality, just like a movie is static frames of the entire view, every last detail, one after the next, our reality experience is 3D static frames of reality, every last detail, one after the next. Our thoughts are the producer and choose which frame connects to the next, like in the cutting room when producing a movie.

It is the condition of your desire and your belief that makes it such that the first domino topples the last. In every nanosecond, there are an infinite number of possibilities available. If the last domino actually topples at the end of the chain, your sound and true belief reliably selected that complete sequence. You learned to sequence things this way when you were only a baby, and now you do it without even thinking about it. But it is still all you doing the doing in your being, not in reality. Reality is only the movie of the result you sequenced in your being out of all the possibilities you could have chosen … and sometimes shit happens, like a cat jumps up on the table, and the last domino doesn’t fall … and even then, you selected that sequence with the state of your being, even though your conscious mind is surprised.


Seth says

Mark de LA says
might be interesting if life were dominos … to a bootmaker the world looks like a pile of shoes.

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