Tendrils of thoughts

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Miami says ...

Feel yourself creating,
the #tendrils of your #thoughts
forming and coalescing matter.

da on facebook
I do not know of “tendrils” of my thoughts.


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Si says
Well, that is a real experience for me, and for others I talk to. When I expand out to the experience where my thoughts are consciously creating my reality I experience my thoughts as if they are many tendrils touching here and there within the matrix of the time and space experience, initiating change … similar to how a hand does a thing, but with thoughts it is many hands touching many places at once and I feel each thought molding my reality experience as my hands might mold clay, but more delicately, like a tendril would, and not really like clay, but more like matter coalescing … and then, the reality experience unfolds, complete with the changes my thoughts did give birth to. My physical hands do nothing … this is all a direct knowing experience.

Seth says

Seth says
feel how the #tendrils of your thought touch your #deeds,
your deeds touch others,
their deeds touch you,
and you think again.

Si says
All true.

Deeds are physical doing coupled with thought in a tight loop. They are a spasm of action and thought. A deed is to reality like an orgasm is to sex. Deeds are important and can be a wonderful part of experience.

Deeds are not the only way to create, nor the only way to determine circumstances, anymore than an orgasm is the only useful or important part of sex or even the only way to spawn a child. Those who isolate representation of experience to a series of deeds miss a lot, and affect less, even if they become porn stars on the screen of reality happening.  

Deeds are enticing, hard to ignore, and there is more out there to experience, enjoy, affect, and create with, than just a deed, though a deed does contain all the necessary elements in a single and very specific explosive configuration that has an immediate effect in the reflection of reality happening.

When you focus only on deeds, you miss all the thinkers and feelers and imagineers who, without any assertive deeds at all, are as important and active in the structure and circumstances of reality happening as are the physical deed doers. You even miss the lone monk who, meditating for hundreds of years on a mountain, has averted many wars and pain by the purity of his vibration of peace. You miss everything on the table, and in all the surroundings, except the dominos falling.

The structure of the combined reality experience is way more than the interplay of deeds. Way more than visible effect and accomplishments. Way more than setting up dominos to experience them fall.

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