This movie will tickle the fancy of delight seekers to no end

About: the age of adaline (2015) - imdb

Watched it twice in 3 days. One of the most delightful movies I have seen in quite a long time!  



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Si says
p.s. She teaches us how we will behave with others in the near future.  

I know, you won’t get that part, but it is true nevertheless and someday, in the future, I will return here and show clearly the connection made, that you heard first here today.

Mark de LA says
I think I watched it w/T weeks ago. I don’t remember making all the stuff you did out of it. null

Seth says

Seth says
i watched it about a year ago … yeah great movie, loved it null … taking the perspective of a larger duration is such a blast null

Si says
Yes. Time in respect to change, change in technology, change in social interaction, change in understandings, the rate of these changes is increasing rapidly. But the rate of change of maturity will slow down as lifespan increases. Soon we will be living 150 years or more easily, both by the means of technology and medicine, and by the means of changes in thought. As this happens, traditional maturity markers will shift … for instance, the emotional maturing of puberty will someday happen at around 50 years of age instead of 15 to 25 as it does now. This movie is a nice preview if you know how to extend your thought to see.  

Seth says
i think it was #RS who said that we go through a change every 7 years.  from watching my life i think that is about right.   these durations stretch out and the borders of them change even as the same thing is going on in our culture at large … it is no wonder that people get confused.  i can look at what was important to me as a kid or a youth or when i was in my career and see how those changed.  so  in retrospect i  feel now, that i was confused then … but also want to be back then … and still be #innocent.  so there you go null

thing is, it is not just me … the whole world is going thought this … and like you say … it is going to be great!
… then too there is the famous quote that i can not remember of find … something to the effect, you go on a journey an adventure to arrive at where you were and know it for first time … omg based upon those off the cuff words i found it …


Mark de LA says
Premise was flawed but still fiction! null … so after that fiction follows . #MakeShitUp – T & I enjoyed the movie –
#GoodThough  #MooseTurdPies

Si says
I don’t think you know what fiction really is mark. For instance, your very life is fiction … but I bet you don’t identify with that.  

Seth says
well now that is a #triangulating nicely null … because it certainly rings true now that somebody does not know the difference between what happens and what is imagined grin

Mark de LA says
Such applies to both of you folks as well . Take your own advice first! null

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