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Seth says ...
Well freedom … real freedom … is a strange and unknown … is scary and exhilarating … i don’t care what you say.  I declared even to GW when i was young, “if i am free, i determine what is right and wrong for me”, an arrogance which GW did not encourage.   I have tickeled and teased the monster in various contexts, as perhaps have we all.  But the idea highlighted here by you, that “freedom is not rational at all” is kind of a new from an authority, although i have always felt “reason opposes freedom” … then went beyond … though you would not have noticed it was in exactly in the direction you have talked about yourself … thinking that, “extreme freedom is no belief at all” null … which, of course is “not me being, nor wanting to benull .  

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and also … althought it is a bit off topic from questions of #Freedom above … there was this about #christ that i do not want lost in the bit bucket …

well i totally agree that is is a #PayGrade thingey null.  

… but relative to me, which is my pay grade,  i identify my human level #Ego of which i am a willing part,  as being called “Christ” just as much as i do.  That is not something that Christ did for me … my part of it is something that i did for Christ.  

… or said differently … it is #OptIn … the server does not subscribe me as client.


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Si says
Yep, that’s for sure. I don’t know where mark’s kone’s came from, but clearly not an enlightened source no matter what mark thinks about that.

Seth says
i don’t know what  “Mark’s kone” is.   But my thinking here is based upon what appeared in #GW’s document …

A Free Deed never asks ’Why"

p 2379 by #GW

which mark quoted.

Si says
The quote in the thought back referenced here is a kone.

Si says
Well, the source doesn’t really matter. Clearly it was not one of #GW enlightened days, his ego was showing. XOR mark is misinterpreting the squiggles as the English doesn’t contain the ego there. Wouldn’t surprise me, mark often misinterprets #PR, and #RS, and probably #GW too.

Seth says

… anyway the question is whether you can reason to a free act

… or will you become compelled by the reason?

It is not a trivial question.

Si says
If you understand the level below that clearly, which is that “what you think, more than 50%, happens” … then the answer simply becomes “what part of your reasoning is thinking?”. 

Si says
#LOA make’s short work of all of these kinds of things. It is the simple underlying unified theory. And the answers gleaned though #LOA hold up extremely well, over time, applied to history, and applied in the now to anything one desires.

Seth says
well reading #GW’s documents certainly is an acquired skill … i have done enough of that to know for a fact that mark did not “misrepresent the squiggles” in English. 

Si says
Okay. Then #GW was having an ego influenced day when he channeled that. No one is perfect.  

Seth says
… or you are null

Si says
I am, but only as I am. I do not perfectly interpret everything in every way that is most appropriate for every other. I am only a perfect component of a perfect system.  

Seth says

… anyway the question is whether you can reason to a free act

… or will you become compelled by the reason?

It is not a trivial question.

Si says
If you understand the level below that clearly, which is that “what yo think, more than 50%, happens” … then the answer simply becomes “what part of your reasoning is thinking?”. 

Si says
#LOA make’s short work of all of these kinds of things. It is the simple underlying unified theory. And the answers gleaned though #LOA hold up extremely well, over time, applied to history, and applied in the now to anything one desires.

Mark de LA says
Apparently kone is not a word just the name of some business.  Show the word somewhere XOR make more shit up so that you are communicating outside yourselves.  Please leave me outside of your fuzzy minds.

Si says
Okay, koan. So what, I misspelled it. If you can’t figure that one out, you have no business reading what others write, you should only be reading your own writings. null

Mark de LA says
For seth you are not free as long as you are playing #RWG or thinking & insisting that you are not. null
Good Luck trying not to play.

Seth says
null #wow … that is #triangulating well null … even you might be able to see how. 

Si says
Only mark plays RWG. True story.  

Seth says
well clearly playing #RWG is a habit … and maybe a habit is never a free act null

Althought i claim an exception from “a habit is never a free act” for my #PlasticHabits … because the creation of the habit and it’s flexing can well be totally free.  The habit itself being used for the sake of timing … volentary momentum … freely chosen.

Si says
  1. a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.

Mark de LA says
Yep – XOR spelled wrong before .  I was familiar to what a zen koan is long  before nathan was born.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
You are onto something seth resisting a habit strengthens its being.  That is why I never hold the #RWG as wrong per se, it is another part of human being – others & aliens pretend it doesn’t exist at all .

Seth says
okay … yes resisting a habit can strengthen it … i have noticed that too null.

which is why i don’t resist habits … i do other things instead.

Mark de LA says
GW said a free deed is absurd etc.  did you miss that part? reasoning is not free – presumably tethered to something perceptual or in the domains of reality.

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Si says
dysfunctionally literate

adverb phrase

1. Able to read only precisely spelled language. Categorically invalidates and rejects communication that is marginally spelled.

Seth says

Seth says
for example … i knew what nathan was taking about when he used that word … i just did not know the precise proposition that was in question … which is why i asked him because he really did not specifiy.

Mark de LA says
Too bad the #egoo & #juice were just too good for you folks to bypass & you had to make up a word to apologize for #SeriTD error & your own lack of spelling talents. null

Si says
I don’t claim to be a talented speller, in fact have often said I am not. So I don’t need to apologize for something I am not.

Maybe I should also apologize for your judgment of what others should be able to do in order to be accepted as intelligent humans?

Seth says
did not miss that part at all … in fact that is where i started … see “(private thought) (comment 72993)
i think a completely independent thought (or deed for that matter), one that has no relationship to any other, cannot even exist.  but that is almost certainly another topic null … or is it.   The thing to realize about being completely absolutely free (independent) of anything that came befor it, is that there would not be any words to describe it. 

but then ...
… we can do what we can do.   just think of something unrelated to anything that you know of.   i’ve been trying that this morning … it’s a really kewl null meditation.  hint, if it’s your normal stuff … then that is not it null
I actually think that is a great meditation … and i was playing with it … try it yourself if you doubt its fun.  that was the source of the impulse that motivated me to commont on your koan.

Si says
Yes. That is a different topic … and one only of use to philosophers. 

The on topic related and useful questions are.

If you think something, does it exist?
Answer: YES

Can you think something that does not exist?
Answer: NO

Seth says
You said that … that is your story … but it is not mine. 

Me, I can think things all day long and twice on Sunday that do not exist and will never exist. (thank god)

That is one of the powers of thought … it is completely free … it is not tethered to existence whatsoever …  to bind thought to what happens, you must actually do something.  

which is probably one of the things that provoked this topic.

Si says
Oh, they do exist. Trust me on that. I have visited many such things. You choose to stay safely in the experience box you are comfortable and familiar with and not venture to the dimensions of reality experience where these things do exist, that is all.

Seth says
well an appeal to authority is one of the #fallacies of thought. 

No i do not trust you on that one.

Mark de LA says

Si says
Well, I am the one having experiences and telling of them, and you are the one not having experiences and using dogma to validate the invalidity of my experiences. So who is having the more empirical experience?

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 23067

Mark de LA says
A lot of people play the #RWG & don’t even know they are because they haven’t named what it is & they are just arguing that they are right & others are wrong. Eric Berne had a clue about such things but a different mechanism. Others just argue & are #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & building their selfie doing so. 

Si says
True that others do on both counts. Not so sure how much “a lot” is though … way less than you think I strongly suspect … it is more a contrivance of strong mismatchers (classic NLP) than any other, and mismatchers are less than 5% of the population. Though it has been shown that a mismatcher, by the very nature of the metaprogram, tends to think that there are a lot more mismatchers in the general population than there really are. Easy to see why right?

Mark de LA says
If you noticed politics at all recently apparently everyone does argue. The #juice poweres the game.

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