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Interesting word entelechia prompted by the Tai Shu Commentaries of GW at P.2627 . The Wikipedia here:

Entelechy, in Greek entelécheia, was coined by Aristotle and transliterated in Latin as entelechia. According to Sachs (1995, p. 245):

Aristotle invents the word by combining entelēs (ἐντελής, "complete, full-grown") with echein (= hexis, to be a certain way by the continuing effort of holding on in that condition), while at the same time punning on endelecheia (ἐντελέχεια, "persistence") by inserting "telos" (τέλος, "completion"). This is a three-ring circus of a word, at the heart of everything in Aristotle’s thinking, including the definition of motion.


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The P.2627 expanded:

P.2627 #63,1 83-2-4-22-7-17-TUE (~ 34 years ago)
"(2473)... Dai yot yao gih #63 FOOK = Return, Fire of Yoni, Geburah of Malkuth; the will to Submit, the Shooting forth of Desire, Power to Expand, Recovery; kon P.1913 & P.1562; the cycle of darkness gone, light enters & is victorious, not by force but spontaneously naturally, freely; advantage in movement of this sort in any direction, but not identical since light directionally is distinct; to distinguish is to PICK one thing instead of another, which means that the Equation must be adequate to do this;  subject & predicate must be both quantified & qualified & any other parts of speech added to make the communication specific, else there is no 1-1 correspondence between Name & Thing.  This is where the Expansion or Magnification enters to bring about sufficient close encounter; the far off cloud or crowd is pulled nearer so we can pick out details & information pertinent & necessary to solve the problem;  the mason builds the structure which the architect plans properly to occupy the zone & relate to the plan of the whole city. 
(2474) EPISTOME = SCIENTIA = Knowledge.  SUBSTANCE = Substrate what stands under or behind & is comprehended by the NOUS, it is Noumenon, the consciousness of the Cerebellum;  the Cerebrum sees the Phenomenon; the hind-brain, Medulla has other function.  No dry mathematical formulas can solve the secrets & mysteries of the World;  the process is organic or genetic, the primitive Myths are explained by Mytology - see our Book M.  The human being is EX-TEL-ECHIA not Machine!

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The Whole Wikipedia article: 

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