I said this to say what?

In Facebook memories they unearthed #liberalism  from 5 years ago. null Not much has changed except the president. Times they are a changing. Maybe something will metamorphose !

Some say that ambition is the last refuge of failure (Oscar Wilde). I ask is liberalism not the last refuge of failure? It certainly shifts the burden for lack of success to others; & to those who are successful for not including you; & to a collective “we” who should be doing things the way you think they should be done; & others for not sharing what they have with you while you think that others who think like you need more of the others’ stuff.

null – Tracy Chapman null


  1. victimhood
  2. other people fault
  3. blame shifting
  4. liberalism
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Si says
You will find exactly what you are a vibrational match for. The day, hour, minute, that an example of political change went by in Facebook, your attention was elsewhere. If you are interested in observing political change, you will need to first magnetize yourself to it, and then you will literally be overwhelmed by the abundance of it occurring. Right now, you are magnetized to that which is finding it’s way into your experience. Your experience is the indicator of what you are magnetized to.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Describe whatever of your #SSS with any weasel words you choose & enjoy the #juice null

Si says
Try it. You may just find out that you like it.

Mark de LA says
Don’t spin more #SSS – don’t try – just do it.thumbs down

Si says
Quoting Yoda are you? Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back?

Mark de LA says
Nope, Nike 

Si says
I am not sure I agree. The Nike logo has no “Try” in it and you defiantly sad “don’t try”. Though not an exact match, I think the Yoda quote is a much closer match capturing all points.

Mark de LA says

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